[GHHF & KSHT] Dr. Medasani Mohan Conducts a Rare Workshop on Memory & Mind improvement on Aug 20th 2011

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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation &

Karya Siddhi Hanuman Temple

invite you to take this rare opportunity to enroll in Jyothishmathi Dhyanam Workshop

Workshop to Improve Memory, stimulate Mind and retain Memory Power

Conducted in ENGLISH by

Dr. Medasani Mohan

Date and Time:            August  20 (Saturday): 4:00 – 8:00 with 30 minute break

Venue:                        KSHT

Registration Fee:            Donation of $51 per person to KSHT



Send email to: info@dallashanuman.org For additional Information,

contact: V. V. Prakasa Rao 601-918-7111; 

Hanuman Temple  866-996-6767; 

Rajesh Veerapaneni 773-704-0405; 

Sunil Patel 214-912-3724; 

Ram Yalamanchili 214-663-6363; 

Ravi Pattisam 617-304-3577; 

Krishna Athota 214-912-3724; 

Sunil Desai 214-912-3724;

Vijay Kollapaneni  818-325-9576  


Why this Workshop?

This workshop is planned following long discussion about the genius and extraordinary talent of Dr. Medasani Mohan. He is known for his memory, retention of information, exceptional ability to compose and recite poems without effort. He is known for conducting Avadhanam, which is like a question and answer session. According to the guidelines, one can ask a question to compose a poem related to Mahabharata or Ramayana. For example one can give words like lorry, auto, truck and cycles and ask him to compose a poem pertaining to Ramayana.

These words should have the meaning related to Ramayana, but not like a modern meaning. Like this he answered with 8 people, 16 people, 100 people, 1000 people and even 5 000 people.  Once they ask a question, he has to remember what they asked and he cannot ask them to repeat again. When he did this Avadhanam with 5000 people in 2007, he remembered all the questions of these people. Then he composed first line of the poem for all 5000 people, then he will come back and compose the second line of the poem to all of them, then the third line for all of them, and then the fourth line of the poem to all 5000 people.  As a FINAL act, he recited all 5000 poems he composed to the audience.

Just imagine remembering 5000 questions, composing the poems each line at a time,  and then reciting all of them. Imagine his memory power, retention of the information, remembrance of the scriptures, and reciting without a single mistake.

Workshop will address the following topics:            

How to develop memory?            

How to retain the memory power?            

How to practice the retention of memory power?            

How to simulate and activate the mind?            

How to develop clarity in thinking?            

How to tap the power of meditation?            

How to ward off the external forces impinging on the mind?            

How to reduce the stress to promote Concentration?            

How to restore the power of mind?            

How to purify the soul?  

Who Practiced Jyothishmathi Dhyanam: Maha Rishis such as:             Kashyap             Atri             Bharadwaja             Viswamitra             Vasishta             Gauthama             Markandeya             Jamadagni and many others.


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