GHHF Ghar Waapasi to extinguish the Fire engulfing Hindu Edifice - Part 3 of 3

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Prakasarao V Velagapudi PhD

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation

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Welcome to! Mission to Protect and Preserve Hinduism and Hindu Temples Worldwide. | A project of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation [GHHF] USA

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Welcome to! Mission to Protect and Preserve Hinduism and Hindu Temples Worldwide. | A project of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation [GHHF] USA

Ghar Waapasi (Wapsi) means to return home. This is a program where people who missed the way or who were misled by other religions come back to their homes. Hindus converted to Christianity  because of allurement, financial incentives, stage cures of ailments, bribes, admissions in medical and engineering colleges, demeaning Hindu Gods and Goddesses, promising unrealistic material benefits, faking miracles, and creating fear of burning in eternal fire. Hindus were misled and deceived into accepting Christianity. Without the proper knowledge, they took the wrong path.

Hindus have no choice but to work at the ground level to stop the erosion of the Hindu population and also bring them back those who took the wrong path. Hindu numbers are dwindling fast. Hindu house is on fire. They must pause for some time every activity that would not either stop the conversion or bring back those who were converted back into Hindu Dharma. Let us make sure that the fire engulfing the Hindu house is extinguished. Let us realize that despite all our efforts in writing countless books, engage in endless serious discussions, organizing various meetings, attending numerous meetings, and giving lectures are not translating into the preservation of Hindu Dharma and the increase of the Hindu population. All these academic activities are not filtering to the ground level. Most of our intellectual and academic efforts are reaching only to the top may be around 5 percent or less. While we are engaged in intellectual endeavors, Christians are working at the ground level to convert the gullible, defenseless, and ignorant villagers. As we Hindus are attending so many pravachanams to get acquainted with our richness of scriptures, expand our knowledge base, and aspire for self-realization, our Hindu house is being raided, being looted, and taken our assets in daylight without our awareness. It is dwindling. Our efforts should be directed to stop the conversion of the Hindu population and also to bring them back to the Hindu fold. Otherwise, very soon, the Christianization will make Hindu lives miserable. Untold misery will spread by destroying our Temples, breaking our Murthies, burn our Radhams, and depleting Hindu Temple lands. People who are interested in preserving and maintaining the integrity of the Hindu faith, have to accept the responsibility of protecting our mother from these criminals, cheaters, deceivers, and looters.

We all know that more than 50 civilizations have disappeared due to the relentless, barbaric, merciless, and brutal techniques Church authorities deployed to decimate the civilizations to establish Christianity. They could not withstand the onslaught of Christianity. In India also Christians employed countless deceptive practices to woo the Hindus into their religion. They ashamedly and silently digested all the customs and traditions, Hindu samskaras, structures of Hindu temples, the Hindu scriptures, and Image worship while at the same time criticizing and attacking the Hindu way of life. Christians in India are like parasites feeding on the host religion digesting its culture, slowly invading their edifice, infest their psyche, and ruin the host religion. Christians are adopting any and every possible technique to eat up on Hindu tree and destroy it. This is what is happening in India. Christians are using conversion to destroy the Hindu culture. That means Hindus have to avoid Christian parasites because they feed on your mind, feelings, sentiments, beliefs, and values to annihilate your faith.

Wherever the Christians went they mercilessly destroyed the culture of the host country, depleted their resources, denied their right to live their life, destroyed their places of worship, ridiculed their Gods and Goddesses, disrupted the peace, and created animosity among them. Where the Christians went, they only created divisions instead of advancing peace and harmony. Instead of healing, they have inflamed the strife in the communities. The Christians are following what Jesus said in the Bible. “Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but division. From now on, five in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three. They will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law.”(Luke 51-53)

Christians are well organized and heavily funded. They know how to play the role of victimization and expertly thrusting their forceful deceptive tactics on Hindus who adopted Ghar Waapasi. Many newspapers are controlled by secularists, pseudo-secularists, liberals, communists, and congress party who conspired with Christians and Muslims to tarnish the image of Hinduism. For their vote bank politics, Hindu politicians and Hindu pseudo-secularists demean their mother, disgrace their Temples, denigrate their Deities, and discredit their traditions and customs. At the same time, they keep their beloved Hindu Gods in their houses, visit the Lord Venkateswara for his blessings and even attend all Hindu functions like Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, and Navaratri.

Hindus who are concerned about the dwindling Hindu population should be aware of these crooked, unethical, unprincipled, and immoral Hindu politicians and their vicious motives. They may openly say one thing and publicly appear like Hindus, but they are hiding their true colors to appease and encourage minorities for their political fortunes. They steal money from the Hindu Temples and openly distribute it to the Christians and Muslims. They do not require non-Hindus to do the same – contribute to the state treasury.

Some would argue that the passage of Ant-Conversion laws will stop the conversion of Hindus into Christianity. But none of these Laws was able to stem the erosion of the Hindu population. They may be counter-productive because the Conversion ban may lull the Hindus to go to a deep slumber thinking that no conversion is happening. This may even enable the Christians to gain upper hand. With unlimited resources from foreign countries and the special privileges accorded to them by the Indian government, they will become aggressive in their approach and difficult to prove their deceptive conversion tactics. Now it is time to pause everything and put out the fires engulfing the Hindu edifice. Ghar Waapasi is the only option left to stop the dwindling Hindu population and bring them back to their original faith. Many Hindus may say that it was a conversion that Hindu would not subscribe to. They even argue that we are the only ones who do not engage in proselytization to convert other religious people into our Dharma. P. Venugopal writes that “Hindu religion […] does not believe in conversion or go to other countries to market their religion. Hinduism does not preach conversion. Hinduism is the only religion in the world that does not go for conversion”

But our history is replete with the propagation of the philosophy and many saints went to different places to establish the importance of their believed philosophy. Starting with Adi Shankara who went all around India with a missionary zeal to establish the supremacy of Vedanta theory by defeating Mandana Mishra, who became his disciple. Adi Shankara even established four regional monasteries to emphasize the importance of dharma.

In fact, it was during the Mughal period the Shuddi program was started by Arya Samaj Chief Swami Dayananda in response to the massive conversion of Hindus into Islam through intimidation, force, terror, and killings. To escape from the sword and ruthless killings, many Hindus converted to Islam. Swami Dayananda advocated the reconversion of recent converts back to Hinduism. He launched the SHUDDI program to reconvert non-Hindus back to Hinduism. Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar, the second RSS Chief affirms, “Our religious missionaries who reached distant lands in ancient times did not force their religion on other people.”

Swami Vivekananda believed that Hinduism should be taught to everybody in India and abroad. He said: “Now is the time to work for India’s spiritual ideas penetrating deep into the West [.…] We must go out; we must conquer the world through our spirituality and philosophy. There is no other alternative; we must do it or die”(Vol:563); “the world must be conquered by India. This is the dream of my life, and I wish that each one of you who hears me today, will have the same dream in your minds, and stop not till you have realized the dream [.…] Up, India, conquer the world with your spirituality [.…] heroic workers are wanted to go abroad and help to disseminate the great truths of the Vedanta” (Vol: 561)

Veer Savarkar fought vigorously to promote Hindu missionary activities in response to the rampant conversion efforts by Christians and Muslims. He exhorted Hindus to engage in the re-conversion of Christians and organize the Shuddhi movement. He believed that Christianity and Islam are foreign faiths with a mission to convert Hindus by force and fraud all across India. ((1940: 46) In 1952, N C Chatterjee, the then President of Mahasabha passionately believed that Hinduism is a missionary religion. He stated: “There is no greater historical truth than that the Hindu religion had been a proselytizing religion”. In 1964, N.N. Banerjee president of the same organization said: “Hindu India in her glorious days used to send her colonists and missionaries to Peru, Siam, Cambodia, China, Tibet, Japan, Borneo, Syria, Egypt, Greece and Rome”. In the revised constitution of the Hindu Mahasabha of 1965 we read the following among its aims, objectives, and rules: “To establish cultural contacts, and cohesion with the Hindus abroad and to intensify Hindu Missionary work all over the world” . In 1966 as president of the Hindu Mahasabha N.N. Banerjee exhorted the Hindus saying: “We must train in [sic] thousands of energetic and intelligent young men and women and send them all over the world as traders, teachers, technologists, tourists, etc. who should be our ‘experts’ on foreign countries”(1966: 33). R. Jagannath even goes further by stating that “If Hinduism had no missionaries, the ideas embedded in it would not have spread to south-east Asia at all, where even a Muslim-majority country like Indonesia celebrates its version of the Ramayana …. To achieve Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, Hinduism has to arm itself by becoming a missionary religion once again. As long as it stays disarmed by refusing to convert, the two desert cults that became world religions by adopting conversion (Evangelism and Dawa) as their guiding themes, will destroy it.” (Dec 31, 2019)

Hinduism spread to many other countries by many scholars and Sadhus such as Jiddu Krishna Murthy, Parama Hansa Yogananda, Mahesh Yogi, Swami Prabhupada, Rajneesh, many Sadhus of Rama Krishna Mission, and continuous flow of hundreds of Swamijis who created the fertile ground for many foreigners to convert to Hinduism. The intention of Hindu Sadhus to travel to other countries is not to convert but to equip them to be spiritual by providing adequate knowledge.

In 2015, Yogi Adityanath affirmed that the Ghar Wapsi program will continue unless conversion is banned. “Conversions spoil communal amity in the country. It should be banned. If conversions continue, I feel ‘Ghar Wapsi’ programme will continue,” Mr. Adityanath said at a meet organized by Vishwa Hindu Parishad. (The Hindu, February 24, 2015). VHP, different branches of RSS, Ekal Vidyalayas, Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, Agniveer, Shiva Shakti, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Dharmaveer, ISKCON, Samarasatha Foundation, Mission Kali, and many organizations are engaged in Ghar Waapasi and Shuddhi programs to bring those who converted to Christianity back to Hindu fold.

With rampant allurements, convoluted trappings, and tortuous threats, Christian Pastors are converting Hindu with more courage, fearlessness, boldness, and tacit approval from the Chief Minister of AP. Even the police turn their backs on any complaints of illegal conversions by concerned Hindus. All atrocities committed by Christian pastors are ignored. In fact, the police even file cases against the Hindus who complain about the illegal conversion. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation wrote several letters to Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam about the Christianization of TTD with no recourse. We even sent the names of TTD employees who are practicing Christianity and who are engaged in Proselytization in TTD supported hospitals. They ignore our requests knowing fully well that the Christian Chief Minister will support their inaction, brain-dead politicians encourage them, and gutless Hindus cannot get organized to make a difference in challenging the government policies.

In Jharkhand, Ramesh Hansda explained how they were forced and trapped to accept Christianity. They allured him with the promised money and paid until his family got converted. They took advantage of his poor financial condition. All the promises were evaporated, and money stopped coming. It was his poverty that made him convert. He was seen regretting and yearning to revert to Hinduism. With the help of VHP, the Ramesh family returned to Hinduism. There are several thousand cases like this, but fear of intimidation and concern with burning in eternal fire prevent them to return to their original faith. Ghar Waapasi is the most effective way to ally their fears and bringing them back to Hinduism. (Opinida, June 2020).

  1. Andhra Pradesh, there are as many as 30 percent Christians, 10 percent Muslims and about 60 percent Hindus. If Hindus do not reflect, temporarily pause all our activities, do not get united with a single goal of stopping the conversion, abstain from engaging in bringing those converted Hindus back into their mother, stop participating in an endless discussion, Hindu edifice will be dismantled. Our disunity is their strength. Our crooked politicians are their assets. Our inaction is their motivation. Our indifference is their inspiration to convert our fellow Hindus. Our dereliction of dharma to protect, promote and preserve our Hindu faith will make us experience the humiliation and atrocities similar to the experiences of our forefathers in the hands of Muslims for nearly 5 centuries and the Christians as seen in the Goa inquisition.

Hindus must stand up to the liberal, pseudo-secular, secular, and media hypocrisy. When Hindus try to convert others to Hinduism, it is treated as a method of polarization. If the Christians and Muslims try to convert Hindus, they call it the freedom to practice religion as guaranteed by the Constitution. On January 21, Union of Catholic Asia News reports that Bishop Theodore Mascarenhas, Secretary-General of the Indian bishops' conference, said the church does not promote or support any idea of using force or fraud to convert people to its fold. "But we do practice, preach and propagate the Catholic faith" and "nobody can oppose it because freedom of religion is guaranteed in the constitution," When Indian Home Minister Rajnath calls for a national debate on mass religious conversion, they call it politically motivated as if Indian Constitution would not allow a national debate on an any given topic. (Bijay Kumar Minj, 2019). These hypocrites keep barking without logic or reason and rally behind the Abrahamic religions whose aim is only to convert Hindus into their respective religions. It must be stopped. Pseudo-Hindu Politicians are behind these Christians and Muslims to occupy Temple lands, and insulting Hindu Gods, and attacking Hindu Temples for their selfish political gains. Hindus should adopt the same methods of conversion practiced by Christians and Muslims to bring parity between all the religions. Ghar Waapasi is the only viable option to bring parity and also increase the Hindu population. Protecting the Hindu edifice from this inferno should receive the top priority even at the expense of pausing all our activities. Hindu Dharma is under attack and being maligned by pseudo politicians more than other faith leaders. If they have any pride in their dharma they would preserve, protect, and propagate Hindu Dharma. Their selfishness has no boundaries. They are more responsible for setting the fire to Hindu edifice more than the other two religions. Pseudo Hindu politicians are like chameleons who change the colors depending on the political winds at the expense of the survival of Hinduism. Hindus who fervently take pride in their religion, who are equipped with in-depth knowledge of our Dharma, who wholeheartedly appreciate the richness of Hinduism, who passionately believe in protecting the mother, and who are ready to take aggressive measures to encounter the Christian and Islamic religions should unite and protect the Hindu edifice from being attacked from all directions? We need to take steps to put the fire engulfing the Hindu house, pause whatever we are doing, and support and engage in Ghar Waapasi. It is a battle against poisonous enemies. We should work on a war footing to encounter the trio – pseudo-Hindu politicians, Christians, and Muslims. At this critical juncture where we are losing thousands of Hindus to other faiths every day, no other activity is as important as Ghar Waapasi.


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