GHHF Interview on the progress of Ghar Waapasi and Bala Samskar (Sunday School) by HD TV Channel (in Telugu)

25 Dec 2021 1137 Views

Thomas Paine
“When I see throughout this book, called the Bible, a history of the grossest vices and a collection of the most paltry and contemptible tales and stories, I could not so dishonor my Creator by calling it by His name”

The interview addressed the importance of Ghar Waapasi – welcoming those Christians back to Hinduism. As we all know that many of the converted Christians are allured into Christianity with numerous deceptive tactics. Sri Nageswara Rao who started this GD TV Channel is known to us for many years. Sri Venkat Mulukutla taped the interview conducted by Sri Kaveti Srinivas.
    It is mentioned that Hindus have been organizing numerous activities to highlight the richness and depth of Hinduism. They have been publishing so many books, organizing many discussions in the public Forums, engaging in internet discussions, building Hindu Temples, performing Pujas and homas, listening to Pravachanams by great scholars, and many such activities. When we conduct so many varieties of activities, why is the number of Hindu population is declining. Obviously, all these activities are not reaching to  the ground level and to villages. Talked about the start of Ghar Waapasi, the number of Christians returned to Hinduism,  spread of the idea of Ghar Waapasi to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and other areas



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