[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendra students learned about the importance of going to the Temple Every day.

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"Once the disciples of Ramakrishna Paramahamsa asked the Swami, 'Gurudeva! God is said to be omnipresent, so why is it necessary to go to the temple to see the all-pervading God?" 
To this, the Swami ji smiled and said, "The water of the River Ganga flowing in front of our temple is poured into the vessel of the temple and offered to the devotees as a theertham. The water flowing in the River Ganga is ganga water and it is also ganga water which is given to the devotees as tirtha in the vessel. In both places, even if it is the same substance, the intensity of the river flow is not in the vessel. Similarly, though God is omnipresent, temples have been constructed scientifically in order to feel that power to the fullest. Just as when the river Ganga is in spate and the great trees that have come in its way have been uprooted even the great trees that came in its way, so when the flow of the river Ganga flows through the temple into the depths of our hearts, our mental impurities and vices will be uprooted."
Temples were constructed in such a way that the power of God, which is all over the place, was concentrated in one place and spread to humanity, as informed by Gurudeva and Ramakrishna. 
Explaining how to construct temples.  
Our sages have given us the Agama Shastras
The temple is usually built of stones. These stones are made up of metals and minerals. For example, if we shout something in places like a valley, the sound hits the stone and comes back again. The idol of the deity or the lingam in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple is built of stone, so the mantras recited by the priests, the bells ringing in the temple, and other sounds touch the idol. The entire sanctum sanctorum is covered with stone, so the sounds crisscross the entire sanctum sanctorum. So that our body is stimulated. Similarly, a copper leaf (copper plate) written by Vedic mantras is deposited at the place where the original virattu (Deity)is placed. Copper metal has the ability to absorb the energy waves present in the earth. Thus, copper releases the perceived attraction to the surrounding areas. That's why whenever we go to any place, there is definitely a temple there. Furthermore, the dhwaja pillar at the beginning of the temple acts as an antenna for sound waves coming from within the temple.
The flowers offered to the deity in the temple, camphor aarti, sandalwood, yellow and saffron fragrances play a key role in creating a good sacred atmosphere.
By consuming the prasadam and theertham offered in the temple, the body gets many necessary medicines. Theertham purifies the blood. Gives health and wealth. Circumambulations in the temple can also be a form of exercise.
Slokam to be chanted in the Temple.
In general, when people have darshan of the Presiding diety, they are supposed to sit for a minute and say this slokam: 
Anayasen Maranam 
Bina denyen jeevanam. 
Dehanth tav saanidhyam, 
Dehi mey Parmeshwaram 
O Lord Shiva, please grant me a peaceful death without pain, a life without any trouble or dependence on others for my basic needs and when my soul leaves this body, I must only remember You dear Lord.
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