[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendras – Students learned from Proud Bull that you are respected for what you do but not what you are.

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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation started with a mission to preserve, protect and promote the richness of Sanatana Dharma. To accomplish this goal, we felt that it is the utmost of the hour to teach about our culture, traditions, mantras, rituals, morals, and our national heroes. This week, our teachers talked about a Proud Bull.
In a village there was a tradition of taking the god as a procession every year. Every year in the village they celebrate a festival, perform pujas, clean all the streets for the procession and decorate them beautifully with mugs, arches, flowers. A bullock cart was built for the procession. The cart was washed, painted with turmeric, decorated with flowers and decorated with flowers.
And what about the bull that pulled the cart? They used to choose the healthiest and strongest bull in the village. The bull was bathed, bathed, belled and dressed in silk to make the bull's skin shiny. Aha! They make it very nice to see. Like every year, this year too, the village was prepared for the procession. A bull named Rama was chosen. Villagers prepared him well, groomed and then carted him. They put the idol of the god in a cart, offered a harati and started the procession. Throughout that day, wherever Rama went, people bowed down and offered salutations. Crazy Rama was deluded thinking that all this was a favor to him. He used to think that it is because of him, people worship. All day he walked very proud, puffed up, with his horns up and his chest out. Think that he is overwhelmed and overwhelmed!
In the evening, the procession again reached the temple. In anticipation, with playing loud music, the villagers took down the idol of their god from the cart and carried it inside. What else is there when the idol gets off the cart? Everyone forgot Rama. Everybody was busy with their own work. They took off the silk cloths on Rama and again took Rama in Edla Paka (Cow Shed) and left him there. No one was doing prayers and offering Arthi. Then Rama understood. People don't respect us, but respect what we do. Then he understood that people will respect us if we do good things. That means, you are respected for what you do, but not what you are. 
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