[GHHF] The book “The Monk Who Transformed Uttar Pradesh” was launched in Frisco Texas on January 30, 2022

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T V Mohandas Pai

               “Yogi Adityanath has most certainly demonstrated the qualities need for any leader to succeed in political life. A nationalist outlook built on love for India and patriotism will ensure focus on good governance and growth. A corruption free attitude will ensure good governance.”

The Launch of the book “The Monk Who Transformed Uttar Pradesh” written by Sri Shantanu Gupta was organized at Richwoods Academy in Frisco Texas on January 30, 2022. The program coordinated by Prakasarao Velagapudi and Anand Dasari was attended by more than 125. The Dallas area community leaders Ashok Mago and Sashi Kejriwal spoke about the importance of preserving the Hindu culture, the importance of electing Sant Yogi Adityanath, and the significance of the nexus between Modiji and Yogiji. They also explained their activities conducted in India to enrich the lives of people and also the efforts to shore up the activities to revive Hindutva. Similarly, Prakasarao Velagapudi talked about protecting the mother which is our Hindu Dharma, and the efforts of his team making to welcome back the Christians back into Hinduism and also through Sunday School how children are being protected from the allurement of Christians on Sunday and how they are taught the richness of Hindutva.

               Sri Shantanu Gupta, who has written seven books and who is a sought-after speaker, is touring about 12 cities in the USA to launch the newly published book and talk about his newly published book. He explained how he was attracted to Yogiji and what prompted him to write two books on him. He explained in a very detailed manner about Yogi’s childhood, his passion for Sanatana Dharma, his association with spiritual leaders, his relations with politicians starting Sri Bajpai. He was enthusiastic about serving people and by the time he reached his mid-twenties, he was elected as a Member of Parliament and served five consecutive times before he became a Chief Minister. He is very strong. He will be reelected as CM in spite of all the opposition. In 2027, he will be 54 and he is likely to be the Prime Minister. Nobody can match him not only in opposition but even in the party.

Shantanji has studied Yogiji’s life history from his childhood and he is armed with more than adequate knowledge about the personal qualities and integrity of Yogiji. He mentioned his association with Yogiji and how he was so much impressed with his in-depth knowledge about UP, his talent deciphering the issues, his meticulous planning, scrupulous style of management, his vision for the State, and his dreams for the country.

Shantanji talked about the Yogi’s painstaking efforts to revitalize Kasi and create the Kashi Corridor. Visitors used to experience the frustration of going through the congested compound to go to Vishwanath Temple and to enter the sanctum sanctorum. To expand the facilities and make it a spiritual center, Yogi worked tirelessly to acquire 5.5 lakh square feet of land adjoining the Temples and his negotiations skills in convincing the people to sell the property. With this new corridor, more and more people are visiting Kasi making it a Spiritual and religious Center.

He answered more than ten questions ranging for Yagi’s future and his prospects of being Prime Minister. He said that he is being groomed to succeed Sri Narendra Modi. Giving as an example of his insight into government corruption, Shantanji narrated one incident. When Yogiji was looking at the State budget, he came to look at one item about taxes. He called his department personnel and asked him to explain that item in the budget. It appears that the State government passed a law about 30 years exempting the Chief Minister and all the Ministers from paying income tax. Yogi was furious to know that all the people of that State are paying their share while these politicians are cheating the State. Immediately he got it changed to make sure that all his cabinet members pay their share.

The question was asked about the reputation of the UP as a Corrupt and criminal State where the Mafia has taken over the State. Shantanji mentioned Yogi's efforts to deal with the land mafia and how he confiscated the property from them. He asked us to read the second chapter in his book “Why criminals fear Yogi?” He identified all the mafia people in all 75 districts and took immediate action to recover the land. Recently Yogiji asked his government to identify government property and demolish any buildings that may have been illegal. In July, it was reported by Ex-DGP that “in UP, Mafia property worth Rs 1574 crore has been confiscated”

               Shantanji spent more than hours in the venue talking about Yogiji, fielded a number of questions, and individually addressed the questions from the attendees of the program. Attendees have to force themselves out as the facility was rented up to 10:00 pm. The program was a great success and people enthusiastically received his message and expressed their appreciation for organizing the event.


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