A.P. State Govt. has decided to take over Mutts with in the state under in its control.

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source: Eenadu, 22 November 2006 (Translated from Telugu)

Government is planning to make few amendments in section 51-55 of Endowments Department Law so as to get hold on the administration of various Mutts in the state. If these amendments are approved in the Assembly.


Government will get to play a direct role in the administration of all important Mutts in the state like Hatiram Mutt, Raghavendra Mutt etc. This proposal was actually put forward by TDP Government when it was a ruling party but could not be implemented.


Currently this proposal was brought to limelight when the case of ruling rights of Hatiram Mutt having 2000 crores worth of assets was failed by Govt. Government is of the opinion that it is inapt to handover the administration of such Mutts having thousand crores of assets to private persons. According to the existing law Endowments Department will mediate or interfere if there is any conflict regarding the Mutts, but once the assets are taken - over by others even the Endowments Departments cannot do anything.

On the other hand the administration was handed over to the existing Seers of the Mutt as they have taken the issue of their exclusion from the Mutts in the court.

Regulation of misappropriations: As the Seers have inadequate knowledge about the handling of assets and other responsibilities apart from the Mutts, their administration, the traditions etc., they have to depend on others regarding these matters which are giving way to misappropriations. Even the rectification or regulation is not possible. Keeping this in view the Endowments Department is of the opinion that the amendment is necessary to involve the Government official along with a Seer in the administration of the Mutts.

Delegation of work: According to Section 55. Endowments Departments Commissioner may appoint an EO if any misappropriation in the Mutt is proved. As per the amendment proposed the Commissioner can appoint an EO anytime. Seer will take care of the activities related to the Mutt and the DO will take care of its regulation.

This  proposal was severely resisted by the Seers when it was put forward by the then C.M. Mr.Chandrababu Naidu in 2003, and now the same is proposed by Mr.J C Diwakar Reddy as the Land Scam by Endowments Department is seeing light during Congress rule. As the Endowments Department failed in the Hatiram Mutt case it this proposal will be considered with few changes in the amendments and barring few Mutts. Endowments Department has decided that Such Mutts will have their own property.


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