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SIX International Groups submitted the Request to MODIJI

Roseburg, OR (USA)

Sept. 27, 2014

          An alliance of six international organizations has asked the Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, now visiting the U.S., to expand democracy in Kashmir by bringing the hitherto disenfranchised ethnic minorities of the state on an equal political footing. For nearly the past seven decades the Sunnis have grabbed the rights of the majority as well as of the minorities. The concentration of political, judicial, legislative, economic and administrative power as well as the power of policing in the hands of a single community has created a total imbalance in the state leaving large numbers of citizens disenfranchised. For breaking this hegemony and empowering all people equally the reorganization of the state and the creation of a homeland for the victims of ethnic cleansing and genocide is imperative.




These organizations, who submitted the Memo, are:








            They have asked the Prime Minister to set up a high powered commission for democratization and reorganization of J&K State headed by the former law minister, Dr. Subramanian Swami, with following portfolio.


  1. Ways and means for the reversal of ethnic cleansing and genocide;
  2. Empowerment of hitherto discriminated and marginalized ethnic minorities;
  3. Replacement of fundamentalization by Indianization;
  4. The political, ideological, social and organizational integration of J&K with India;
  5. Reversal of sales of Hindu properties made under duress and compensation thereof;
  6. Reconstruction and renovation of temples hit by the Islamic militancy and recovery of their estates and revenues;
  7. Expansion of participatory democracy;
  8. Territorial, administrative, judicial and legislative organization of a homeland for the exiled communities with full flow of the Indian Constitution;
  9. Restoration of original names of villages, towns, cities and other conspicuous and historic places that have purposely been given Islamic   names;
  10. Upon the recommendation of the cabinet the President of the Republic could add any additional portfolios.
  11. The chairman of the commission should have cabinet rank status.


            The memorandum of the group told Mr. Modi that “we are specially gratified to approach you about the urgent issue of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus and Sikhs for you know the ins and outs of the history of Kashmiri people and the conspiracy hatched by Pakistan, ISI, Al Qaeda, Taliban and the local Islamists in 19089-90 that radically altered the ethnic composition of the state which seriously violated the terms and conditions of the Article 370 of the Indian Constitution”. For being scrupulously patriotic and loyal citizens of India these communities were targeted by the Islamists and rendered stateless and homeless.

        Recently Sri Rajnath Singh, your Home Minister, has asked the J&K CM to identify land for resettling the Pandits near their native places in the state. This otherwise well intended plan seems to guarantee a cruel dispersal of a minuscule community, which has already lost its moorings. Worse yet dispersing them through out the valley amongst the Islamists, Jihadists, Wahabis and terrorists, who in the first place have been responsible for driving them out, is tantamount to providing the Islamists an additional opportunity of committing another genocide and ethnic cleansing to achieve complete decimation of the ethnic communities. We are sure that is not your, BJP’s or Shri Singh’s intent. Then why should your Govt. lend its support to this treacherous plan devised by the Sonia-MM Singh regime - the regime that lived and died for Jihadists? We submit that your Govt. should exercise the powers vested in it by the doctrine of eminent domain and direct the State Govt. to make available well identified territories for resettling the victims of ethnic cleansing. Under this doctrine the Govt. has power to take any property for public use. Constitutionally J&K is an integral part of India where the Indian state exercises sovereignty. That way the Pandits, Sikhs and other victims of Jihad could be settled in a contiguous area with infrastructures and instrumentalities of a state or union territory and the applicability of the Indian Constitution. That is the only pragmatic solution to the internal crisis perpetrated by the radical Islamists inKashmir.   

            These organizations asked Sh. Modi that an out of the box and pragmatic plan must be drawn that aims at resolving the issue of violent Islamic expansionism and land grabbing once and for all. Not taking in to consideration the suppression, persecution, dehumanization and decimation of ethnic minorities in neighboring Islamic countries for effectively dealing with the radical Islamization and Wahabi conquest in Kashmir could be a costly blunder for India they warned. Ignoring the fact that the separatist crusade in Kashmir is a war for balkanization leading to the establishment of a “Nizam-e-Mustafa” will extract heavy costs from India.  Furthermore, we cannot disregard the fact that it is the same barbaric philosophy which embolden the Islamists to behead James Poley, an American journalist, Steven Sotloff US-Israeli journalist, a British official,  the killing of Shiias by tens of thousands, kidnapping, raping, and auctioning women into slavery,  in ISIS held territories only weeks ago and that criminal conduct goes on.

        The people in general understand that the return of exiled Kashmiris is not an issue of economic packaging. Instead it is an issue that brings into focus the savagery of the Islamic civilizational war and the need to invent a new political dispensation, after dumping the prevailing status quo, and re-organizing the state with the intent to expand participatory democracy and freedom. “Democracy does not mean tyranny of the majority” as it is in the Muslim controlled Kashmir.  The establishment built by the handful of Sunnis from the valley is neither democratic nor secular. It is simply an extension of Mr. Jinnah’s two nation theory in which Wahabis, like the ISIS in Iraq and Syria, have neither the tolerance nor acceptance for the people of other faiths and ethnicities. Actually the dynastic leaders of Kashmir have already imposed Sharia on the state despite India being a secular country where laws born out of religions cannot have any relations with the official jurisprudence.

        The Islamists of the valley understandably have opposed tooth and nail any new geopolitical and administrative arrangements of the state for they do not want to surrender the ill-gotten gains made by them through Article 370, a separate constitution of the state, blind appeasement and unsupervised aid and support by the federal govt. and of course ethnic cleansing, genocide of the minorities and the total take over of their traditional and ancestral properties under duress. The Sunnis simply do not want to surrender what they call the fruits of Jihad therefore they violently oppose the return of the expelled ethnic minorities.


            The latest assaults and attacks by the Islamists on Hindu shrines, temples and places of worship (given below)  speaks volumes about the communal and discriminatory policy of the Sunni establishment and their determined provocative actions against the possible return of the ethnic minorities to the valley:

  1. The rejection of permission by the CM to perform traditional Puja by Hindus at   the Kausar Naag;
  2. In retaliation, the performance of Nimaz  and building walls of loose rocks for a future mosque at this Hindu religious site in Kausar Naag obviously with the help of officials and the Hurriyat separatists;
  3. The desecration of the holy shrine of Kheer Bhawani;
  4. Criminal violation of the judicial order for maintaining the status quo at the historic Martand Temple;
  5. Organized many violent attacks on pilgrims to Amarnath cave and destroyed hundreds of their langars and tents;
  6. The Sunni leaders of all groups made protestations, speeches and statements against the return of the exiles;
  7. The grand mufti issued a Fatwa against the return of the ethnic minorities;
  8. To taunt Hindus and for showing his true colors the MC publicly gave a rousing send off to the first batches of the Muslim pilgrims for Hajj. This year more than 10,000 of them are being sent to Saudi Arabia for the purpose;

            Taking all these facts in to consideration the only way the internal turmoil perpetrated by the Islamists in Kashmir can be satisfactorily resolved is through Kashmir’s reorganization into four separate and autonomous socio-political and administrative entities, the memorandum concluded.

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