[GHHF] Bala Samskar Students – Students learned Desha Bhakti Geethas (Patriotic songs) and sing with pride to create strong identity with Bharata Mata

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Savitri Devi (1905 - 1982)
"Hinduism is the most perfect type of such "religions" Apart from the high philosophies contained in the Hindu Scriptures and from the high spiritual ideal realized by the Hindu seers, we want to defend Hindu civilization and society, against the increasing forces of rival proselytizing societies strongly united by the consciousness of a common creed. Even if India itself were to disappear just now, the philosophical and spiritual inheritance of the Hindus would remain. Mankind would preserve it, because it is worth preserving. It is immortal, and needs no one to defend it."
Bala Samskar teachers have been teaching our students Desha Bhakti Geetalu – Patriotic songs. There are many patriotic songs addressing Bharata Mata as well as regional songs addressing either their State  language, the special deities, or special regional heroes. They are to inspire the youngster and create pride in their country and their State and create bonding to the nation. 
Bhakti  means "attachment, participation, fondness for, homage, faith, love, devotion, worship, purity". It was originally used in Hinduism, referring to devotion and love for a personal god or a representational god by a devotee. In ancient texts such as the Shvetashvatara Upanishad, the term simply means participation, devotion and love for any endeavor, while in the Bhagavad Gita, it connotes one of the possible paths of spirituality and towards moksha, as in bhakti marga.
Patriotic songs 
The most popular song in Telugu speaking States is about Telugu language – Telugu Talli (Mother Telugu).
Mā telugu talliki mallepūdaṇḍa
Mā kannatalliki maṅgaḷāratulu,
Kaḍupulō baṅgāru kanucūpulō karuṇa,
Cirunavvulō sirilu doralincu mā talli.

Galagalā Gōdāri kadilipōtuṇṭēnu
Birabirā Kṛṣṇamma paruguleḍutuṇṭēnu
Baṇgāru paṇṭalē paṇḍutāī
Muripāla mutyālu doralutāī.

Amarāvati nagara apurūpa śilpālu
Tyāgayya gontulō tārādu nādālu
Tikkayya kalamulō tiyyandanālu
Nityamai nikhilamai nilaci vuṇḍēdāka.

Rudramma bhujaśakti mallamma pati bhakti
Timmarasu dhīyukti, kṛṣṇarāyala kīrti
Mā cevulu riṇgumani mārumrōgēdāka
Nī pāṭalē pāḍutām, nī āṭalē āḍutām
Jai Telugu Talli, jai Telugu Talli.
A garland of Jasmines for our Mother Telugu,
Veneration to the great Mother that birthed us,
With gold in thy belly and grace in thine eyes,
O Mother, from whose smile wealth doth flow!

Full of life and vigor, the river Godavari
Flowing excitedly, the river Krishna
Crops like gold shall they yield bountiful
Gems glinting and shining shall roll forth.

Until the exotic sculptures of Amaravati
The riveting voice of Tyāgayya in his songs
The wondrous writings of Tikkayya have
Truly and gloriously withstood the test of time.
Rudramma's strength and Mallamma's fidelity
Timmarasu's courage and Krishnadevaraya's glory
Until our ears ring with the pleasantries
Thy songs shall we sing, thy games shall we play
Victory to our Mother Telugu, Victory to our Mother Telugu.
A patriotic song evokes emotion, attachment and fondness. It is the aim of GHHF to instill pride in our youth by educating them with scientific, spiritual and religious knowledge. It is also our aim to educate them the differences between Hinduism and other religions. 
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