[GHHF] 28th day of Feeding Cows, Monkeys, and Birds near Anantapur area.

09 May 2020 1144 Views

[GHHF] 28th day of Feeding Cows, Monkeys, and Birds near Anantapur area.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is incredibly happy to have the opportunity to serve these innocent animals for the last two weeks. Joining hands with the 1988/91 Degree batch, we are also able to feed these animals in Gooty and R S areas in addition to the Anantapur area. Sri , the Board member of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) and who coordinates our activities in Karnataka and other States in India received requests from different sources about the pitiable condition of these animals. are able to provide food and water to these animals.

Many volunteers are going to this village and feeding the cows and monkeys with various fruits and street dogs with biscuits. We were able to get a truckload of fruits and were able to feed them to their satisfaction. Our plan is to feed them daily with these fruits.

ABN news also covered the event. The video is attached.



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