[GHHF] More than 100 pair of Shoes distributed to the needy and poor people enabling them to walk on the hot concrete streets in Bharat. Donations Requested to provide more Chappals.

16 May 2024 163 Views

GLOBAL Hindu Heritage Foundation is incredibly happy to announce that we distributed more than one hundred pairs of shoes to the poor people who cannot afford to buy. Many of them cannot afford to buy these shoes and suffer silently and walk on the streets that burn their feet.
Donors: Sri Bhaskara Devata and his friend provided 100 pairs of shoes to GHHF to donate them to the needy. We thank them for their generous supply of these shoes and helping the villagers who need them.  
Importance of Charity in Hinduism
Charity is praised as one of the greatest virtues in Hindu Dharma. A gift that is given without any expectation of appreciation or reward is beneficial to both giver and recipient. Lord Krishna in Bhagavad Gita says, “Charity given to a worthy person simply because it is right to give, without consideration of anything in return, at the proper time and in the proper place, is stated to be in the mode of goodness.” (17:20)
Lord Rāma said to Lakshmana: "Truly it is said that what is not given by us will not be enjoyed by us in the future!
"I (God) abandon that person who eats before sharing his food with others. But I never forsake that person who gives food to the hungry before eating himself. I am the Lord of all food. I take away the food of him who eats without giving; and I nurture and give food in plenty to that person who considers giving food as important as feeding himself."
Skanda Purana says, “"Nyāyopārjita Walletasya daśhamānśhena dhīmataḥ, kartavyoviniyogaśhcha īśhvaraprityarthameva cha" (V7).  The verse means "From the wealth you have earned by rightful means, take out one-tenth, and as a matter of duty, give it away in charity. Dedicate your charity for the pleasure of God".
It is believed that the entire life of any human being is to benefit others through his possessions, thoughts, and wisdom. Charity done with without expecting anything in return accrue good karma which will stay with the donor forever. Similarly, one who does not do good to others will incur sin. 
In Mahabharata, Yaksha asked Yudhishtara, “What is the best charity?
 “That which is given to a deserving person,” Yudhishtira said, “Charity must be given to a person who can put it to the best use. Only then is it virtuous.”
Why donate these shoes? Donating shoes to the poor is a deserving act. These are the people who need them the most. Imagine waking up in the morning and must go to nearby shops to buy a few food items on foot and walk on the streets that were scorched by hot sun. Now imagine somebody stepping outside without any shoes. The ground feels like it’s on fire, each step sending a burning pain up your legs. This is the reality for many people.
As you can see, many of them are old and middle-aged people walking on these hot streets. They expressed their appreciation for free distribution of these shoes. 
Our donors feel that all of us can be part of their mission to provide chappals for the poor and help them to walk on the burning streets without fear of burning their feet.
Our Pracharaks in Anantapur and Kalyandurg area have taken the responsibility of distributing these shoes to the poor. We express our appreciation to Sri Gopi Krushna Chary, Arju, Anil Kumar and Hanumanthe for distributing these shoes. 
Your donations are appreciated;
By Zelle: ghhfusaorg@gmail.com
By PayPal: savetemples.org
By Check: Or you can send a check payable to GHHF, 14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco, TX 75035.
It is tax-deductible.
By Rupees: call 601-918-7111; +91 83096 43979


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