Dereliction of Dharma - Part 2

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How Hindu Institutions may help “history repeats itself” with Islamic Onslaught and Christian Atrocities [Part-I]




What are the Responsibilities of Hindu Institutions?

Hindu Institutions is a broad term to include Hindu Temples, Cultural Organizations, Hindu Foundations, VHP, RRS, India Associations, Language based organization, Music Schools, Dance Schools and host of other organizations are managed by majority Hindus with a mission to practice, promote, encourage and protect the uniqueness of different dimensions of Hinduism. The custodians of these institutions should make every effort to learn about their religion first, and then teach their own children and their fellow Hindus who attend these Hindu institutions. They should invite any and all speakers to discuss about atrocities committed against our Hindus, how Hindus are being denied their basic freedom and liberty, how they may be converted in the near future and how the governments in India are destroying the Hindu culture for their political, selfish and get rich mentality.


Learn from the Past

1) Islamic Onslaught

Find out how many millions Hindus are massacred for refusing to be converted to Islam; how many women were enslaved, raped and killed; how many innocent children were put to death; how many Hindu Temples were ransacked; how many Hind Temples were destroyed; how many deities were defaced or broken into pieces;

Find out about Hindu Kush Mountain, what it means and how many millions of Hindus were massacred and how their blood flowed from the top of the mountain to the streets;

Find out how as many as 2000 Hindu Temples were destroyed and converted them into mosques; hos they used the deities of Hindus were made as steps at the entrances to climb to their mosques;

Find out the day to day accounts of Muslim Historians, Travelers and Ministers of Muslim Kings as to the daily quota of killing the Hindus from their own records; and

Find out what Quran says of non-believers and their fate, how they can be killed, how brutal the methods of killing were sanctioned, and how non-believers should be wiped out.


2) Goa Inquisition

            Find out how the Hindu Temples were destroyed, idols were mutilated, how the Temple material is used to build churches, how the children were snatched away and converted, how the priests were banned from doing religious services, how the marriage rites were banned, how the death ceremonies were prohibited, how the Churches forced Hindus to listen to the Christian preaching, and what kind of torturous method were used to convert Hindus;

Find out about the Big House with 200 cells where Hindus were tortured, tormented and killed; how the screams of agony of men, women, and children could be heard in the streets; how they were flogged and dismembered in front of their relatives; how the blood used to gushed out of the house to the streets;

Find out how the Hindus were tortured:

a) The torture by rope consisted of the arms being tied backwards and then raised by a pulley, leaving the victim hanging for some time, and then let the victim drop down to half a foot above the floor, then raised again. These continued up and down movements dislocated the joints and made the prisoner emit horrible cries of pain.

b) The torture by water was as follows: the victim was made to lie across an iron bar, and was forced to imbibe water without stopping. The iron bar broke the vertebrae and caused horrible pains, whereas the water treatment provoked vomits and asphyxia.

c) The torture by fire was definitely the worst: the victim was hung above a fire, which burnt the soles of the feet, and the jailers rubbed bacon and other combustible materials on the burning feet. The feet were burnt until the victim confessed, "I am Christian."

Present Day Happenings and atrocities

Hindus have to wake up from the deep slumber. They have to shoulder the burden of protecting their religion from the shackles of government and revive the richness, grandeur and glory of Sanatana Dharma. As Swami Vivekananda roared: “Purity will come, glory will come, goodness will come, purity will come, and everything that is excellent will come when this sleeping is roused to self-conscious activity.”

Find out how and why Hindu Temples have been taken over by the government, how the government is abusing and misusing the resources of the Temples, how they are neglecting them to deterioration, how they fail to renovate the Temple and allowing them to collapse; how they are depleting the Hindu lands; how rampant the corruption in the Temple management and how they are making the sacred places into political institutions; how they are insulting Hindu religious leaders.

Find out how in the name of secularism, the government is supporting and funding Christian and Muslim institutions depleting the Hindu Temples; how the state treasury is used to send Muslims and Christians to visit their religious places; how many Hajj houses were built across the India to consolidate the political power; and how may special Hajj terminals were built to provide comfortable travel to their pilgrimages while Hindus are “sleeping like beasts on the streets” at their religious places.

Find out how Kashmiri Pandits were thrown out from their own land; how they were made to live in filthy tents for decades; how many Hindu Temples were ravaged; how many Hindus were killed and the government is supporting the government by pumping crores of rupees to pacify the Muslims; and how Hindus are denies to buy lands in Kashmir.

Find out how West Bengal is becoming a haven for illegal Muslims coming from Bangladesh; how almost all the border districts have become the Muslims majority; how the government is forcing the Hindu festivals to be stopped at the complaints of Muslims; how the religious and pilgrimage centers have become the targets of Islamic terrorism; and how they are destroying the Hindu Temples and defacing the Images of our Deities; and how they are killing the sacred cows and putting them in front Hindu Temples.

Find out how Pakistan has depleted the Hindu population from about 27 percent at the time of Independence to near zero Hindu population, how many Hindu Temples were bulldozed and destroyed; how Veer Savarkar fasted until death unable to hear the news about the continued rape of Hindu women; how a your girl pleaded the Supreme Court in Pakistan to kill her in the court instead of sending her back to her village only to be raped and converted; how Hindu women are too afraid to even wear mangalsutras; and how the Hindu priests wear the half scull Muslim caps to protect their identity.

Find out how Bangladesh is pushing the Muslims to infiltrate to destabilize the government in West Bengal, how nearly 32 percent of Hindu population at the independence dwindled to less than 7 percent, how Hindus are facing “government-tolerated murder, rape, abduction, forced conversion, temple attacks, land grabs, and more;” and how Bangladesh and Pakistan plan to break up India into three countries – Mughalistan, Dalitistan, and Dravidistan.

Find out how Love Jihad is employed to woo the innocent Hindu girls to get converted to Islam; how much money was paid to Muslim boys to trap Hind, Christian, Sikh, and other non-Muslim girls; how the Hindu girls were drugged and made them compromised; how the Hindu girls were shipped to Islamic countries for prostitution; and how many of Hindu girls committed suicides knowing the real nature of Love Jihad.

Find out how conversion is wrecking the Hindu community; how Christian schools, colleges and universities alluring the potential students to get converted to get to their fold; how foreign Christian organizations are pouring billions of dollars to break up India; how the government encouraging and supporting the efforts of conversion for vote bank politics; how the methods of deception, trickery, manipulation, incentives, inducements and dishonesty are employed to woo the innocent and gullible people; and how they target the village heads, Brahmin priests, rich people, popular figures by pumping money.

Also find out about the false claim that all religions are same, the devastating effect of Atrocities Act, the proposed Communal Bill to tarnish Hindu religion, allotment of crores of rupees as salaries for Mullahs but denying the similar salaries to the Hindu priests, the appointment of the most corrupt people as members of the Board of Trustees and Executive Officers to the Hindu Temples, and so on.


Be Active and Act Like HINDUS       

If the Hindu Institutions do not address these issues affecting the very existence of Hinduism; if they do not invite speakers, who have spent all their life trying to protect the liberty and freedom all Hindus are enjoying today; and if they cannot allow fellow Hindus of their members to have the opportunity to hear, how do they justify their own existence? How do the office bearers of these Institutions explain their role in managing them without discussing the impending dangers affecting their organizations? How do they defend denying the younger generation from learning about their brutalized history? Where do the younger generation learn about the differences between Hinduism and other religions? How do we equip our youngsters to defend their religion if they are not taught in the Institutions that have Hindu base? How can we deny Hindu base when you are managing the Hindu Institutions? Let us not become prisoners of preconceived notions and four walls of our institutions. Let us go beyond the four walls and take necessary steps to protect the Hindu base of every Hindu Institution.

It is our mission to encourage all Hindus to take full responsibility of supporting, sustaining, promoting, propagating and protecting the Hindu universal values that are eternal, irrespective of time and place, so that the whole human race will live in peace and harmony. Ahimsa is the basis for all human existence. Any form of violence in the name of religion is the root cause of terror, torment, atrocities, cruelty, destruction, brutality, and massacres. Hindus and Hindu Institutions have a special obligation to protect their religion from being attacked. Ant dereliction of duty on the part of these Institutions will result in untold misery. Some reflection of their responsibility will avoid the catastrophe that may be inflicted on Hindus by other religions whose sole mission is to convert with whatever methods that are available to them.

Let us not hide in the secluded forests of secularism and atheism; let us all remember the Muslim onslaught and Christian atrocities; let us teach our children the untold misery our forefathers were subjected; let us take our children to all those historical Temples that were razed and destroyed as a way lesson; let us be certain that the history of the past is not repeated itself; let us all reflect on the glory of Hinduism; let us all embrace the universal principle of ahimsa where no one is tormented to adopt other faith; let us advocate the inclusive nature of our religion; let us not see other person as prey to be entrapped and converted; and let us deny people of other faiths any attempt to curtail the freedom and liberty, the hallmark of Sanatana Dharma and the human existence itself.

As Savitri Devi predicted, we already lost different parts of India to either Christians or Muslims. With our silence and indifference, Hindus are “ yielding every day to hostile forces, losing bit by bit its numerical advantages, losing its political rights in India, losing its place as a nation.” If Hindus are indifferent to what is taking place in Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipura, Andamans and other places, the time may come to our place where we may be isolated and ambushed. There is nobody left to protect us. Since we never protected our own brothers and sisters when they needed the most and since we never went to their rescue to protect them from humiliation and atrocities, there may not be any body left to our rescue when we needed the most. Let all Hindus across the globe wake up before Bharat is fallen to the hostile forces. Let the words of Swami Vivekananda inspire us and make the human race see the light in the wisdom of Hinduism: “Get us and set your shoulder to the wheel – how long is this life for? As you have come into this world, leave some mark behind. Otherwise where is the difference between you and the trees and stones? They too come into existence, decay and die.” Jai Bharath


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