[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendras – Students learned about the consequences of bad friendship – the story of Sparrow and Crows.

04 Jul 2024 123 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation started with a mission to preserve, protect and promote the richness of Sanatana Dharma. To accomplish this goal, we felt that it is the utmost of the hour to teach about our culture, traditions, mantras, rituals, morals, and our national heroes. This week, our teachers talked about Sparrow and Crow story.
Once upon a time there was an innocent sparrow in a village. One day, a group of crows met that madman who had no impurities in his mind. Picchuka – sparrow (small singing bird) became friends with those crows. Everyone said to the sparrow – don't make friends with those crows, they are not good. But he didn't listen to those words. One day a group of crows were going somewhere and asked the bird to come along with them. The innocent bird blindly trusted the crows and went with them without asking where or why.
The crows went to a field and proceeded to destroy all the plants there. The bird was hopping around helplessly, not knowing what to do. Meanwhile the farmers of that field came running and started beating the crows with a big stick. This was the habit of a group of crows, and they flew away. Sparrow was found by the farmers. “It’s not my fault, I'm innocent, I haven't done anything, leave me alone!” The sparrow pleaded. But the farmers who lost their crops are angry. He didn't believe Sparrow’s words, looked at him with disgust and gave two more blows.
People judge our character by looking at our friends. That's why even if we are good, if our friends are bad, they think we are bad too.
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