Ayuta Chandi Yagam on August 7 – 11 in Memphis TN, USA

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You are all invited to attend this unique Ayuta Chandi Yagam, experience the divine Mother’s energy and receive her bountiful blessings.


The S3 Foundation will be performing Ayuta Chandi Mahayaga at the Gaushalain Memphis from August 7 through August 11, 2019 under the direction of Brahmashri Kiran Narayanam and with the blessings of Saints and Elders.


TheAyuta Chandi Mahayaga involves the recitation of the 700 mantras of Durga Sapta Shati in Bijamantra form 10000 times followed by 1000 Ahutis in Homakundas. The Mahayaga includes Ganapati Homa, Navagraha Homa, Mrutyunjaya Homa, Rudra Homa and Navarnava Homa.One hundred eight (108)Sadhakas have taken the diksha for the performance of this Mahayaga.


The S3 Foundation had previously conducted a Chandi Yaga, a Shata Chandi Yaga, and a Sahasra Chandi Yaga. Now the plan is to perform Ayuta Chandi Yaga.

Durga Sapta Shati

Sapta means seven and Shati means hundred. That means 700. Durga Sapta Shati implies that 700 slokas are composed of the birth of Shakti (Devi) up to the conclusion of war between and Devi and Rakshasas. It describes the glory, beauty and power of Mother Goddess. Durga Sapta Shati is found in Markandeya Purana in 13 chapters from 81-93. It is believed that the recitation of Durga Sapta Shati brings fearlessness, rejuvenate vertebral nerves and invigorate blood vessels.


Yadaaraadhanaha Sarve Sarvaan Kaamaan Avaapnuyuhu

Na kinchith durlabham loke Durgaarchanavathaam Nrunaam ”


“The devotees who worship Goddess Durga find themselves overflowing with all the desires and there is nothing in this material world which is difficult to be obtained by these devotees.”


Chandi Mahayaga

Homa or Yaga is an auspicious way of conducting fire worship to experience the divinity within and without. It is believed to be created by Lord Brahma for his livelihood and his attainment of spiritual growth by connecting atma with Paramatma. The main goal of conducting these Homas is to direct mankind to pursue righteous path. The fire worship is expected to benefit people with prosperity and health and energize and protect the environment for peaceful living. Fire is considered the source energy needed for existence. Homa creates a magnetic field that neutralizes the negativity and stimulates positive energy in the surroundings.For individuals, it helps revitalize brain cells, improves circulatory system, invigorates skin, reduces stress and helps calm the mind.


          Chandi Mahayaga involves recitation of Durga Sapta Shati (700 verses) in praise of Mother Durga. Ghee and other items are offered to the sacrificial fire after chanting each verse. Different Gods or Goddesses are invoked depending on the kind Homa we conduct. If we are conducting Ganapathy Homa, we invoke Lord Ganesh while chanting mantras to remove the obstacle. The kind of benefits one accrues depends on the king home one performs.  As we chant these verses, we hear how Chandi annihilated Shambha and Nishumbha only to realize how we are expected to annihilate the negativity in life – indulgence and denial.  Mantras are powerful and have the energy to purify and sanctify the atmosphere to achieve equilibrium in the panchabhutas.




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