Hindu Dharmic Sammelan shown on Bhaarat Today – Sri Swaroopanandendra Swamiji & Dr. Subramanian Swamy

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In general, the art of government consists of taking as much money as possible from one class of citizens to give to another. Voltaire

Hindu Dharmic Sammelana was conducted on June 24 & 25 at Dwaraka Tirumala. More than 25 speakers and 30 Swamijis attended and spoke on the importance of preserving and protecting Hindu Temples and Hinduism. Varieties of topics were discussed to improve the security of the Temples, to preserve the ancient Temple structure through 3D technology; to maintain greenery near the Temples; to use solar energy not only to save money but to maintain clean environment; to create more vibrations by following Agama Sastra principles, etc.


Sri Swaropanandendra Swamiji spoke about Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and how much he likes that organization and it’s mission and vision. When we offered GHHF vastram he put it around his neck and publicly announced that never put any vastram given by any organization in his life time. This is the first time he accepted and put it around his neck by saying that shows how much he likes GHHF and it’s activities. Very powerful speech questioning the legitimacy of the governments to take over the Hindu Temples.



Dr. Subramanian Swamy spoke about Ayodhya and the efforts to make the dream realized by the end of 2018. Then h talked about Chidambaram case and the judgement by the Supreme court. The court said government cannot take over the Temples forever. They must fix a time and correct the mistakes and handover the administration back to the Hindus. Please pay close attention to his interpretation of Supreme Court decision of 2014.



The Supreme Court said, ”The Constitution Bench of this Court in Shirur Mutt (Supra) categorically held that a law which takes away the right to administer the religious denomination altogether and vests it  in  any  other authority would amount to a violation of right  guaranteed  in  clause (d) of Article 26 of the Constitution.  Therefore, the law could not divest the  administration  of  religious  institution  or  endowment.”



Then the Supreme Court observed that the government cannot keep the Temples under their control permanently. It should fix a time to remedy the evils and handover the property to the rightful owner. They cannot take over the Temples permanently. It stated, “Even if the management of a temple is taken over to remedy the evil, the management must be handed over to the person concerned immediately after the evil stands remedied.  Continuation thereafter would tantamount to usurpation of their proprietary rights   or violation of the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution in favour  of  the  persons  deprived.  Therefore, taking over of the management in such circumstances must be for a limited period.  Thus, such expropriatory order requires to be considered strictly as it infringes fundamental rights of the citizens and would amount  to divesting them of their legitimate rights to manage and administer the  temple for an indefinite period.  We are of the view that the impugned order is liable to be set aside for failure to prescribe the duration for which it will be in force.”


Based on this judgement, the governments must handover the Temples within a reasonable time. The case filed by Sri Dayananda Saraswathi is being defended by Dr. Subramanian Swamy. Let us hope the Supreme Court direct the governments release the Temples and fix the time for the release.



GHHF tanks Bhaarat Today TV for attending all two days of Hindu Sammelana. They have prepared 30 minute highlights of the event. Do not miss to click on the link and watch both the speakers’ power message for all Hindus.


Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah | International Hindu Dharmika Sammelanam | Bhaarat Today




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