GHHF and JD Foundation arranged Donation of a Machine that makes Bio-degradable bags for a needed Family

28 Dec 2020 1701 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) and JD Foundation have been working together for the last one year on a number of of service-oriented activities. Sri  who is the Board Member of GHHF has been organizing many activities in the Vishakhapatnam area. Many of you may recall that during the Pandemic he prepared Kashaayam and distributed it to people on the street with an intention of developing resistance to the Coronavirus for more than two months. Similarly, he even coordinated the planting of Tulsi saplings to improve the ecosystem.

A few days ago, he and his friend came across some news on Facebook about a family whose breadwinner has become disabled due to health and couldn't step to earn living for his family. He has a wife and two sons still in academics. They have been suffering for a while for lively-hood. Srinivas and his friend strongly decided to find a regular income source for the family. Incidentally, Srinivas friend Kiran Pathro came forward to give the machine that makes bio-degradable carry bags costing 2.5 Lakhs and can generate revenue of about Rs.30,000. Kiran is a humble ex-military with great inclination to serve country and society though he himself working hard to eke out his life.

This whole process was executed by JD Foundation in association with Global Hindu Heritage Foundation. This Machine was handed over from hands of Ex-CBI Joint Director, Sri V S S Lakshmi Narayana (Founder JD Foundation). Sri Lakshminarayana deeply moved by the situation and volunteered to share offered to share the cost with Kiran along with GHHF. This is an organized effort of all team members to help the family which was in desperate need.


               GHHF would be grateful for your help to all-out activities directed to help people.

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