[GHHF] Ghar Waapasi - Bhajan Competition was held among 12 Villages in Madanapalii, AP; Encouraging more Bhajans in every village to protect Hindus Ideals.

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Lord Shiva says to Parvati Devi:
“ O Varanana (lovely-faced lady), I chant the holy name of Ram, Ram, Ram and thus constantly enjoy this beautiful sound. This holy name of Sri Rama is equal to one thousand holy names of Lord Vishnu." (Sri Padma Purana, Uttara khanda, 72.335)

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been promoting the singing of Bhajans not only in the Temples but also in the houses. One of the reasons for encouraging singing Bhajans is to make Hindus appreciate the benefits of chanting. It has  physical, health and mental benefits. Not only the singer benefits, but the whole congregation and the whole community benefits by the vibrations created chanting the divine names.
In Madanapalli Division Shankarapuram, a  gathering of bhajan groups was held today at Sri Shankaraiah Swamy Ashram. About 125 devotees belonging to 10 groups from 10 villages who learned bhajan through our organization participated in this gathering. Competitions were held for the devotees in this gathering.
They were also given gifts. Later bhajan equipment, keys and dukkis were given.
Soon after that  Mr. Reddappa told them the way of doing bhajan and told them to sing good songs and not to sing movie songs. Children should be taken to the temple along with adults.
They were told to practice their culture and traditions through bhajan along with education.
Also, after completing the bhajan, offer Mangalaharthi , they were asked to go to the house of those who are not well in the village and give the prasad to them and put vibhudi or saffron on their foreheads and give them spiritual upliftment.
After that, explaining the frauds of the Christian pastors and telling them ways to stop them from entering the villages.
Bhajans, Group Devotional singing, must spread good-will, love, ecstasy; it must cleanse the polluted atmosphere; it must invite all to share in the joy and peace. The congregational singing of bhajans (nagarsankirtan) must be radiating devotion and love. The bliss I derive from bhajan I do not derive from anything else. That is the reason I am emphasizing these points. Fill every moment with energy, enthusiasm, and effort
The famous Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore said “Bhajans are the greatest forms of Worship”. Bhajans are songs sung to show our gratitude and love for God. Singing or listening to devotional songs removes all negativity in one’s mind and fills one’s heart with joy, peace and contentment. It elevates one’s mood and creates inner equilibrium. There is a lot of difference in the feeling when you sing for yourself and when you sing for God. When a devotional song is played or sung, it cleanses the atmosphere and fills the place with positive energy.
Bhajans impart joy and provide respite to the mind. In order to gain the most from bhajans, one must feel, “I am nothing. You are everything.” This is true prayer. However, such an attitude does not dawn easily. Only when inner wisdom dawns will that attitude flower fully. But one need not just wait until then. One can cultivate the right attitude and move ahead. Never forget that all our power is from God. Even our breath is not under our control. One might say, “Here I come,” before walking down the stairs. But even before completing that sentence, that person might collapse from a heart attack and die. We have heard of such instances. Therefore, we must cultivate the attitude of being merely an instrument in His hands.
Benefits of Singing Bhajans:
Devotional singing, known as bhajans or kirtan, can help to quiet the mind so that the heart can open to the divine, allowing us to taste the blissful reality that is our true nature. It is a participatory spiritual practice in which everyone is encouraged to sing and express their inner joy.
Doctors at Cleveland University reported that the rhythmic tones involved in chanting release a cascade of naturally healing chemicals. Imagine feeling good naturally without a pill. They called it the NLE, or Neurolinguistic Effect. Yogis call it a type of samadhi, though usually a lesser samadhi, brought on by yogic chanting and breathing. The end result is a profound sense of peacefulness.
Chanting can be quite therapeutic — complementary medicine — for those who suffer from anxiety, depression and insomnia. French physician Dr. Alfred Tomatis wrote that chanting helps us to control our emotions and eliminate negative thoughts. Unlike Western psychiatry, chanting goes beyond the body-mind to the realm of Spirit. It results in feelings of oneness and connection.
Explains Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, “Just as protons and neutrons are in the center of the atom and electrons are only the periphery, same is with our lives; the center core of our existence is bliss, positivity and joy but it is surrounded by a cloud of negative ions. Mantras (Sanskrit chants) remove this cloud of negativity.” Chanting charges up the atmosphere with positive vibrations and in such a space, meditation becomes natural and effortless.
Bhajans and prayers awaken positive vibrations in oneself and in the environment. Friendship with everyone is the spirit behind bhajans and prayers. Through prayer, the devotee begins contemplating. A child repeats a word 10 times and thus memorizes the word. In the same way , when one sings bhajans and reiterates divine qualities, these qualities take root in the heart, creating an awakening in life.
Be it Sri Ram Naam, Sri Narayana Naam or else any other glorious and auspicious name of Sri Hari, if one truly chant it with whole devotion he gets the fruit equivalent of chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranaam. Hence, Sri Krishna himself says in Srimad Vyasa Mahabharata to Arjuna as thus:
śrī bhagavānuvāca —
yo'mām nāmasahasreṇa stotumicchati pāṇḍava |
so'mekena ślokena stutā eva na saṃśayaḥ ||
~The Lord Said: He who likes O Pandava, to sing my praise using these thousand names, should know O Arjuna, that I would be satisfied by his singing of even one name by pure devotion. There is no doubt about it.

Similar verse, glorifying Sri Krishna Naam comes in Sri Brahmanada Purana, Upodhgatapada 36.19 where it is asserted that 1 Sri Krishna naam is equal to 3 times Sri Vishnu Sahasranam. And in same way, in Sri Narashima Purana, at end of Sri Prahlada leela, it is asserted that the Name of Sri Narashima Bhagwan yields the fruit of chanting whole Sri Vishnu Sahasranama.
As, I told above, all names of Sri Hari yields the same fruit as obtained by reading Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, in these verses, just for the sake of anubhavam the particular Names (Here, of the Poorna Avatarams) are been praised.
It doesn’t mean one, for laziness will not read Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, but what showcased here is that one with pure devotion even chants one name of Sri Hari obtains the fruit of chanting his Sahasranama, and by just chanting one name the supreme lord is satisfied.
While, glory of Sri Ram Naam is sang throughout Scriptures; Sri Padma Purana, Uttara Khaṇḍa 281.34-35:
japataḥ sarvamantrāṃśca sarvavedāṃśca pārvati।
tasmāt koṭiguṇaṃ puṇyaṃ rāmanāmnaiva labhyate ॥
~Shiva tells to Maa Parvati — ‘The divine fruits one achieves by chanting all other Mantras and all the Vedas; billions of times of that fruits one can easily obtain just by uttering Sri Rām naam!”
Health Benefits are listed below as summarized by “Carnatic Music Lessors.”
Reduce stress and improve mood
Lower blood pressure
Boost the immune System
Improve breathing
Reduce perceived pain
Promote learning in children
Improve sense of rhythm
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