[GHHF] Two Murthies were Destroyed in Sri Kanakadurga Temple in Kakinada; Organized Agitation; Encountered Police for their indifference; Petition Filed; Restoration work Started

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Geoffrey Moorhouse (1931 - 2009) 

"Religion flourishes here as it does nowhere else. Other lands may surrender themselves totally to a particular faith, but in India most creeds are deeply rooted and acknowledged fervently. Virtually the whole population practices some form of devotion: the Indian without the slightest feeling for the divine, without a spiritual dimension to his life, is exceedingly rare."

On  April 3, 2022, Hanuman and Devi Murthies in Sri Kanaka Durgamma Devalayam were destroyed in Annamghati Padmanabha Nagar in Jagannadapuram in Kakinada. Unidentified individuals broke the Hanuman Vigraha and threw it in the drainage. They also broke the hand of Devi.

Ajay Verma and other Pracharaks of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and other members from other organizations came to know of the incident and rushed to the location and inspected the destruction and were astonished at the way the murthies were destroyed and treated our revered murthies. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation Save Temples Organization and Hanuman Dal have started the agitation to make people and the Police Department aware of the heinous act committed by unidentified person/s. Every time such acts are committed the Police officials will promise that they would investigate and do justice by arresting the culprits. This is a usual response from these officials. When you insist on why no progress has been reported they will give all kinds of excuses by saying that they are still working on the case. Sometimes they say that a mentally insane person committed the acts. Or falsely accuse somebody else, but never resolve the case. Vinay Ambavarapu, Y Santosh, and Jesu Babu also joined the movement.

               More than 50 Bicycle ride was organized to highlight the incident and people came from different villages to condemn the dreadful attack on Hindu Temple. They are outraged at the hatefulness of people toward Hindu Temples and the Minister's false statements about the incident. It appears that some of the authorities sent false information to the government indicating no such incident took place.

Ajay Varma speaking to the assembled Hindus and government officials said that GHHF, Hanuman Dal, and other organizations are condemning this inhuman incident. The Hindus are losing their patience. Authorities should recognize that Hindu patience has its limits. Every time an incident like this happens, the Police Department is not taking it seriously. As we all remember that about two ago, a chariot was set on fire, no persons were identified so far. There were more than such attacks on Hindu temples in 2021.

False Rape case filed

He also mentioned that the government is insulting Hindus and lodging false charges against Hindus to harass and silence them. As we have seen a few days in video clipping, one gentleman by the name of Venkataraman complained about putting Jesus' picture in the Temple in K Gangavaram Village. That video went viral. Instead of taking action against the person who put the Jesus picture in the Temple, Venkata Rama was arrested, and a false case was filed against him charging him with rape. Vijay Varma and others challenged the case forcing the police to withdraw the case against Venkataramana.

Ajay Varma asked Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy to act immediately, arrest the culprits and take appropriate action. Otherwise, State wide agitation will be undertaken to expose the indifference and silence of the government. Instead of condemning the incident, some politicians and Police Department people are making false statements without knowing the true nature of the incidents. He said these politicians must apologize for their irresponsible statements.

More than fifty persons participated in the agitation to ensure the police Department will register the case and do the needful.  Local MLA Dwarampudi Chandrasekhar Reddy promised to rebuild the temple immediately.

Petition submitted to the Police Department

A written petition was submitted to the Sub Inspector of One Town of Kakinada on behalf of GHHF, Hanuman Dal, Sri Hanuman Seva Samithi, and other organizations requesting them to investigate the incident. They expressed their displeasure at the way Police reacted. They did not come to the Temple until our people started the agitation.

Restoration work Started

               Within twenty-four hours, a new Hanuman Vigraha was identified and planning Installation of the Murthy. Similarly, the hand that was broken is being worked to restore to its original shape.

               GHHF Pracharaks are following the incident, checking the status of the police investigation and restoration work.


We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 26 people so far. More people we hire, more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers.

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