Media's Unabated Hatred Toward Hindus and Their Leaders - Modi and Yogi

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'The media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power.... because they control the minds of the masses.' Malcolm X in 1964

Media has enormous power to create, shape and mold the perceptions, views and the future course action of the people. Both foreign and Indian media appear to have vowed to dismantle the Hindu edifice by demeaning their Hindu Gods, Gurus, traditions and customs, Temples, worship services, languages, leaders and the organizations. It appears that they are allergic to the word Hindu itself. They are constantly harping, crying and horrifying against the Hindus to create doubt in the minds of Hindus and other religions. They never recognize the fact that they cannot even open their mind, write one single sentence and criticize the atrocities committed by Christians and Muslims. They look at the negative side of Hindus ignoring the fact that Hindus are the embodiment of tolerance, freedom and non-violence. The media turn its blind eye to all the atrocities of the minorities, their open desire to convert India into their respective religions, their desire to break up India, their plans to divide the Communities, their sinister plan to convert gullible Hindus with numerous deceptive practices and their desire to belittle Hindu ways of worship services.

Some of the media outlets are outright bought by Christians, Muslims and Communists. These journalists and reporters have become presstitudes – Prostitutes to the investors selling their integrity, mind, consciousness, objective reporting and balanced coverage. Their reporting is totally slanted to encourage the two major religions wage war against Hindus. They have become their worst enemies of their own country and sold their body and mind to their bosses of their outlets. Their objective is to look down upon their country and Hindus in particular. They have become the torch bearers of destabilization of India.

Indian media is constantly look for an opportunity to run down Hindu Gurus, malign them with false accusations, report untruthful information without any investigation, and question the miraculous powers of these Gurus. They have no interest in knowing even an iota of the richness and greatness of Hindu scriptures. They have become conditioned to read one book and closed their minds for any further knowledge. They never question the miracles the Christian Pastors do. They witness the pastors miraculously curing the diseases of people who were supposed to have lost their legs. Even one sentence of the truth about the real intention of Mother Teresa would draw their ire by criticizing the Hindus and their leaders. However, they expediently ignore the Southern Baptist Churches books which call Hinduism as Satanic and say that “Hindus live in the darkness of their hearts, which no lamp can dispel.” Similarly, both foreign and Indian media has no problem with Pope Paul who wanted to plant across India – converting India into a Christian Country.

Francois Gautier, a French Journalist who is living in India for more than three decades, is amazed at the negativity of the journalist toward India and their hatred toward Hindus. His assessment of Indian media and foreign journalists is noteworthy and worth remembering. Regarding Indian media he said, “it is true that I often said that the India Media has been the worst enemy of its own country, because in the last fifty years, it has been heavily influenced by forces (the communists, the Muslims, the Christian missionaries and partly the Congress, which needs these minorities to get re-elected) which are profoundly hostile to the Hindus. “(P: 71, A Western Journalist on India). Addressing the foreign journalists, Gautier, “India is a great and ancient civilization, which gave so much to the world and has still so much to give. By constantly perverting its image in our dispatches, by always harping on its negative sides, by debasing Hinduism, which constitutes the inherent genius of this country, we show that we are bad journalists, that we are not able to go beyond the surface, beyond the clichés and prejudices and the Truth.” (P:72)

Anti-Yogi Bias in Western Media

Many news outlets such as CNN, New York Times, The Washington Post, the Guardian, BBC, Al Jazeera and others made so many statements against selection of Yogi Adityanath only to incite Muslims and Christians.  In the West, some of the newspapers are anti-Modi and anti-Yogi as they are influence by the Muslims and Congress followers in USA. These newspapers are sold to Islamic forces.  To please their investors whose subsistence lies in t the hands of Muslim countries, they must take a stand against the Hindu leaders. As soon as Yogi Adityanath was elected as Chief Minister of Uttara Pradesh, the Western newspapers entered the ring insinuating, insulting and belittling him as Hindu fundamentalist, saffronist and firebrand Hindu cleric. His selection as Chief Minister sent shockwaves across the liberal, tainted, and biased media across Europe and USA. Many journalists could not absorb and digest the fact that he was elected with thumping majority. They do not acknowledge the fact that clear majority of Muslim women got BJP elected.

Ellen Berry and Suhasini Raj of New York Times (March 18, 2017) were sarcastic and venomously describe him as Hindu-warrior priest who is incorruptible that he doesn’t use air conditioners and sleeps on the floor. He is transforming India into a Hindu nation. The foreign journalists have become speechless. They were hissing like snakes without fangs. They are unable to digest the news that he won the elections with overwhelming majority where huge number of Muslim ladies voted for BJP.  They described him as a radical, very ambitious and rebellious. The even find a person to say that he speaks for Hindus. “Within his heart, he is a totally ant-Muslim person.”  These blind-sighted journalists cannot even acknowledge that Muslim women who wanted triple talaaq to be made illegal went to polling booths in overwhelming numbers to give overwhelming majority to BJP. They threw away their neutrality in reporting to the pit and objectivity to the dust. Rakesh Shah observed that “NYT’s article is a bundle of lies. They should know how popular Yogi is among Muslims of his area too. They should know some of the most responsible functionaries in the Gorakhnath temple are in fact Muslims. Passing adverse, loose, disrespectful and false comments on Prime Minister Modi is the most offensive and unfriendly act by this rotten newspaper.” (Hindu Human Rights, July 14, 2017).

The Guardian (March 18, 2017) described the election of Yogi Adityanath in their editorial as “victory for anti-Muslim bigotry.”  Accused Yogi as contemptuous toward Muslims and Mother Teresa. Many foreign correspondents reported that she converted people even after the Hindus dies in her sanctuary without proper care.  investigative reporting justifies his assessment. The Guardian did not offer any evidence prove to refute his statements that “young Muslim men had launched a “love jihad” to entrap and convert Hindu women. Mother Teresa, he claimed, wanted to Christianize India … Mr Adityanath, now a powerful figure, is signaling that in India minorities exist merely on the goodwill of the majority. Step out of line and there will be blood.” They only want to throw mud at Yogi and Hindus to please their investors.

The Economist expressed its spite and hatred toward Hinduism by attacking Yogi as bigoted and inflammatory rhetoric figure who may instigate bloodshed in the state by denying the Muslims minority status.  This papers meanness and vindictive views are meant to instigate Muslims to terrorize the state as commended by their religion. It says, “The unusual choice has raised alarms, not least among Uttar Pradesh’s 40m-strong Muslim minority; the BJP won 312 of 403 seats in the state legislature without fielding a single Muslim candidate. Mr Adityanath, who has a long record of bigoted and inflammatory rhetoric, has named just one Muslim to his 43-person cabinet. Some analysts say Mr Modi chose a controversial sectarian as reward for his most ideological followers’ crucial grassroots help in the voting. Others say that with his prospects for re-election in 2019 strengthened by winning a state with 220m people, Mr Modi simply has less fear of revealing a darker Hindu-nationalist tint.” This magazine disgraced itself to be an Economist. Any magazine that speaks about economy should have studied the impact of reservations on the economy of the country, the loss of resources, and why the able-bodied minorities should be given undue advantage over Hindus.

BBC characterizes the election of Yogi as “a controversial religious leader known for anti-Muslim rhetoric as the next Chief Minister of Uttara Pradesh.” It is creating fear and animosity among other religions by saying that “Are Hindu nationalist a danger to other Indians? Anbarasan Ethirajan of BBC accused him as a “polarising figure because of his well-publicised anti-Muslim comments.”

The Washington Post (March 20, 2017) headline reads that “For state leader, Modi taps firebrand politician who once advocated killing Muslims” and goes on to say that “In incendiary speeches across the sprawling and impoverished Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, he has long advocated for Hindu ideals and even exhorted his followers to kill Muslims.” All these statements were meant to please the Muslims expecting to receive substantial support from Muslim countries for the newspaper and create division in the society by giving ammunition to the secularists and so-called intellectuals. This kind of coverage is aimed pandering to the terrorist, violent and hidden agenda of Christians and Muslims to dismantle Hindu edifice. In another article, it says, “Meet the militant monk spreading Islamophobia in India” and describes him as a controversial and divisive figure for his militant, misogynistic and ant-Muslim rhetoric.”

In another provocative and insinuating article, “Meet the militant monk spreading Islamophobia in India” The Washington Post writer Nilanjana Bhowmik is even more malicious. She was charging that Modi and Yogi have become custodians of the two most engaging symbols of Hindus – cow and Ayodhya Temple. Her mind is so poisoned that she cannot see the difference between the wishes of Hindus who have never insulted and killed for the propagation of their religion and the wishes of Muslims who champion the cause of violence, terror, killing and converting India into Islamic country. The Muslim anti-Hindu statements do not count for this writer’s presstitude mind.    

Aftar Alam in Huffington Post accuses the BJP government of intolerant toward minorities and accused the protectors of cow, which is sacred for 80 percent of Hindus, as vigilantes for the unrest in the state. But he would not acknowledge that the minorities are openly challenging the Constitution where the government is required to develop plans to protect cows. They are deliberately subverting the law by engaging in smuggling cows to kill in illegal slaughterhouses. The author says that in the name of Hindutva, Yogi Adityanath is threatening the secularism enshrined in the constitution. All these minorities use the secular as a kicking ball without ever defining the word. Across the globe people believe that there should be a separation of religion and government. No Muslim country talks about secularism, democracy and freedom of speech. But in India, secularism means special appeasement policies to grant unethical privileges to Muslims and Christians while denying the same privileges to Hindus. Why should there be special provisions and measures only for minorities. The Congress government thrived on the concept of Vote bank politics for its selfishness rather than for the welfare of country. Despite all the scientific evidence to the virtues of cow products, benefits of Suryanamaskar, and protecting the women from deceptive means to woo the Hindu girls, these secularists have become the enemies of the majority population demanding more privileges and increased quotas. 

Foreign media is drawing their guns against Modi, Yogi, BJP, RSS and Hindus for standing up the richness and greatness of India and for their tireless efforts to preserve the most peaceful, tolerant and accommodative religion on the earth. It is a payoff time for all these journalists, newspapers and electronic media to their debtors – Muslims and Christians. They know that their relentless and constant criticism of Hindu leaders will have far-reaching impact on the minds of people of India and inspire the minorities to wage war against Hindu leadership. Western media is fearful of the Muslims. They never opened their eyes to the centuries of atrocities across the globe. Their memory of the Muslim history spans to days only; ignoring the long brutal, barbarous and bloodied history of Muslims.  Since they must serve their masters, they keep harping on the dangers of impact of losing the immoral and ethical appeasement policies on Muslims. The Western liberal media is afraid that Yogi government might remove all the special privileges accorded to the minorities over last seven decades. They appear to see Muslims as zombies with no opportunity to learn, compete and excel. The media do not want to talk about Muslims being productive, skilled and talented individuals. It is hard for many foreign journalists gauge the sentiments of the people of Bharath as they are ensconced in the liberal, anti-Hindu and so-called secularist colonies rubbing their shoulders for their livelihood.

Foreign liberal media, which supports and inspires the India liberal media, is making their hateful and insinuating report on Hindus acceptable and even laudable. Reporting of Muslim atrocities, violent verses in Quran that advocate torture and killing, abuse of triple talaaq, beating of wives, sharia law denying equal justice and so on are unacceptable. The media is afraid of the threatening consequences. Media lost its credibility and failed to read the sentiments of the people they write. Like cocoons, they live in their own world insulated from reality.


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