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Global Hindu Heritage Foundation started with a mission to preserve, protect and promote the richness of Sanatana Dharma. To accomplish this goal, we felt that it is the utmost of the hour to teach about our culture, traditions, mantras, rituals, and our national heroes. This week our students learned about Rani Durgavati
Queen Durgavati was the heroic queen who chased away the invading Mughal armies with a desire to expand the empire. She was born on 5 October 1524 in Bundelkhand. In 1542, she married to king Dalapat Shah. A son was born to them, and Durgavati took over the kingdom sometime after Dalapat Shah died of illness. Despite her grief, Rani Durgavati took up the mantle of leadership, determined to protect and govern her kingdom. One of the most significant events in Rani Durgavati’s life was the Battle of Narrai in 1564. The Gondwana Kingdom faced an invasion by the Mughal forces led by the commander Asaf Khan. Despite being outnumbered, Rani Durgavati displayed remarkable courage in the battle
Durgavati gave top priority to the administration of justice. The people are provided with the necessary facilities. Lakes, ponds and canals were built. She was a great administrator who built the "Ranithal" reservoir near Jabalpur on the Narmada River and provided drinking water to around 13 thousand villages. More than fifty small forts were built in the forest areas around the capital for the defense of the kingdom. More than 50 wars were fought during their administration. Along with the construction of a new temple in the kingdom, renovation programs of the old temples were also undertaken.
At the same time, Akbar, who was invading small kingdoms with the desire to invade India with fanaticism, sent Queen Durgavati to be their vassal king. Durgavati gave a message that she was ready to fight for the protection of the kingdom, stating that she had no karma to drink the water from the elbow of the Mughals. The Mughal forces invaded the kingdom but were soundly defeated by the forces led by Durgavati.
The Mughals, led by a general named Asaf Khan, posed a challenge to her kingdom. One notable event was the Battle of Damoh in 1564. During this battle, Rani Durgavati showed great bravery and clever military strategies. In 1564, there was a big battle known as the Battle of Damoh. Rani Durgavati showed a lot of bravery and smart planning during this fight.
•    After defeating the king of Rewa, Maharaja Ramchandra Singh, Asaf Khan attacked Garha-Katanga.
•    To protect her kingdom, Rani Durgavati camped in the Narrai valley, which was bordered by the Gaur and Narmada rivers on both sides of a high ridge.
•    She fought bravely in defense against numerous enemies and with an ill-prepared force.
•    Rani Durgavati takes all responsibility for the defense after the murder of Fauzdar Arjun Das.
•    After successfully chasing and defeating the Mughal army, her forces initially emerged as the winners.
•    The next morning, Asaf Khan ordered heavy artillery after regrouping the Mughal forces.
•    She fought constantly while riding her elephant.
•    Unfortunately, Vir Narayan was injured during the battle, but he put up a strong defense that repeatedly forced the Mughal army to give up.
•    Rani Durgavati fought bravely, even after being hit by arrows, until she realized she could not win.
•    She lost all power and then attempted to sacrifice herself with a dagger, but she refused to give up.
Fearing for their lives, the Mughal forces made another invasion to conquer the kingdom with a large army. In that war, Queen Durgavati led the army from the front and attacked enemy forces like Apara Kali. But Durgavati's military strength gradually decreased because she was fighting with the Mughal army who had many times more army than Durgavati's army. However, she did not take a step back, but she was seriously injured on the battlefield and did not want to be captured by the Mughals. On 24th June 1564, she sacrificed her life to Bharatamata with her sword.
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