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Walter Eidlitz (1892 - 1976)

“Hindus have a greater respect for the spoken word than do people in the West. Not only every word is a mantra, but practically every sound and every word in the language is called akshara in Sanskrit, which means “the indestructible”. Akshara is also a name for God. A true mantra should be sung not spoken. Indian scriptures call Brahma the Creator “the first singer”. Our world is said to have sprung from the mantra he sang. In the West, these ideas are probably utterly foreign, and yet there are traces of similar teachings.

1. Brochure Updating our activities at the Ground Level in Five States in Inda.( 4/1)

GHHF started these programs at the ground level to make some difference: 1)  Ghar Waapasi: In August 2020 GHHF started Ghar Waapasi (Welcoming back the converted Christians) with the intent to stop the conversion of Hindus to Christianity. 2)  Bala Samskar Kendras: Our children are our future. If we can enrich the richness of Hinduism, they will remain Hindus. They will never be lured by deception and allurements. 3) Renovation of Grama Devatas: To revive the Grama Devata culture, to enable them to visit their local Deities and inculcate faith in the concept of Goddesses and Gods.



2. Organized a Maga Precession with 108 Palanquins adorned with Rama Parivaram and celebrated Sita Rama Kalyanam and Chanted Rama Nama in one Central location in Andhra Pradesh. (4/2)

Sri Rama Chaitanya Yatra : Sri Kollu Srinivasa Raju conceived the idea of Sri Rama Chaitanya Yatra that enabled the Mass gathering of Villagers and the Temples by preparing palanquins by adorning Rama Sira Parivaram and march from their respective villages to one Central Village where all the villages and Hindu Temples will celebrate in a unique way. Sri Kollu is a very hard worker, very passionate and highly determined to protect, preserve and propagate Sanatana Dharma. He has very gook knowledge about our customs and traditions, is equipped with rules and regulations about the Penal Code, has good understanding between Hinduism and Christianity.


3. Bala Samskar Kendras in Assam – Students conducted Pujas, participated in Homas, dressed up to the occasion, and took out a Bike rally in celebration of Rama Navami (4/3)

Sri Samrat Dutt from Cachar has been coordinating and organizing activities in ASSAM– Ghar Waapasi and Bala Samskar and other activities. He was responsible for identifying four Pracharaks – two males and two females. He also identified 12 teachers for  Bala Samskar. He even found three villages where Bala Samskar Kendras are being sponsored by them. GHHF would like to express our appreciation to Samrat Ji for his passion and determination to coordinate and supervise these activities. Rama Navami celebrated by Bala Samskar Kendras of Assam by taking out rally, conducted Puja, Kids dressed like Rama, Shiva, distributed prasadam, organized Hindu Jagran Sabha where more than 500 Hindus participated.


4. Bala Samskar Kendras in Hyderabad – Students celebrated Ugadi Celebrations and learned about the importance of New Year (4/4)

"Ugadi Celebrations Cultural Program" was organized by "Bala Sanskar" Vidyarthi students under the auspices of "Nitya Satyam Global Hindu Heritage Foundation" Save Temple Organization at Devender Nagar Colony Shiva Temple today. DFI Chairman "Dr. Kamalakar Sharma" and Global Hindu Heritage Foundation Save Temple Organization GHHF Telangana State Coordinator Lakshmi Niwas as Chief Guests of the program said that Ugadi festival is our new year and Ugadi is the value of Ugadi Pachadi Shadruchus to the farmers and people and courage to face hardships in life. Conducting Ugadi celebrations to offer the name year.


5. Bala Samskar Kendras –  demonstrated amazing skills drawing the pictures to reflect the celebration of Ugadi (4/5)

While random drawing can help hone your focus, drawing specific items or ideas can help you remember them better. In another study cited in an article on Inc.com, participants were asked to either write or draw words from a list. Those who drew the words had a higher retention rate than those who wrote down the words. “Drawing what you have understood from a reading passage, drawing the science experiment you have just done or drawing the detail of an autumn leaf are all examples of engaging with the same learning from a different angle,” Adoniou says


6. Ghar Waapasi in Anantapur Area- 16 Christians returned to Hindu Dharma. (4/6)

16 Christians Returned to Hindu Dharma; On April 5,  in Dasampally village, a pooja program was organized for Sri Kollapuramma Amma,  which is located in Dalit Wada.

In the past, 12 families were converted from Christianity to our Hindu religion through the Garvapasi program in this village. All of them visit Ammavari temple twice a week and also participate in the Bhajan program. With the help of Harijana Ravi, who has contributed a lot to Garvapsi in the past, 16 Christians returned to Hindu Dharma.


7. Bala Samskar Students – Students learned Desha Bhakti Geethas (Patriotic songs) and sing with pride to create strong identity with Bharata Mata (4/7)

A patriotic song evokes emotion, attachment and fondness. It is the aim of GHHF to instill pride in our youth by educating them with scientific, spiritual and religious knowledge. It is also our aim to educate them the differences between Hinduism and other religions.


8. Saptaswara Avadhānaṃ and Devotional Music Concert – A brief report (4/8)

aptaswara Avadhānaṃ is a novel literary and musical exercise specifically designed to give a sense of 40 ‘vivādi (apūrva) rāgās.’ It needs seven lyricists and seven musicians and all 14 are called pṛcchakas. The logistics entail authoring and reading ‘four-line’ sāhityaṁ (should not contain poetic meter, rhythm or rhyme of poetry) by a literary pṛcchaka followed by a musician pṛcchaka requesting the avadhāni to compose the music for those lyrics, extempore, conforming to the requested distinct rāgā.


9. Bala Samskar Kendras – Celebrated Hanuman Jayanti (4/9)

On Hanuman Jayanti Day, Hanuman is worshipped as a deity who is endowed with  the ability to gain victory over evil and provide protection. On this festival, devotees of Hanuman celebrate him and seek his protection and blessings.

Hanuman Jayanti celebrates the birth of Lord Hanuman. Hanuman was the son of Anjana, a female spirit of the clouds and waters, and Desari, the chief of the vanara, a group of powerful monkey people who lived in the forests. The wind god Vayu also played a role in the conception and birth of Hanuman. Some texts identify Hanuman as an incarnation of Shiva, but Hanuman is best known for his role in the epic poem and sacred text the Ramayana, “Rama’s Journey.”


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