[GHHF] Organized a Maga Precession with 108 Palanquins adorned with Rama Parivaram and celebrated Sita Rama Kalyanam and Chanted Rama Nama in one Central location in Andhra Pradesh.

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Lowell Jackson Thomas, after seeing Konark Sun Temple;
“It was a species of flattened pyramid, with lines and proportions exquisite and perfect." “As we approached, an extraordinary wealth of sculptured decoration made itself manifest, for the sloping faces of the Black Pagoda were carved, inch by inch over all their huge expanse, with countless figures in deep and delicate relief. I recalled the telling phrase of the renowned Bishop Heber, that the Hindus “build like Titans, and finish like jewelers.”  
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been consistently working to preserve and protect our Sanatana Dharma for decades.  Many people across India have been calling to find out how we are organizing Ghar Waapasi and what it takes to organize in their respective States. We started Bala Samskar about One and half years ago with only few schools. As of now we have expanded to 200 villages to ensure that our children are protected from allurement and enticement.
Sri Rama Chaitanya Yatra 
Sri Kollu Srinivasa Raju conceived the idea of Sri Rama Chaitanya Yatra that enabled the Mass gathering of Villagers and the Temples by preparing palanquins by adorning Rama Sira Parivaram and march from their respective villages to one Central Village where all the villages and Hindu Temples will celebrate in a unique way. 
Sri Kollu is a very hard worker, very passionate and highly determined to protect, preserve and propagate Sanatana Dharma. He has very gook knowledge about our customs and traditions, is equipped with rules and regulations about the Penal Code, has good understanding between Hinduism and Christianity. 
Under the auspices of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation at Pedda Kesanapalli of Ambedkar Konaseema District, Sri Rama Chaitanya Yatra was organized.  With Pedda Kesanapalli village as the center and about 108 surrounding villages marched in the Maga precession in celebration of Sita Rama Kalyanam and also to chant the name of Sri Rama with 108 palanquins. We are proud to be recognized as Global Hindu Heritage Foundation. 
Following the Maga Procession, all the villagers were very appreciative of his efforts to bring so many villages to one location and celebrate the festival, they honored him and appreciated his tireless efforts to organize the event.
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