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Trevor Fishlok, author of India Files.
“Hinduism offers solace and hope, a belief that present troubles are the wages of a former lifes sins, that the future may be mitigated by unselfish and dedicated actions. And, if these actions are truly altruistic and not performed for the satisfaction of ego or conscience, they may lead to a form of liberation. This serene state may also be achieved through various pilgrimages, worship and meditation.”
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to inform you that we have started Bala Samskar Kendras (Schools for children and youth) to enrich them with the greatness of Hindu Dharma and appreciate the sacrifices many leaders have done to protect Bharat. There are many kings who have achieved new heights in their skills, talents, and strength. Unfortunately, Bharath denies its history to its own children and glorified the most undeserving rulers. The government has corrupted the minds of young students since Independence from 1947. It is our effort to teach them the greatness of our scriptures, enrich their minds with timeless wisdom, create a sense of pride through time-tested moral and ethical compass, and make them proud of the science behind all our customs and traditions.
While random drawing can help hone your focus, drawing specific items or ideas can help you remember them better. In another study cited in an article on Inc.com, participants were asked to either write or draw words from a list. Those who drew the words had a higher retention rate than those who wrote down the words.
“Drawing what you have understood from a reading passage, drawing the science experiment you have just done or drawing the detail of an autumn leaf are all examples of engaging with the same learning from a different angle,” Adoniou says
Many artists talk about the essential qualities one should have to draw the pictures with hand. The students should have patience, motivation, concentration, proportional thinking, scaling and imagination. 
How Important for Children to develop the skill of drawing:
•    Drawing helps your child communicate feelings, ideas, dreams and wishes.  
•    Drawing improves your child’s sense of space and attention to detail.  
•    Drawing is a great way to foster your child’s self-esteem.  
•    Drawing lets your child experiment and develop a creative mindset.  
According to Jade Kandel following are some very general skills that are very important to drawing:
Motor Control: Feeling comfortable with a drawing tool in my hand is important to me. For example, in pen drawings one important element or aspect is having confident and smooth lines. This is much easier with good motor control. For more, here is Jade Kandel's answer to How can I improve my motor control for drawing?
A Good Visual Eye: Tbh I have been taking this skill for granted all my life. In general, I have always been a very visual person. I am that person who stares into the leaves of the trees and appreciates the color, texture, and unique qualities of each individual leaf. I stare off into the clouds and look at the interesting textures and colors the sky makes. I look out the window on car rides and get lost int he passing by of houses. What does this have to do with drawing? Having this visual appreciation has helped me with coming up with creative, visual ideas to draw. It also helps me layout ideas on my paper and further appreciate the art I am creating. Honestly, I think in general artists are very visual people, which is really no surprise.
Creativity: This actually depends on the type of art you are interested. Creativity is not necessarily required for art, such as in realistic pieces such as still lifes. But in general, I have found creativity to be a very important and necessary in drawing. It is the foundation to the message being communicated, and what makes a piece interesting to look at. The more creative the composition, coloring, and use of art elements, the better the piece (in my opinion).
Patience: I have found that over the years one of the most important skills is PATIENNNCEEEE!!!. Being able to sit down for hours on one piece is very hard. Especially when it is not coming out the way you want it to. Patience is required to create good art piece. Impatience leads to a rushed unfinished job, and overall bad drawing.
Tenacity: I have a strong belief that practice is the most important element to getting better at anything, especially drawing. When drawing, the only way to improve is to draw all the time and keep practicing. In my opinion, drawing is a very hard skill to get good at. But with enough practice, and dedication, one will see improvement.
Drawing Is Important For Your Child
Okuha lists the following benefits one acquires by drawing pictures.
Improves Child’s Articulation
Sharpens Motor Skills
Nurtures Problem-Solving Skills
Wild Imagination
Prepares Your Child For School
Drawing Is Good For Your Brain
Drawing Is Good For Your Mental Health
Research by Myra Fernandes, Jeffrey Wammes, and Melissa Meade, who published an article in Sage Journals, has shown that hat drawing is superior to activities such as reading or writing because it forces the person to process information in multiple ways: visually, kinesthetically, and semantically. Across a series of experiments, researchers found drawing information to be a powerful way to boost memory, increasing recall by nearly double. When a student draws a concept, they “must elaborate on its meaning and semantic features, engage in the actual hand movements needed for drawing (motor action), and visually inspect [the] created picture (pictorial processing).”
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