[GHHF] Assam - First Skill Development Centre is unveiled to provide opportunity to empower the youth talents needed for their future – with the help of Techno Skill Development Centre, Assam.

09 May 2024 76 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, Assam embraces a new beginning by starting its First SKILL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE in Silchar. Sri Samrat Dutt is always looking for opportunities to serve the youth by providing needed skills in various fields. His efforts bore fruit after months of searching. Today we opened this Centre and Samrat Dutt, being coordinator GHHF Assam Chapter signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Gautam Nath, Proprietor and Project In-charge Techno Skill Development Centre, Assam. It’s a Govt registered Institute. Centre In charge Mr. Gautam, who oversees this Skill Development Centre at the State level, has been closely monitoring our work for the last one year. During membership drive I contacted him, and we had a long discussion on skill development issues. We were surprised to know that he already knew about Sri Samrat and the activities of GHHF. Samratji explained the vision of GHHF, Assam and its activities. We wanted to provide an alternative livelihood and income generation initiative for the Hindu youths of Assam. Our youths are totally unaware of the various Skill Development Schemes of Central Govt whereas on the other hand non-Hindus are enjoying all the benefits of these schemes. 
What is the importance of Skill Development? 
It is very difficult for the youth who are growing up in villages to know the kind of jobs available and the kind of training needed to succeed in life. There is a wide gap between what is taught in the schools and the skills needed to find a job in the current market. 
According to the skills gap report 2019-2020 by Udemy, 82% agree that college education has not equipped them with the skills they need to succeed in today's job market; 84% say that skills are changing so rapidly that their current knowledge is becoming obsolete.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizes the importance of continuous skill acquisition, highlighting the rapid evolution of technology that could transform current non-existent jobs into mainstream career opportunities in the future.
Spread the News.
After the meeting with Mr. Gautam, Samratji appealed to all our team leaders and members to circulate this news to register the names of students in this Centre. A whopping 330 students have eagerly enrolled in our diverse array of skill development courses! At present we cannot accommodate all these. We shall start with 50 students.
Acquisition of needed Equipment
We procured 4 sets of Computer, 4 sets of tailoring machines. Gautam and Samrat talked to Project Manager of the Skill Development, Assam and procured 4 sets of secondhand computer sets and 4 sets of Tailoring Machines. This Centre is like a State Office of Skill Development and computer training will be given in this room that we rented and for other training we also rented a vacant space in an adjoining building.  
The Courses available at this moment are listed below. 
a.    Computer Training
b.    Tailoring Training
c.    Electrician Work Training, 
d.     Plumbers Work Training.
e.    Working to provide facilities of Viswakarma Yogna and Mudra Loan of Government of India to the youths of this region.
e.    Handicraft, Handloom Training.
Wi this training, GHHF is very much interested in equipping our Hindu youth with needed professional skills to make better living. It also contributes to national development. These skills enhance the opportunities for employment. It will in fact boost confidence and self-esteem. 
Your donations are appreciated;
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By Check: Or you can send a check payable to GHHF, 14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco, TX 75035.
It is tax-deductible.
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