Secularism is chipping away the very Existence of Hindus; Prime Minister bent on ruining the richest civilization – Part 2

11 Sep 2013 2399 Views

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Secularism and Hinduism

The Hindus have always kept their religion and politics separate. They never imposed their religion upon other religious people. They never invaded any other country to convert people of other religions to their religion. Former President of India, Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam observed: “In 3000 years of our history, people from all over the world have come and invaded us, captured our lands, conquered our minds. From Alexander onwards, The Greeks, the Turks, the Moguls, the Portuguese, the British, the French, the Dutch, all of them came and looted us, took over what was ours. Yet we have not done this to any other nation. We have not conquered anyone. We have not grabbed their land, their culture, their history and Tried to enforce our way of life on them. Why? Because we respect the freedom of others.” In spite of the heavy price they paid, they never doubted the fruits of freedom. They always wished for peace on all components of Cosmos and for peaceful co-existence among people. They never showed hatred for other religions, never belittled other religions and wooed other religious people into their religion with deceit, allurement or sword.

Hindu scriptures are filled with shanti mantras. The Yajur Veda says: “May I look upon all beings with the eye of a friend!” And the Prithvi Suktha of the Atharva Veda says: “O Mother Earth… May we speak sweetly with one another.”  Hindus call for equal respect to all religions (Sarva Dharma Sama Bhava). It is nothing but Secularism. Emphasis on equal treatment to all the religions is the essence of Hinduism. The exclusivity is never implied. Inclusiveness has always been the hallmark of Hinduism. No body is an enemy to be converted, maimed, tortured and killed like the way the other two Abrahamic religions profess. Even during the most horrific graphic brutality and killings inflicted on Hindus during the Partition time, it never wavered in its long cherished Vasudaika kutumbam (whole world is a family). Mark Tully observed, “even at the bitter height of Partition, India did not slip into becoming a Hindu nation. Hinduism in fact had a lot to do with India's pluralism.“ Then why does India still embrace secularism? As per M J Akbar, “India is secular because "Hindus want it."

Vasudaika kutumbam (the whole universe is a family), Manava Seva Madhava seva, satyam, Sukham, Mouna, Ahimsa, Shanti are similar tenets that exemplify the universal, not sectarian nor communal, values of Hindus. Hindus believe in and practice the ideals such as Ahimso Parama Dharmaha and Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha that uphold the secular values. All our scriptures talk about peace, prosperity, and welfare for the humanity, not for Muslims only, and not for Christians only. Hinduism never condemns people because they belong to other religions. We do not brand any body as a sinner and revile them to hell; we never call others as kefirs that are fated to death. Hindus only espouse peace for all the humanity irrespective of their religion. For a Hindu, secular means that every body is treated as individual rather than a member of a given community to be eliminated, converted or mutilated. Hindus have always worked for peaceful coexistence, never used sword to convert others in their religion, never dreamt of using deception to destroy other religions, and Hindu lips chanted only peace mantras for the entire humanity, not just for Hindus. Let us remember the words of Will Durant, who is bold enough to say that, "No blood has been shed for religion in India except by its invaders. Intolerance came with Islam and Christianity; the Moslems proposed to buy Paradise with the blood of “infidels” and the Portuguese, when they captured Goa, introduced the Inquisition into India.”

Secularism and Islam

Prime Minister should have known that Islam is not compatible with secularism. In fact it is anti-secular, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-peace and anti democracy. Since Independence Hindus have embraced secularism while Muslims are distancing and dissociating themselves from it. Many Muslims totally reject secularism as anti-Islamic and denounce it as anti-Allah. Before he left India to go to Pakistan in 1948, Maulana Maududi, founder of Jamat-e-Islami-e-Hind had said that those who participated in secular politics were raising flag of revolt against Allah and His Messenger. In fact majority of Muslims countries either declared themselves as Islamic States or declared Islam as the Sate religion, denying fundamental rights to other religious people.

It is worth noting that Asghar Ali Engineer’s assessment of the relationship: “Islam is declared to be incompatible with secularism because in a secular state there is no place for divine laws, and secular laws are unacceptable to Islam. Also it is believed that in Islam religion and politics cannot be separated. On these grounds secularism is totally rejected by orthodox Muslims. They also think that secularism is atheistic, and atheism has no place whatsoever in Islam. Islam strongly emphasizes faith in Allah.” Obviously, Muslims are working tirelessly, relentlessly to dominate Hindus and declare India to be a Muslim Country. It is no secret what they meant when they say that India is the “unfinished Business.” Tufail Ahmad, assessing the repeated denigration of Hindu nationalist, rightly observed: “Islamism is a cultural and political movement aimed at eradicating secular and democratic ethos of a society in a bid to pave the way for Islamic ascendancy.”

Every Indian irrespective of their faith should realize that Islam means submission while democracy means majority rule. Thus Islam is incompatible with democracy. Take for example, what happened to Pakistan and Bangladesh. Both started as democratic countries. Within a couple of years they have become Islamic countries. For example, the preamble of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan begins as “in the name of Allah, the Benevolent, the merciful; whereas sovereignty over the entire universe belongs to Allah Almighty alone...” In general, Islamic countries are totalitarian countries and submit to Allah. They strip away all the rights, freedom and liberty of people in the entire universe. They impose Sharia law whereby every aspect of human life is supervised, enforced, dictated and lashed out for infractions, mutilated for criticism and killed for refusal to accept their faith. There is no such thing as separation of church (religion) and state. In fact Islam will dominate the state and all subjects are forced to accept the commands of Koran, Hadiths and Sira.

Syed Muhammad al Naquib al Attar a well-known Islamic scholar of Malaysia addressed the question whether secularism is consistent with Islam in his book Islam and Secularism. According to him, "Islam totally rejects any application to itself of the concepts secular as they do not belong and are alien to it in every respect. A revealed religion as we understand it is complete and in its adequacy from the very beginning. The Holy Quran says that Islam is already made complete and perfect for mankind".

Since Independence Muslims have been engaged in heinous and horrific activities against Hindus with the aim of making India an Islamic Country. They consider India as “unfinished business’ and working relentlessly to break it up and install Islamic hegemony. With the support of all the secularist, media, many Hindu politicians, Muslims deliver hate speeches against Hindus, pillage the Hindu Temples, destroy the Hindu Deities, infiltrate into India to increase their numbers, rampage the villages, explode bombs, terrorize Hindus, demand the cancellation of Hindu festivals, conduct love jihad to rape and/ or marry Hindu girls, torch Hindu Houses, drive Hindus from their houses and villages, issue fatwas against national song, hoist Pakistan flags on Indian soil, conduct ethnic cleansing, and insult Hindus by slaughtering the cows that are sacred to Hindus.

The present government is encouraging them by intentionally neglecting their follies thus encouraging them to repeat the atrocities against Hindus, against Indians and in fact against humanity itself. We cannot negate the history of 1400 years of Islam in the world and nearly ten centuries of blood that drenched the sacred soil of Bharath: repeated conquests, jubilant destruction of Hindu Temples, breaking the Hindu deities to pieces, use of broken pieces of Hindu Deities to build steps to construct Mosques, ruthless demolition of Hindu Temples and building Mosques on top of them, merciless kidnapping and raping of Hindu women, hacking people to death for refusing to be converted, slashing of throats, insane massacre of million of Hindus on the mountains in Afghanistan, etc.

Prime Minister and His Party’s divisive, discriminatory policies are weakening democracy
How the Secular Government is rewarding Muslim Terrorists? The present government has not taken any significant and meaningful actions against their terrorism, illegal infiltration, and brutal assault against Hindus and their sacred beliefs in order to keep it’s VOTEBANK agenda intact at the expense of Hindu tolerance, ahimsa and the philosophy of “live and let live.” They do not have the courage, guts and determination to condemn, arrest, and prosecute on a timely manner to prevent further terrorist attacks on Indian soil. They keep playing secular game by appeasing the minorities with more and more incentives and ignoring their terrorist actions even more.

Secular means NO Uniform Civil Code to Muslims, YES for Hindus.
If India is a secular country, why should the Muslims, Hindus, and Christians have their own separate civil codes? While Hindu codes always have been subjected to modifications, reforms, and modernization, why no efforts have been made to reform Muslim civil code? For example, let us look at the Supreme Court’s decision on Live-in-Relationship: "If two people, man and woman, want to live together, who can oppose them? What is the offence they commit here? This happens because of the cultural exchange between people.” Can Secular India adopt the same policy for all the citizens of India or it applies only to Hindus? Why can’t India have Uniform civil code, if it is a Secular Country? Is the government squirting the country for the sake of Muslim votes? What are the Hindu politicians are doing? Why can’t they speak up?

How can a country have parallel constitutions – one for Hindus, one for Muslims, one for Christians, one for Sikhs, one for Jains, etc? Government is failing to pass Uniform Civil code that includes Muslims and Christians by allowing them to follow their own personal laws thereby insulting the word secular. Does the government think that it would be secular when Muslims are not included in the Uniform Civil Code?

The central government between 1955 and 1956 passed a series of family law bills such as the Hindu Marriage Bill, Hindu Succession Bill, Hindu Minority and Guardianship Bill, and Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Bill-frequently referred to as the "Hindu Code Bill." These four bills were passed to provide uniformity in family matters of Hindus. In spite of strong opposition only monogamy is permitted, even though Polygamy was practiced among Hindus. Similarly, traditionally marriage was for eternity but divorce has been permitted. In order to modernize, Hindu law is made uniform.

What about Muslims? Why can’t they be brought under Uniform Civil Code? The Muslims have been exempted from the bills that were imposed upon unwilling Hindus by secularists (in their view "pseudo-secularists"). Many people argue that if Muslims are exempted from Uniform Civil Code, how could one claim to follow the principles of secular state? Indian government even allows Christians, Jews and Parsis to manage their civil affairs according to their respective religious laws while passing bills restricting the religious freedom of Hindus. It is more than 60 years since Hindu Code Bill was modernized and passed, yet the politicians refuse to take any action against Muslim law governing polygamy, marriage, women’s rights, family planning and divorce.

Secular Means pass bills to Divide Hindus
The government passed so called Atrocities Act that made Hindus boneless and spineless; the Act pitted one section of Hindus against the other creating animosity and hatred among them. The so-called upper caste people can be arrested for mere pronouncement of insulting statement by SC/ST section. No proof is needed. They will be subjected to years and years of visits to the courts mainly to harass the upper caste people, thus creating a great divide among the Hindus themselves.

Secular means a Hindu is Perpetually criminal
The proposed Communal violence Bill is so hateful toward Hindus that any atrocities committed in India, the perpetrator is always a Hindu. In order to stay in power, the secular government to perpetuate the vote bank politics, in the guise of protecting minorities, it is condemning, denouncing and attacking Hindu rights. If this Bill becomes an ACT, it will be an assault at the very foundation of liberty and justice for Hindus and legitimizes criminal misdeeds of the minorities. What nearly ten centuries of foreign rule could not do to dismantle the Hindu edifice, the deadly combination of Atrocities Act and Communal Violence Act will wipe out last vestiges of Hindu morals, ethics, and culture which all foreign travelers, scholars and philosophers so eloquently glorified.

Secular means Hindu Rituals can be made punishable in Maharashtra
The Maharashtra state government has been trying to introduce The Black Magic Bill since 2005 to curb what is considered blind faith. The previous bill known as Maharashtra Eradication of Black Magic, Evil and Aghori Practices Bill had been passed by the Assembly. But with Shiv Sena members’ opposition in the Council this anti-Hindu bill was rejected.

If the Black Magic Bill had been passed, many Hindu religious ceremonies and rituals would have become non-bailable offences. The Saints and their devotees could be imprisoned. Punitive actions could be taken against those Hindus who follow 'Dharmacharan' and propagate Dharma under the Act. Even the Murthi (Vigrha / Idol) worship either in the Temples or private home can be construed as black magic. As per this Act any Hindu who found guilty of conducting certain rituals will have to pay a fine of Rs. 5,000 to 50,000 in addition to the possibility of imprisonment of up to 5 years. So much for creating unity among different communities in the country by the Secular government!

Secular means Loot Hindu Temples’ money and gift it to Muslims and Christians
The central government and state governments have passed the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowment Act to take over and control only Hindu Temples? This Act had bestowed several powers on the governments such as auditing temple funds, appointing archakas (priests), constituting a committee to monitor temple affairs, creation of a common pool fund, regulation of investment of funds and use of surplus funds. All appointments, property, finances, renovations, pujas, etc. are monitored and controlled. Endowment Act is being used very effectively to stab at the liberty, freedom and independence of Hindus. The assumption behind this Act is that Hindus are unfit to mange their affairs, they do not deserve to have the individual rights, and they are incompetent to be in charge of their Temples

With the pretext of India as a secular country, the governments have taken over prominent Hindu Temples in North India through the passage of Specific Shrine Act. All well-known Hindu temples including those at Kashi, Mathura, Ayodhya, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Vaishno Devi, Shree Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Amarnath, Puri Jagannath, and Kamakhya Devi Temple are under government’s control. They divert the funds to many other religions and non-Hindu related activities.

In the South, the take over of Hindu Temples resulted in rampant mismanagement, abuse of power, denial of input by Hindu religious leaders, and widespread misuse of Temple Funds.

Andhra Pradesh: More than 35, 000 temples are under government control misusing and abusing the assets of Hindu Temples. As much as 25 percent of the Temple money is paid to the state government.  Many Rajgopurams collapsed due to total negligence on the part of state government. Nearly 500-year-old Sri Kalahasti Rajagopuram was allowed to collapse.

Karnataka: Over a ten-year period nearly 75 percent of the income of Hindu Temples was transferred to Churches and Mosques resulting in the closure of 5000 Hindu temples per year.

Kerala: Guruvayur Temple money was used for government projects denying the renovations of the existing Temples. Ayyappa Temple money was taken over by the state government without providing adequate facilities for the pilgrims; and thousands of Hindu Temple lands were taken over by the government without paying any compensation.

Tamil Nadu: According to Muruganandan’s report more than 38,000 temples are under government control; nearly 79 percent of the temples are in shambles; historical ancient paintings of some temples have been blasted; temples receive only 25 percent of the income generated from temple lands and shops; and statues of political leaders have been installed in front of the most sacred Temples by Hindu haters there by insulting Hindu sentiments.

Who is to Blame?
Who is to blame for this take over of Hindu Temples by the government? It is Hindu politicians who supported and passed the Endowment Act to take over these Temples and put them in the hands of the so-called secular government. Every Hindu is equally responsible for take over of Hindu Temples because they are electing year after year those Hindu politicians who are only concerned about their name, fame, wealth, power and vote bank politics. Every Hindu is responsible because they are not aware that the Hindu Temples are under government control. They talk about the corruption in the government endlessly with passion, without ever lifting a finger to protect their religion. In fact we all know that overwhelming majority in the political parties are Hindus. These Hindu are the ones who are undermining the Hindu Temples, undercutting the individual rights and sacrificing the Hindu culture for political and financial gains.

Why so much disdain toward Hinduism? Keeping the project of destroying Ram Sethu aside, it is interesting to focus on how the people of India are responding to the Government supported affidavit by the Archeological Institute of India, which stated that: “the mythological texts of Ramayana formed an important part of ancient Indian literature, but cannot be said to be historical record to incontrovertibly prove the existence of the characters, or the occurrence of the events, depicted therein.” This affidavit enraged many people, hurt the religious feeling of many Hindus and caused much anguish and agony. This affidavit was construed as nothing but the government’s contempt, hatred and disrespect for Hinduism.

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