Success of Short Film Festival was beyond our expectations

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Success of Short Film Festival was beyond our expectations
Youth enthusiasm was impressive
Message of Sri Thridhandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamy was enlightening

The First International Short Film Festival that was held on August 22-24 in Prasad Labs in Hyderabad was great success. The three-day program was meticulously planned and executed by Dr. Ghazal Srinivas and the staff at Savetemples Office. As many of you know that the invitation was about two months ago requesting interested people to submit short films any aspect of Hindu Temples such as the Temple architectures, dilapidation of Temples, problems facing Priest, neglect of the Temples by the government, Goumata, Hindu Community’s indifference, Political leaders apathy and so on.

Response to the invitation to submit Short Films was overwhelming and gratifying. GHHF received 113 such films on various aspects of Hindu Temples from various cities in India and also from foreign countries. Submissions were received from Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Kadapa, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Vishakhapatnam, Tirupathi, Kurnool, Guntur, Rajahmundry, Eluru, Samarlakota, Coimbatore, and from Mauritius and UK.

The Jury Committee spent countless hours viewing these 113 films over a period of ten days and selected the top 40 films Jury Committee consists of “Lakshmana Rekha” Sri N Gopala Krishna, Chairman-Film Festival, Sri D S Dixit DS, Trainer and Film, TV, Theater Communication; Sri Sirasri, Famous Lyricist and Critic; Sri V N Aditya, Famous Film Director; Madhura Sridhar, MD of Madhura Audios and Film Director; and Dr. Santosh, RSS Pracharak. Many political, religious and Film personalities attended the function.


            Three-days of pictures can accessed by clicking on the following links:

22-08-2014 - 1st Day at Savetemples International Short Film & Documentary Festival

23-08-2014 - 2nd Day - Savetemples International Short Film & Documentary Festival

25-08-2014 - 3rd Day - Savetemples 1st International Short Film & Documentary Festival

People who attended the three-day film festival and watched these 40 films were overwhelmingly the youth. The producers, writers, lyricists, actors, music directors, screenplay writers, It is heart warming to see the commitment, dedication and passion in producing these films. They have touched, penetrated, massaged and moved hearts, minds and souls. They have made many people giggle, laugh, stare and cry as the themes developed into a virtual reality.

His Holiness Sri Thridandi China Jeeyar Swamy gave an enlightening, spiritual and enlightening speech. Many dignitaries have delivered powerful speeches about the significance and protection of Hindu Temples.

HH Sri Swamiji addressing the gathering briefed about the importance of temples, what  and how to protect temples and key role of temples in the society. HH enlightened the crowd that temple management is not new but has been in play since ancient times when Ikshvaku kings ruled the earth. For example, in Ramayana we can read how  Rama went to Ranganattha temple to fast and offer his prayers.

HH delivered the speech is a very hilarious manner. At the same time, HH conveyed the seriousness and sincerity one should have in protecting the temples and that it is everyone’s duty to safeguard the rich heritage which was handed over to us since generations. HH expressed his strong belief in the new government to support and bring back the lost glory of our temples.

Dignitaries who attended the event include:

  1. Dr. Kodela Siva Prasad, Speaker for Vidana Sabha, AP
  2. Sri K. Krishna Murthy, Deputy Chief Minister, AP.
  3. Hon. Nooty Ramamohana Rao, High Court Justice.
  4. Padma Bhushan Vara Prasad Reddy, Sunshine Hospitals
  5. Sri K. Manikyala Rao, Minister for Endowment Departments
  6. Dr. Medasani Mohan, Pancha Sahasra Avadhani.
  7. Dr. K. Lakshman, BJP Floor Leader, Telangana
  8. Srimati Anuradha, Endowments Commissioner, AP
  9. Sri Krishnam Raju, Rebel Movie Star
  10. Sri Bandaru Dattatreya, MP, Telangana
  11. Sri Malla Reddy, MP, Telangana
  12. Sri N V S S Prabhakar, MLA Telangana
  13. Sri Maganti Gopinath, MLA Telangana
  14. Sri Jawahar, MLA Telangana
  15. Sri Oleti Parvateesam, Doordarshan, Hyderabad
  16. Sri J K Bharavi, Film Writer and Director
  17. Sri Suresh, Film Actor
  18. Dr. P. Raghu, IRS, DG, Income Tax
  19. Sri Kalyan, Kalamandir
  20. Dr. K. Aravinda Rao, Former DGP

GHHF is planning to have these 40 films made available to show at different location in India and abroad. More details will be forthcoming.

Final Awards

1st Best Film - Swarna Gowmatha Award – Rs.1,00,000/-
Film: A AA Lu; Banner: JR Films; Produced by: Krishna Prasad Ganta; Location : London

2nd Best Film - Rajatha Gowmatha Award – Rs.75,000/-
Film: Devaalayam (Sri); Banner: GVS Srinivas (Padavilasala) Srinivas;  Produced by: GVS Srinivas;  Location: Hyderabad

3rd Best Film - Kamsya Gowmatha Award – Documentary – Rs.50,000/-
Film: Aatma – the Soul; Banner: Moral Productions; Produced by: Kottapali Seetaram; Location: Hyderabad

Best Supporting Artists

  1. Deva Devam – Aparna Nandan – Best Supporting Actress
  2. Gopuram – Heroine – Burgula Suma Latha – Best Supporting Actress
  3. Devaalayam – Hero – Sri – Best Supporting Actor
  4. Maa – A Lohit Kumar – Best Supporting Actor
  5. Viluva - Surabhi Swathi – Best Character Actress
  6. Sankalpam (Vemuri Parameshwara Sharma) - Best Character Actor

Best Individual Awards

  1. Best Lyric Writer – GVS Srinivas (Padavilasala) Srinivas; Film: Devaalayam
  2. Best Special Effects and Animation – Ghantasala Venu; Film: Gopraasastyam
  3. Best Child Artist – Baby Sri Narthana; Film: Maa
  4. Best Child Artist –  Master Abhi; Film: A Aa Lu
  5. Best Make-up and costumes – Ramana;  Film: Gopraasastyam
  6. Best Music Director – Ram Sudhanvi; Film: Devaalayam
  7. Best Script – GVS Srinivas; Film: Devaalayam
  8. Best Voice over – Ambaa - Noozilla Suribabu; Film: Ambaa
  9. Best Editor – A Aa Lu  – Laxman; Film: A Aa Lu
  10. Best Photography – Viluva – Karna; Film: Viluva
  11. Best Director – A aa lu – Nani (Krish); Film: A aa lu
  12. Best Actress – A Aa lu – Hymavathi (Mother character); Film: A Aa lu
  13. Best Actor – Velugu – Siva Prasad; Film: Velugu

Special appreciation films – Spoorthi Puraskarams

  1. Sri Swamy Sivananda Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film: Gopuram; Banner: Cine Style Videos; Produced by Shashank Ramanujapuram
  2. Sri Swamy Vivekananda Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film: Deva Devam; Banner : Srikoormam Films; Produced by K Laxmi Prasanth.
  3. Sri Ramana Maharshi Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film: Viluva; Banner: Alka Media; Produced by A Lohit Kumar
  4. Sri Sharada Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film: Velugu; Banner: Bhasker Hanuman Creations; Produced by Pratthi Sai Dasaradhi.
  5. Sri Aurabindo Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film: Jai Gowmatha; Banner: Shareeff Media House; Produced by Shareeff Mohammad.
  6. Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film : Inti Kanna Gudi Padhilam; Banner: Ramaneeyam Movies; Produced by J V Ramana Murthy.
  7. Sri Swamy Chinmayananda Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film: Vande Gou Mataram; Banner: Rishi Jeevan Samaj; Produced by Rishi Jeevan Samaj.
  8. Jyothirlinga Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film:Temples - Consecrated spaces for well being; Banner: Isha Foundation; Produced by Deepali Kadrekar.
  9. Astaadasa Peeta Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film: Salvaging Divinity; Banner: V Ramachandran Annamaliar Arapani Kuzhu; Produced by V Ramachandran.
  10. Panchaarama Kshethra Spoorthi Puraskaram; Film: Aalaya Pari Rakshana Sanatana Dharama Rakshana; Banner: Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage; Produced by S. Elias Reddy

Jury Awards

  1. Baktha Annamaiah Puraskaram; Film: Maa; Banner: Cool Creatives; Produced by Meera N SK.
  2. Baktha Ramdas Puraskaram; Film: Shankara; Banner: Shiva Manjari  Creations; Produced by Manjula Sooroju
  3. Baktha Tulasi Das Puraskaram; Film: Gopraasasyam; Banner       : Vaishnavi  Creations; Produced by Vaddepalli Krishna
  4. Baktha Suradas Puraskaram; Film: Nrityaarchana; Banner: Nruthya Darpana Presents; Produced by M Venkateswara Rao
  5. Baktha Kabirdas Puraskaram; Film: Temple Treat; Banner: Television Program Company; Produced by Matiur Rahman.
  6. Baktha Thagaraja Puraskaram; Film; Devaalya Rakshane-Sanatana Dharma Rakshana; Banner; Bhanu Prakash Mailigi; Produced by            Bhanu Prakash Mailigi
  7. Baktha Meera bhai Puraskaram; Film; Ambaa; Banner: Noozilla Suribab; Produced Noozilla Suribabu.
  8. Baktha Ravi Das Puraskaram; Film: Jeevanaadharalu Documentary; Banner; Subhapradha Chithra Maalika; Produced by Bikkina Abbaye Chowdary

Bestowal of Savetemples Sanathana Dharma Puraskaar

  2. Bakthi TV – Sri Raghu Eluri
  3. OM Channel – Dr. Chalasani Venkateswara Rao
  4. ETV2 – Theerdha Yathra
  5. Sri Medasani Mohan (Avadhaanam)
  6. Sri Parupalli Ranganath, Annamacharya Keerthana Pracharam
  7. Sri Sanjiva Narasimha Appadoo, Mauritius


  1. Shri Maganti Rajendra Prasad,  Soma Construction, Sponsorer
  2. Shri Kalyan, Kalamandir , Sponsorer
  3. Shri Palacherla Srinivas, , Sponsorer
  4. Alkhore – Andhra Telugu Friends, Sponsorer
  5. Shri Prabhaker Sharma, Vedha Gayathri Agraharam, Sponsorer


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