[GHHF] Why so many Hindu Temples are attached in Andhra (Speech in TELUGU) Watch this YouTube presentation

19 Jan 2021 1221 Views

On January 16, Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and Helper Foundation jointly organized a Zoom meeting by inviting Sri Shiva Swamy from Guntur, Dr. R S S Avadhanulu from Guntur, and Dr Prakasarao Velagapudi from USA to talk about “Why so many Hindu Temples are Attacked in Andhra” with their observations and explanations. Can we be mere spectators for these horrendous bleeding of Hindu Temples and the sentiments of Hindus.

               In the following video you will see and hear the views of  Dr Prakasarao about the apathy of Hindus, their lack of pride in their own culture, near total ignorance,  and their secular views are destroying Hindu dharma. Their political affiliation and caste loyalty have become curse for the survival of Hinduism. They are sacrificing their religion and country for their selfishness.

               Why more than 130 attacks under the Christian Chief Minister Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy? Because the Bible he believes in sanctions the Christians to destroy the Temples, break the idols, make the idols into powder, and mix it in the water, and even ask the followers to kill the idol worshippers. It is suggested That the Chief Minister should disavow these verses to bring harmony and peace in the State. In fact, Jesus says that he came to this world only to divide and pit one against another. Ahimsa and Sahanam are alien to Christianity if you belong to other religion.

               Even many Sadhus have no knowledge about other religions, and they keep saying that all religions are same. They are misleading the Hindus into believing that all religions are one and same. This is the kind of message is harming the Hindu survival.

               Please watch this YouTube. The speech is in TELUGU.

               Please click on this link to watch:  https://youtu.be/tyYSZuODglU



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