[GHHF] “Rampant Christian deceptive conversion of Hindus. Recommendations to stop Conversions and start reconversions”. Submitted to TTD Dharmika Sadas on December 2, 2015.

12 Feb 2024 179 Views

As many of you are aware that TTD organized a 3-Day Dharmika Sadas on February 3-5, 2024, with a plan to stop conversions among Hindus, and initiate non-Hindus into 'Sanatana Dharma.'  TTD chairman Sri Bhumana Karunakar Reddy said that “This programme will be initiated at the Lotus Feet of Sri Venkateswara Swamy in Tirumala with the sprinkling of Sacred Water ceremony.”

In 2015, Sri P V R K Prasad organized the TTD Dharmika Sadas inviting more than 70 Swamiji’s and Peetadhipatis to discuss various aspects pertaining to Hindu Faith and the responsibility of TTD.

Sri P V R K Prasad Garu recognizing the amount of work we are doing in Bharat, he invited me and Prasad Yalamanchi to attend the Conference and share our views about the rampant conversions and our recommendations to stop.

This lengthy article was presented to TTD at the Conference. We just summarized the article in three minutes at the conference.

This article is being sent to the Sri Karunakara Reddy, Chairman and EO of TTD to make sure that they are aware of the history of atrocities committed against Hindus, the urgent need to understand the history of Christian deceptions, and atrocities committed in Goa and other places. Rampant conversion is going on as you read this article with no end and with tacit support from the government.

We all should be very careful in jumping into conclusions without discussing the implications of conversion of Muslims and Christians by simply sparkling water.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundations has written several letters that can be published into 200-page book. TTD thinks it is unaccountable to Hindus. They do not respond. Hindus at every level should get involved and question the intent of TTD and what kind of precautions are taken before any decision is taken that may have so many consequences that may be beyond our comprehension.

               If TTD becomes heaven for Christians and Muslims, it is because of Hindu negligence, silence, indifference, selfishness, and apathy.

               TTD should declare Tirupati and Tirumala as a Sacred place like Mecca for Muslims and Vatican for Christians.           

The GHHF presented this assessment and recommendations to Dharmika Sadassu on December 2, 2015. It is published on our website – Savetemples.org. You can access it by clicking on these links.





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