[GHHF] Roundup of our Activities May 21-31

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1. Bhajans are sung to show gratitude to Gods and Goddesses in various places to create faith, pride, and peace of mind. (5/21)
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was started to protect Hindu Temples and to preserve and protect Hindu culture. Not only distribution of the importance of preserving Hindu culture, organizing several meetings across the States, we strongly believe that every Temple should conduct Bhajans glorifying the Gods and Goddesses. It is decided that all the Hindus should be brought back to the Temples. One way of bringing them to the Temple is to conduct Bhajans in the Temples.


2.  “Jai Sri Ram on every door - Jai Sri Ram in every roar” program in Andhra Pradesh. (5/22)
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to start a program "Prati Inta Ramanaam - Prati Nota Ramanaam" in Seesam Guntala village of Nandyala district, with the help of Tirupal, a full-time worker of the GHHF and the youth of the village committee, where "Jai Sri Ram" sing was imprinted on the Hindu houses as they chant Si Rama name. The "Jai Sri Ram" slogan has been chanted for centuries since the Treta Yuga where Sri Rama was born. It is believed that Sri Rama reached the shores, he threw a stone with Sri Rama written on it.

3. Distribution of Shoes to the needy and poor people -enabling them to walk on the roads in Bharat. (5/23)
GLOBAL Hindu Heritage Foundation is incredibly happy to announce that we distributed more than one hundred pairs of shoes to poor people who cannot afford to buy them. Many of them cannot afford to buy these shoes, suffer silently, and walk on the streets, which burns their feet. We thank them for their generous supply of these shoes and for helping the villagers who need them.  





4. Ghar Waapasi to make Hindus aware of the differences between Christianity and Hinduism; to make them proud of their Heritage. (5/24)
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) organized Ghar Waapasi program for more than four years. We have about 22 Pracharaks working in different States. They carry with them a two-page document that explains the need to protect and preserve Sanatana Dharma and preserve the integrity of Hindu Temples. They prepared a list of points to discuss with them regarding the contradictions in the Bible, derogatory remarks about other religions, the verses that create discord in the families and abuses about Hindu Gods and Goddesses. They distributed the flyers about the rights they have and how they can defend themselves from the pressures from Christian Pastors.






5. Bala Samskar Kendras in Assam - Learning to chant Slokas for concentration and peace of mind. (5/26) 
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is committed to transmit the richness of Sanatana dharma to the youngsters in terms of the depth and width of knowledge, the sacrifices of national heroes, miracles of Maha Rishis, science and mathematics, moral stories, and the importance of maintaining the traditions and customs. Learning and chanting appropriate Mantras for humanity as well as for oneself development is a high priority.




6. Bala Samskar Kendras – Students learned about Swami Rama Tirtha, his life achievements, and his lectures in foreign countries. (5/28)
Swami Rama Tirtha, previously known as Gossain Tirtha Rama, was born in 1873, at Murariwala, a village in the district of Gujranwala, Punjab, India. His mother passed away when he was but a few days old and he was brought up by his elder brother, Gossain Gurudas. As a child, Rama was very fond of listening to recitations from the holy scriptures and attending Kathas. He often put questions to holy men and even offered explanations. He was very intelligent and loved solitude.




7. Helping to build Hanuman Temple in Hanimireddi Palli near Anantapur. (5/29)
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to announce that we have agreed to help the villagers of Hanimiraddi Palli Village in Kalyandurg area. Over the last two years we visited the nearby Hindu Temple to meet with reconverted Hindus and celebrate their return, at that time, the villagers approached us requested to help build the Temple. Hanuman Statue is already established which is on the highway where people can stop and pray. We have seen a lot of people visit Hanumanji.  It is in an open area. They requested us to complete the Temple structure. 





8. Our Bhajan Group was asked to organize Bhajan Singing to celebrate Sri Lakshminarasimha Swami Temple Jayanti in Kalyandurg. (5/30)

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to inform that Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple authorities in Kalyandurg requested our GHHF Bhajan Groups to lead the procession by singing divine songs. The Temple was celebrating the annual Lakshminarayan Jayanti. Our Bhajan group consists of several activists who are promoting Bhajans in various villages and Temples. The Utsav Murthi of Sri Lakshminarayana was taken all around Kalyandurg village going through various streets singing Bhajans. It is customary to take the Murthy in a procession to celebrate the annual function. Soulful singing with passion and devotion creates spirituality among people who also join in singing songs in praise of Deities.

9. Continue to provide water and food to animals; Caring for a sick cow that ate plastics. (5/31)
Global Hindu Heritage is very happy to announce that our volunteers have placed several water tubs to ensure that the animals have water and food. GHHF has been providing this service for the last three years in various locations. Sick Cow. We identified a sick cow in Kalyandurg Mandal Village, and on behalf of our organization, we have been caring for it with vegetables, grass, and water since the 21st of this month. This cow became sick because of eating too much plastic paper. The cow was not able to digest this plastic paper in the stomach. We requested a Veterinary doctor to come and examine. He examined the cow and injections have been given to help the cow from suffering. The doctor said that the cow should be operated on, and the plastic paper be removed. He can do the surgery if the owner of the cow gives permission to conduct the surgery to avoid any future litigations.


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