[GHHF] Presentation of speeches on "Rampant Increase of Corruption" in Dallas on January 23 2011; Video links are provided; Your support is requested

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We appreciate the opportunity to meet with you all and apprise you of the serious situation of corruption in India in Dallas on January 23, 2011. We appreciate all those who attended the meeting.

Only a massive awakening can stem the tide in India and these awareness sessions are the first critical step.

The rallies in India (as well as in US) shows that the awakening is happening.   The Dallas presentation was put on youtube recently and it had about 6,000 views in just last 3 days and it includes many senior bureaucrats from India.

(You can view it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMSatkxO_r0


The conference being planned in April in India is another milestone in the struggle.

The awakening that is happening in Egypt now, the one that happened in Tunisia just 3 months back and one in Peru against Fujimori in 2009 provides us hope that things will change, provided we are united.  Just like Indians came together during Freedom movement, we have to come together and help our country.    Once India breaks, India will soon rot like impoverished African nations.   For many of us India gave us not only our birth but also free education.  It gave us a culture that we could use to thrive in US.   It is our duty to help it.  It is our turn now.

We request your generous support to the conference organization.  We are still short of  about 15K and your help will free us to focus on the conference organization than on fund raising.

 Tax deductible donations can be mailed payable to 'GHHF'  14708 Harmony Lane, Frisco, TX 75035. 

PS: Krishna Putapathi ji  from Desi plaza has provided the following links for the presentation at Dallas:

Dr. V. V. Parkas Rao on GHHF and introduction of Spakers


Satya Dosapati speech on Corruption (Three Parts)




Dr. Raghavendra Prasad on Corruption (Three Parts)




presentation on Corruption


Jai Hind.


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V. V. Prakasa Rao


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