Dereliction of Dharma - Part 1

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How Hindu Institutions may help “history repeats itself” with Islamic Onslaught and Christian Atrocities [Part-I]


“It is the Hindus, as a nation, who are in danger of extinction, at least in certain parts of India.”

This was the forecast of a German lady who adopted Hinduism, changed her name to Savitri Devi, wrote a book entitled, “A warning to Hindus,” which was published in 1939. How accurate her warning is! Today we are witnessing the extinction of Hindu population in Kashmir, West Bengal, North Eastern States, Kerala and other parts of India. Her prediction is even more precise when she said: “When one sees Hindudom in its weakness, yielding every day to hostile forces, losing bit by bit its numerical advantages, losing its political rights in India, losing its place as a nation, then one becomes more skeptical.” Before her dire forecast of losing India becomes a reality, all Hindus have to shoulder the burden of responsibility of protecting Hinduism; shed the ideology of secularism, atheism, minority appeasement and vote bank politics, abandon the selfishness for fame, name, power and money by mortgaging Bharat; and look at the real possibility of losing freedom and liberty known to Sanatana Dharma. Are we as Hindus ready to lose the identity and lose the nation and experience the horrors our ancestors were subjected to?

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation started in 2006 with a mission to preserve and protect Hindu Temples and Hindu Samskriti. Hinduism is in critical situation. It is at crossroads. It is crying out loud for you to intervene and protect. It is waiting for you to rescue from the clutches of anti-Hindu forces. It is being attacked, choked, suffocated, and throttled by Muslims, Christians, Marxists, Hindu adversaries, atheists, secularists and the government relentlessly. Hindus are equally, if not more, responsible for the possible collapse of Hindu edifice and negligence and destruction of Hindu Temples. The so called leftists and secularists are attacking Hinduism ruthlessly without realizing that they are setting fire to their own house, they are losing the precious freedom Hinduism allowed them to exercise freely, and they are joining the anti-Hindu governments that take away the very freedom they are enjoying today.

It is also sad to see that millions of Hindus are becoming witness to the destruction of their own Hindu culture and their places of worship, becoming spectators to the game of the bullfight where Hinduism is being slowly bled to death, becoming silent bystanders watching the government slowly chipping away the fundamental rights of Hindus, becoming so selfish to make a buck. Hindus are becoming strange bedfellows with the enemies of their own religion, and becoming obsessed with making money even to the extent of selling their own motherland and their own mother – Hinduism.

All Hindus who are educated, who have respect for their religion, who manage Hindu Temples and other Hindu organizations, and who are the members of numerous cultural associations, India association, literary associations, regional associations and performing arts associations should take steps to protect their religion. Being members and office bearers of these organizations, they have the obligations to know the difference between culture and religion, and make every effort to learn the richness of their culture and religion. Ignorance should not be the criteria to hold offices in these organizations. Once they open up their minds, learn the basics of their culture and religion, they will be the role models for next generations.

Let us learn from Mark Tully, Chief of Bureau BBC in New Delhi, who confessed his mistake in finding faults with one billion Hindus over the years. He used to think and report that Christians and Muslims were discriminated and were denied of their rights and freedom. Over a period of time, he slowly realized the greatness, richness and tolerance of Hinduism.

               Mark Tully stated that “I have repented today: I do profoundly believe that India needs to be able to say with pride, “Yes, our civilization has a Hindu base to it.” The genius of Hinduism, the very reason it has survived so long, is that it does not stand up and fight. It changes and adapts and modernizes and absorbs–that is the scientific and proper way of going about it. I believe that Hinduism may actually prove to be the religion of this millennium, because it can adapt itself to change.” He also observed “Hindus are still slaves to MUSLIMS and CHRISTIANS.”

Swami Vivekananda told the Parliament of Religions in Chicago in 1893 “Sectarianism, bigotry, and its horrible descendant, fanaticism, have long possessed this beautiful earth. They have filled the earth with violence, drenched it often and often with human blood, destroyed civilization and sent whole nations to despair.” Swami Vivekananda

We urge all Hindus, Hindu institutions, Cultural Organization, Language based organizations, India Associations, and various performing arts organizations to realize the danger they may inherit for not embracing and advocating the principles, ethics, morals, tolerance, spirituality, and universality. It is the sacred duty and full responsibility of all Hindus to learn their own history – how they were massacred by Muslims and Christians, how their Temples were destroyed, how their women were raped, enslaved, and how their resources were looted. Read about the Hindu holocaust, the Muslim onslaught on Hindus, about Hindu Kush mountain blood, destruction of Somnath Temple, conversion of 2000 Hindu Temples into mosques, the history of Tejo Mahal (now it is called Taj Mahal), demolition of Krishna Janma Sthala and erection of Mosque on top of it, conversion of Ram Temple in Ayodhya into Babri Masjid, the erection of Mosque -we all see even today - in front of Kasi Viswanth Temple, Goa inquisition, and deception and deceit of Christian conversion. We cannot negate and neglect the torturous history of Hindus in the hands of Christians and Muslims. We cannot subject our fellow Hindus to the same fate our forefathers experienced. Let us remember the words of Gorge Santayana “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.”

Responsibility of Hindu Institutions and Organizations with Majority Hindus

I.     Hindu organizations such as Hindu Temples, Hindu Foundations, Mattas, Peethams, Ashrams, and other organizations with the mission of upholding the Dharmic values should look beyond and learn the history of Hindus over the last ten centuries if we are realistic to the impending danger lurking around the corner. The custodians (office bearers) of these Hindu Institutions cannot ignore the plight of Hindus in India and across the globe, cannot remain indifferent to the atrocities being committed against their own people, cannot negate the centuries of brutality inflicted on Hindus, cannot remain ignorant of their past history sitting in the comforts of their citadels, and cannot build walls around their institutions ignoring the impending danger of losing the freedom and liberty they are enjoying.

Many Hindu Temples in USA are doing an excellent job in performing the rituals and festivals, meeting the religious needs of their Hindu attendees, conducting a number of cultural events such as dance programs, Carnatic music programs, Bhajans, discourses, yoga classes, meditation courses, and conducting Sunday schools.

They should make every effort to identify with the roots back in Bharat, nourish these roots, and protect them from being pulled out by selfish Hindus and missionary motivated religions. With few exceptions, many of these institutions are failing in their responsibility to gauge the current happenings affecting our youth here and abroad; failing to witness the dark cloud hovering over their own institutions they manage; failing to impart the knowledge to equip their congregation to deal with the realistic missionary activities of other religions; failing to teach their own youth about other religions are waging a war against Hinduism; failing to address the issues Hindu youth is facing in their schools; failing to guard their own Hindus from the deceptive practices of other faiths; failing to take appropriate action to promote and protect their own religion ignoring the dangers encircling their own institutions; and failing to speak out against the Government of India’s assault on Hindu Temples and Hindu culture.

Hindu NRIs in USA, who are managing Hindu Temples have a special obligation to serve their mother country, protect her from being stabbed from all sides, voice their views demanding equality of religions, demand the abolition of minority quotas based on religion, stress the need for the repeal of Endowment Act and oppose any and all efforts to undermine Hindu Temples and Hindu culture by the government and Hindu politicians. They should invite speakers to talk about the policies of the government and politics the government plays to destabilize the Hindu edifice. Hindu Temples cannot operate as separate islands unconnected to the society. They should take active part to protect their edifices.

Whenever a request is made to these Hindu Temples in USA to invite a speakers who are experts on such topics as Government control of Hindu Temples, Hajj Subsidy, minority appeasement, conversion menace, Islamic terrorism, Christian and Islamic explosion of their population, and any other burning issues affecting the Hindus, these Temple authorities invariably use the slogans “that is all politics,” “we don’t invite controversial speakers,” “we decided not to invite speakers who talk about other religions,” “we are secular,” and others not knowing that the issues the speakers talk about are the ones which are undermining the religion they belong to and the Temples they are managing. It is a pity that they have developed such a closed mind not because of the merits of their position but because of their ignorance.


II.     We have another set of organizations in USA called cultural organizations, language based organizations, India Associations, regional associations and others who do the same thing as Hindu Temples do. Of course many of these organizations start their programs with Hindu prayers, light the traditional Hindu lamps, celebrate Hindu festivals, perform Srinivasa Kalyanams, but they refuse to invite “controversial” speakers. They even refuse to give main spot to our revered religious leaders. When a request is made to invite a “controversial” leader they say that they do not want speakers to criticize the government, or other religions. If you ask them to invite Religious Leaders, they also go one step further to say that “they are cultural” to mean that culture and religion have nothing in common as if they are unconnected. Even after numerous discussions and written communication about the inseparable nature of culture and religion, they refuse to open their minds, refuse to learn and refuse to act. They do not want to acknowledge the fact that there is no culture without religion and religion without culture.

Some of the organizations such as India Associations also argue that they are “secular” hence they cannot invite any speaker who may talk against the deception and terrorism of other religions. But they celebrate many of Hindu festivals. At the same time they don’t even want to have discussion or a dialogue on a given topic. One wonders how can these secularists keep quiet when one religion is being trampled by other religions. Is it OK for the secularists to close their eyes to see the evil and turn their eyes away from it as if nothing happened? They also have another slogan saying “we have a couple of Christians,” in our organization and “we do not want to offend them.” These office bearers are willing to sacrifice the interests of 99 percent for the sake of one percent belonging to other religions. We hope one of these days they will address these issues during their celebrations/functions and how they would justify their actions. Have you ever seen any Pakistan Association, South Arabia Association, Iranian Association, etc with secularists? Do they have any place in these organizations? Why do these 99 percent Hindus in these organizations tolerate this one percent secularists or atheists? Hindus should act like Hindus. Hindus cannot ignore their past, ignore the ten centuries of atrocities their ancestors were subjected, negate their richness and close their eyes to the present intimidation Hindus are experiencing toady in India. We are the people with little knowledge, with little interest in learning, with little appreciation for the richness of our religion and almost no interest in protecting the freedom and liberty we are enjoying today. We are highly opinionated and highly self-centered; we cannot even make a case for our indifference to our own religion. They have very little knowledge about their religion but unfortunately that does not stop criticizing their mother religion.

But let us keep in mind that these cultural organizations, India Associations, and language based organizations love to invite all kinds of politicians, all kinds of movie actors, and all kinds of media personnel with questionable backgrounds, and with criminal charges pending. Some of the media people gleefully engage in bashing Hinduism, condemning Hindu Spiritual leaders, and inviting Non-Hindus to their TV stations to talk about Hindu festivals. Can these media people criticize the Muslims and Christians even though mountain of evidence with regard to terrorism and atrocities is documented? Can these media people show any program about the sex scandals of the religious leaders of other faiths, about the methods they use to convert innocent people, about the money trail, about the abuse of nuns in the churches, etc.? Then what is the intent of inviting these kinds of people? These organizations also pay first class tickets for the family members of these “dignitaries”, accommodate them in five star hotels and arrange programs across the country. There are some office-bearers who are openly declared themselves as atheists and unhesitatingly express their distaste for Hindu culture. The office bearers of these organizations deny religious leaders proper place on the stage while the politicians and movie actors are given the main stage. Are these organizations supporting political culture, movie culture and media culture while undermining the religion the very basis of culture?

For one who is keen on understanding oneself, there is nothing comparable to Hinduism anywhere in the world. While many other religions try to box God and existence in their scriptures or their holy books, Hinduism gives freedom for everyone to experiment with it and understand the true essence of life. It even allows others to criticize it. Unfortunately, some of these secularists and atheists take advantage of this freedom undermine the religion known for tolerance.

Then there are Hindu institutions, particularly Hindu Temples spread across the United States doing little to bring Hindus together. In every other religion, the places of worship bring people together and help defend their religion against external attacks. Many Hindu temples in US have become places of business, the place where management gets engrossed in extending their sphere of influence. There is little thought given to the relevance of these temples when Hinduism itself is under enormous threat.

All Hindus should be proud of their religion; should promote, propagate, preserve, practice and most importantly protect it from “within” and “without.” Silence, neglect and negation from within is as dangerous as from without, that is from other religions such as Islam and Christianity.

“Within” refers to the Hindus who are neglecting their religion, criticizing it, passing laws to undermine their religious institutions, supporting political parties that ruin the Hindu Temples, making money off the Hindu Temple properties, remaining silent when their religion is abused and desecrated, failing to practice their religion and neglecting their Temples and failing to protect their religious institutions from the clutches of the government where majority of the office bearers are Hindus..

“Without” means the other two major religions whose mission it is to convert the Hindus either through deception, cheating, trickery, bribery, terror, allurement, inducements, and enticements. They want to uproot the Hindu religion from the land of Bharath; erase the very essence of universal values and replace them with parochial exclusive values; wipe out the pagans from the face of the earth; kill all the people who fail to embrace their religion; and destroy the most tolerant culture earth was blessed with for millennia.


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