[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendra Students celebrated Mother’s Day by doing Pujas to Mothers:

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Reviving Age-Old Custom of Honoring MotherO Mother! May the society appreciate your potential?May they seek your blessings from east, west, north, south, and everywhere. Andmay you bless them with prosperity and happiness. (Yajur Veda: 6:36)Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to announcethat we are conducting 150 Bala Samskar Kendras in five different States. Manyof the villagers expressed their appreciation to conduct these classes so thattheir children would not be exploited by Christians. They are happy to knowthat their children are learning about the meaning of so many customs andtraditions. They were thrilled to see their children come home and donamaskar for them which was very satisfying. Many parents also mentioned that theirchildren come to know about the meaning of various festivals and know why they celebrate them.Celebrated Mother’s Day on May 8thMother has been extolled as a god form in several places inthe Puranas and also God has been approached as a son approaches his mother bymany great savants. She is Dhatri (One who bears the child), Janani (one whogives birth to the child), Amba (One who nourishes the limbs of the child), andVeerasu (One who makes him a hero), Shusroo (One who takes care of him). ButSankara in these poems is not dealing with either of God in the form of mother normother in the form of God. He laments to the lady who was his mother and pointsout how his conscience is pricking him for being not able to do the duty of ason.               

As wecelebrate Mother’s day as per the traditions in the west on May 8, let us paytribute to the role of the mother and her contribution in shaping the family aswell as a nation. In the Hindu way of life, a mother is always remembered,reminisced, cherished, respected, honored, glorified, and worshipped.Mother is considered the pillar of the Hindu family; the pinnacle of sacrifice; the embodiment of love; affection andcompassion; the source of inspiration and encouragement; the personification of peaceand harmony; the foundation of strength and courage; the epitome of age-old wisdom andprudence; a hallmark of patience and endurance; the quintessence of solace andcomfort; exemplification of kindness and gentleness; a reservoir of inexhaustibleblessings; and personification of patience and tolerance.How can we forget the forbearanceof a mother who conceived us and carried us for nine months in her womb; sufferedmonths of morning sickness; saw us grow day by day; fed us through the tube;allowed us to take shape as we developed a backbone, skin, fingers, nails, eyelids, eyebrows, nose, ears, hands, legs, toes, heart, head, brain, and so onfor nine months; and carried all the weight all these months; endured all thesounds and kicking; spent countless nights without sleep; withstood all thediscomforts; and finally gave birth. How can we forget the mother’s enduranceand tenacity during those nine months?

Bala Samskar Kendras in FIVEStates

On May 8, the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is exceptionally happy to inform youthat Bala Samskar Kendras (Sunday Schools) were conducted in about 150Villages/localities in five States:
Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Assam, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.
Bala Samskar Kendras are being organized in the following villages / locations
Tirupati, Madanapalli, Visakhapatnam Agency Area, Visakhapatnam City, Addanki,Eluru Palem area, Guntur, Bhadrachalam, Pithapuram, Hyderabad, Kandi, Chennai,Bangalore, and Cachar in Assam. We are planning more Bala Samskar Kendras inTamil Nadu and Assam and also increasing the centers in Telangana and AndhraPradesh.

Why did Bala Samskar Kendras Start?
Our children are our strength. They are our future. They are going to be ourAmbassadors to Hindu Dharma in preserving, protecting, and propagating ourancient civilization. For centuries, we as Hindus failed to transmit theknowledge to the next generations. With no knowledge about our faith and withno pride in the universality and non-violence of Sanatana Dharma, our children,as well as adults, have become targets for Christians to convert. They haveused a plethora of deceptive tactics to woo our Hindus to Christianity as weare not able to defend our religion and also not able to question the barbaricnature of the Bible. We have become defenseless and not equipped with anyknowledge about our heritage.
               We should teach ourchildren about its scientific discoveries in all scientific fields –mathematics, algebra, physics, asthmatics, computer science, dentistry,surgery, Ayurveda, yoga and meditation, and spirituality. We will try to teachour kids the science behind every aspect of our lives – customs and traditionshanded down to millennials. Swami Chinmayananda stated,  “The trueHinduism is a science of perfection. There is, in this true Hinduism, a solutionto every individual, social, national, and international problem. True Hinduismis the Sanatana Dharma of the Upanishads.”
We also need to teach how Hinduism is different from other religions.
To appreciate our faith and its richness in literature and culture, we need tounderstand the true nature of Christianity and Islam. Unfortunately,  weare still ill-equipped with the true nature of other religions. Violence,terror, killings, rapes, and destruction are advocated by Christianity and Islam.Hindus are the only ones who say that all religions are the same while theother two Abrahamic religions abhor Hinduism and do not have any respect. Boththese religions have committed to wiping out Hinduism from the planet. It istime to realize the potential danger to Hinduism and start getting reacquaintedwith the richness of our heritage and understand why ahimsa, tolerance,inclusiveness, respect for others, and truth can save humanity from extinction.

What is the Purpose of Starting Bala Samskar Kendras?
Bala Samskar Kendras / Sunday Schools are being planned for two purposes:1) To teach about the richness and glory of our SanatanaDharma. Its eternal nature, its scientific advances, depth of knowledge in ourscriptures, and its universal appeal to humanity.2) Also prevent the Christian aggressive missionary threatto Hinduism. Children are lured away by the  Christians bribing them withmany unnecessary needs to attract them. They give Chocolates, pens, pencils,and promises of many material things and invite them to Churches and startbrainwashing them to believe in their religion, and teach them to hateHinduism.Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is planning to start BALASAMSKAR on Sundays as well as weekdays to impart the richness of Hindu Heritagethat enunciated peace, harmony, inclusiveness, self-improvement, and universalwelfare. Our Sunday School will discuss contributions Hinduism made in thefields of education, mathematics, astronomy. Arithmetic, quantum mechanics,metallurgy, surgery, medicine, dentistry, infinity, zero. Cosmology,literature, yoga and meditation, and other subjects.
Sponsor one or more Schools
We need all the support we can get to expand the number of Bala Samskar Kendras(Centers) to 120 as of March 27, 2022. Sponsor each School for $1200 per year.You can suggest a teacher in your village or neighborhood in India to startSunday School.
PayPal Method: To donate visit our website: savetemples.org.

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