[GHHF] Returned to USA; most gratifying to witness amazing work at Ground level; will resume regular postings.

25 Jun 2022 1095 Views

I just returned from Bharat to Dallas. It took 54 hours to reach with missing flights, cancelled flights, changing flights and internet problems.

Five weeks of hectic programs  visiting a number of places, and meeting great personalities. Attended Ghar Waapasi programs, spoke at Several Bala Samskar Kendras, heard emotional parents talk about their children learning our culture and traditions, listened to the experiences of students attending Sunday Schools, attended several Meet and Greet programs,  met several Bala Samskar teachers, listened to the efforts of Ghar Waapasi Pracharaks, visited adoption center, and witnessed Grama Devata temle we helped renovate.

 Also met the Honorable Karnataka Chief Minister Sri Basavaraj  Bommai and talked about activities.

We all have to think globally about the future of Hinduism. Children are our future. Future of humanity depends on Hindu ideals. Devoid of these Hindu values will only witness violence, disaster and destruction.

Let us pray for brighter future for humanity. Embracement of Hindu Dharma is the only inevitable guarantee. Any thing less is likely to prolong our agony.

I apologise for irregular postings of our activities.  Constant moving from one place to another, attending two-three programs on a daily basis, and internet problems caused these irregular postings. 

I am back and we will resume sharing the progress at the ground level.

Thank you all for your encouragement snd support to GHHF activities over the years.  Dhanyavad.


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