[GHHF] Shri P V R Narasimha Rao Program was a great success organized in Dallas Texas; Imparted the importance of Homa and demonstrated the conduct of Homa.

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 Global Hindu Heritage Foundation was started in 2006 to preserve, protect, and promote Hindu Temples, Hindu Institutions, Hindu customs and traditions and Dharmic knowledge. Pursuant to our mission, we have been working at the ground level to make Hindus, Hindus first; started several Bala Samskar Kendras to impart the richness of our Hinduism, preserve our Temple culture and balance the ecological system.  
GHHF has invited Shri P.V.R Narasimha Rao to talk about the importance of Homa rituals, historical significance, and practical demonstration of conducting Homa. He is a world-famous Vedic astrologer, a Fire Yogi and a Sanskrit Scholar. He has a B.Tech. degree from IIT, Madras and a master’s degree from Rice University, Houston, USA and works near Boston as a senior engineering manager at a top semiconductor firm. Making rituals, especially fire rituals, easily accessible to everyone interested in spiritual progress is his mission.
It was well attended. More than 350 people attended and listened attentively and submitted several questions. A few of them were answered by him. 
For decades, it is his mission to propagate the importance of Conducting Homas and he simplified the ritual where almost any interested person can perform it by himself not only for his spiritual, physical, and health benefits, but also for Loka Kalyanam (human welfare). 
Following a lengthy lecture on the importance of Homa, he performed homa himself on the stage to demonstrate as to how to perform Homa, as he was doing homa, he mentioned about whose God we need to do homa. Is it one Goda or can we do for multiple gods.
What Homa Can do for us?
Homa activates the internal fire by resonance and burns one’s conditioning. Depending on the density of conditioning, it can empower one’s free will, give calmness and clarity, speed up spiritual progress, or even give experience of God.
He suggested that one should not eat anything in the one or two hours before homa. One should also stick to vegetarian food. Eating meat or eating just before a homa will make the digestive fire burn strongly and this will limit the amount of energy left for the internal fire needed for burning conditioning.
During homa, one should visualize to the best of one’s ability that God is in fire and receiving one’s offerings and removing one’s conditioning.
After the homa is done, a local maximum in one’s level of purity is created. One can sit still with a straight back and closed eyes and meditate for a while.
There are no caste restrictions. Anybody can perform and reap the benefits of doing Homa. Brahmarshi Vishwaamitra was born as a kshatriya but became a brahmana. Maharshi Valmiki was a Shudra who became a brahmana. There are many such examples.
If one does homa on a regular basis for spiritual progress and for dharmic material results that enable one’s spiritual progress, then one will eventually become a brahmana.
Is Guru Needed: If one receives a mantra or a procedure from the mouth of a master, it is analogous to a millionaire opening a bank account in his son’s name with a high starting balance. If one does not receive a mantra or a procedure from the mouth of a master, it is analogous to starting off with a zero-bank balance. While it is useful to start off with a positive balance.
Can women do Homa? There is no restriction. Men and women can perform Homas. The need to purify one’s body is identical. There is a reference in Ramayana where Kausalya was doing homa for the welfare of her son Rama after she came to know of her son’s coronation.  
One can just start a fire, imagining that it is sacred, and that god is in it, and meditate in front of it. One should start with Maha Ganapathi who helps us avoid and overcome obstacles in our lives. You can also do offerings to multiple Gods. Depending on one’s tome they can offer to either one God or multiple gods.
He also suggested going to his website and downloading all the manuals free of cost and start doing homa. 
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