[GHHF] Ghar Waapasi in Chandragiri Mandalam near Tirupati – Welcomed 18 Families to Hinduism

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Dr. A L Basham, the author of “The Wonder That Was India.”

India was a cheerful land, whose people, each finding a niche in a complex and slowly evolving social system, reached a higher level of kindliness and gentleness in their mutual relations than any other nation of antiquity. For this, as well as for her great achievements in religion, literature, art, science and mathematics, one European student at least would record his admiration of her ancient culture."

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has organized the Ghar Waapasi program in Chinnarama Puram Village in Chandragiri Mandalam. Mandalam and talked to them about our efforts to welcome back to the Hindu field those who converted to Christianity. Our Associates K. Reddappa and K. Subbanna have been actively involved in visiting a number of villages in various villages and Mandalas in Chittoor District. They distributed a 4-page document containing the rights of Hindus to encounter Christians and how to stop the construction of illegal churches.

They were able to convince 18 families to return to Hinduism. They were honored with Upper garment for men and Blouse pieces for women along with God’s pictures, the Hanuman flag, and other items.

As A L Basham said that India was a cheerful country and lived its life spiritually and humanely. He said India is the only country where no slavery system existed. India concentrated on non-violence, vairagya (renunciation) masculinity – the superiority of masculinity over femininity. Her achievements were unmatched in literature, science, art, mathematics, and religion. He suggested that Western students would benefit by knowing her culture. Women are given a high pedestal in society. The saying Matru Devo Bhava speaks to the boundless and all-encompassing, loving power of the mother. Rig Veda says “O Mothers! Purify us with your compassion, understanding, and enlightenment. The women cleanse us all from all our sins, corruption, and defects. We come out firm, pure and noble from their blessed company.” This is contrary to the respect given in the West. Similarly,  India has always tirelessly worked toward establishing the country emphasizing the spiritual aspect of humanity rather than highlighting the extension of the empires with the sword.

 As many of you are aware that the Christians are moving into the sacred city of Tirupati and its periphery in the Chittoor District. They are planning to start converting within a radius of 50 kilometers. Christians are moving into this area to convert as many people as possible to make Tirupati a sacrilegious place instead of keeping it as a sacred place.

Although many Hindu activists are doing many things, their efforts have not infiltrated into the villages where the conversion is taking place on a large scale. As Hindus concentrate on their intellectual endeavors, Christians are concentrating on conversion. It is time for all the intellectuals and activists to pause for a few minutes and look at the ground realities. Our intellectual endeavors and activists’ protests are not reaching the villages where conversion is rampant. We cannot ignore or turn away from what is happening on the ground.


We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed 8 people so far. More people we hire more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers.

1) Donate any amount to help the Dharma Pracharaks to work at the ground level.

2) Dollar a Day: On can select this option by pledging a dollar a day in support of Ghar Waapasi efforts

3) Sponsor one Pracharak: In order to expand our base and hire one Pracharak, it would cost approximately $3000.00 per year. We have five anonymous donors who sponsored Assistants.


PayPal Method: To donate visit our website: savetemples.org. Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select the Ghar Wapsi Donation category.

By Check: Or you can send a check payable to GHHF, 14726 Harmony Lane, Frisco TX 75035. It is tax-deductible.

RUPEES, if you would like to contribute to rupees, please either call or send an email. We will call you back to give you the required information

For more information, call Prakasarao Velagapudi at 601-918-7111; Email: ghhfusaorg@gmail.com


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