Fifth Day of 80th Birthday Celebrations of Sri Swamiji on May 26, the actual Birthday Started with Nagara Sankeertana at 6:00 am followed by Sri Chakra Puja

27 May 2022 920 Views

Sri Seamiji cane from Guru Nilayam to Nada Mantapam by walking on Ariselu. One village is known for miking these sweets. They prepared more than in lakh. Sri Bal Swamiji performed Pada puja.  Chief Minister of Goa visited to convey his Birthday 7wishes, spoke for 30 minutes about Swamiji and invited to visit Goa as soon as possible.  Later Birthday cake, prepared by Vijayawada devotees, was cut by Sri Swamiji.  Then he distributed sarees for ladies and dhotis for men. About 10,000 people attended the birthday celebrations.  In the evening, about 2000 devotees chanted Guru Gita. Then Sand Artist documented Sri Swamij’s birth and his Datta Avataram.



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