Should a Sanyasi or a Swami Enter Politics? Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s Powerful,Forceful, and Timely Answer

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For many years, Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji has been conducting Question and Answer Session every Sunday afternoon wherever He is - whether he is in Mysore or foreign countries. In fact, books were also published on these Q& A Sessions for the benefit of the readers. Many people have been asking Sri Swamiji about Advaita philosophy, Reincarnation, Bhakti Yoga, Guru Tattva, Conversions, Dharma and many other topics.

Question by a Devotee

On October 21, Mr. Bala Subramanyam asked Sri Swamiji the question:

Saints, Seers, Yogis, Siddhis, Swamiji’s have been working for the protection of Bharat tirelessly to preserve peace and harmony.   Saints who belong to this tradition have taken U-turn from their tradition and entering politics. In fact, one saintwho came to Mysore Ashram did Sashtanga Namaskaram to Sri Swamiji, spent one night here and spoke and went back. I do not want to mention the name of that saint (Please NOTE: that he was referring to Swami Paripoornananda who visited Sri Swamiji about four years ago). Over the last one week, this saint entered politics and said that he would have more power to bring changes and protect dharma and Hindutva. Also, one saint has become a Chief Minister for Uttara Pradesh. These saints are getting attracted to politics. What is Sri Swamiji message on this issue.?

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Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji’s Answer

            A saint can do whatever he wishes to protect Dharma. There is no reason for us even to discuss and question. That Swamiji has decided as to how to protect Dharma. That was his determination, not our decision. Vasishta, Vishwamitra,andMaitreyi have done similar things to protect Dharma. There are many such incidents in Puranas. They have done only to protect Dharma. Why should we have any objection?Whether it is Prime Minister or Chief Minister, it is their wish to select whatever method he wants to protect dharma. We are in a democracy (prajarajyam).

            If the saints want to go to the people and propagate dharma, why do you have any objection? Do we have any rules as to what method one must use? Some may choose to walk with a stick, go by car or fly. Some people even asked me why I have a car? If I go walking, I cannot meet many devotees. If I go by car or flight, I can meet more people ant talk about dharma. If I go on a walk, it will take many months to reach the destination. Any Yatishwar should do what his consciousness dictates, or what his Guru commands him to do. It is the most auspicious thing to do what his consciousness propels him to do.

            Who are we to put hurdles in their way? We do not have any right to question the saint? Everybody is free to do what is his dharma. Any body can work for the protection of dharma. Where is it written that people wearing this dress or that dress cannot work to protect dharma? Who are you put restrictions.? Because of people like you, who keep questioning, created this mess in the society. Some people even asked me why Yatishwar like Sri Swamiji serve meals for others or clean bath rooms? Where is it written that we cannot do? 

            It is his Swadharma that tells himto follow the path of dharma. It is your Swadharma to question. But whatever his atma dictates that is what a saint will do. Did any body give any certificate saying that he is a saint? He is doing what he thinks is the right thing for society. We should not go into their way doing service to the society. It is a sin if you interfere with their mission.

            Sri Swamiji asked the devotee if I enter politics, would you not support me? Or your will desert me. You would justify your Guru’s action. You would be the first one to raise the flag in support of your Guru. Because of your love toward me, you will support me. Similarly, all his devotees/supporters are supportiveof hisdecision to follow the dharmic path.

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