[GHHF] Bala Samskar Kendras – Students learned about Panchatantra story about Stork and Snake Story

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“The Indian system of counting has been the most successful intellectual innovation ever made on our planet. It has spread and been adopted almost universally, far more extensively, even than the letters of the Phoenician alphabet which we now employ. It constitutes the nearest thing we have to a universal language.”  John D Barrow
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is very happy to inform you that the overwhelming majority of Bala Samskar Kendras learned about Panchatantra’s the story of Stork and Snake.
The stork-snake story
A pair of herons built a nest on a tree in a forest. The snakes that nested under the tree ate their children and eggs. The storks devised a trick to escape the pain of the snake. They brought some fish and put them from the snake's den to the mongoose's hole. The mongoose that came out of the hole ate the fish and went to the snake's den. Killed the snake that came out into pieces.
The storks were happy that their enemy, the snake, was dead. But that happiness did not last long. The mongoose that killed the snake climbed up the tree and found good meat, and the stork carried the eggs and babies. So thinking of the trick is not enough. Along with that, the risk should also be identified. "We should see if there is danger in the trick," said the father. The evil-minded father did not listen. Finally, the old father agreed to testify by hiding in the trunk of a tree.
The next day Dusthabuddhi, Subuddhi, Rajugaru, followed by some knights and the elders of the village went to that tree. The king looked at the tree and said, "O king of trees! Did not good and bad mind hide the treasure in your presence! Tell me who stole that money." The words were heard from the tree, "The good mind has taken that money, the bad mind knows nothing." Everyone including the king was surprised. Subuddhi looked at the king and said, "Maharaja! There is some deception in this. Is there any evidence of the tree! If so, it tells the truth but does it lie! Test this tree thoroughly. Then give your verdict." Those words seemed good to the king.
The king asked the servants to look at the trees. They saw that there was a big trunk at the beginning of the tree. He ordered them to put hay in it and set it on fire. When the servants did that, the evil-minded father could not stand the heat and the smoke and came out shouting that the whole place was on fire. "Maharaja! Pardon me" said the truth to the king. The king punished the wicked for treachery and theft and gave justice to the wise. If we think of doing bad things to others, we will fall into the same pit, if we think without far-sightedness, it will bring us a threat.
So, "O Damanaka! You betrayed the king who believed in you like an evil mind. If you try to deceive someone, he is sure to be deceived. Listen, I will tell you a story."
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