[GHHF] Inaction against non-Hindua at TTD is Appalling and Disgraceful

18 Aug 2020 1855 Views

On August 9, 2020 EO Sri Anil Kumar Shingal stated that “ strict action will be taken on the complaints on any employee working in TTD, a Hindu religious institution practice or professes other religious faiths found true. “ He also that  the management will not hesitate to take action on any employee found indulging in other religious propagation or practicing it.

                This statement is insincere, dishonest, phony and adharmic. It appears that he has not taken any action against the non-Hindus working in TTD by hiding their faith,  and did no investigation to find out how widespread Christianity  is in Tirumala and  appears he conducted no surprise checks to find out if the employees are practicing Hindus or not. What did he do over the last one year to investigate the presence of Christians in TTD and how many spot checks have been conducted to identify the faith of the TTD employees.?

                Also let us remember the warning of the then Chief Secretary  Sri L V Subrahmanyam who said that that employees who were converted to other religions from Hinduism would not be allowed to continue in the service of the endowments department, the officials of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) have ordered their vigilance counterparts to identity those employees who were practicing religions other than Hinduism, it was learnt. The Chief Secretary asked officials not to hesitate to conduct surprise checks in the houses of employees working under TTD and Endowments Department to ensure that they were not practicing any religion other than Hinduism, it was learnt that TTD officials directed the Vigilance and Security wing to work on the same.

                On December 23, 2019four members of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation met and presented about ten concerns to be addressed. One of the main points of discussion was about the presence of Christians in BIRRD hospital and how Christians are calling Lord Venkateswara as a Stone and Satan; how they are demeaning practicing Hindus, and how they call Prasadam as Saitan Food.

                Please click on the link to read the letter GHHF discussed with the EO Sri Shingalji:





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