[GHHF] “Meet and Greet” to discuss about the importance of Ground level activities in North Potomac, Virginia.

06 May 2023 471 Views

Sri Krishna Gudipati , a friend of many years, organized this meeting by inviting about 15 of his friends to hear about the progress of our activities.

On May 5th evening, we talked about the declining Hindu population day by day while Christians and Muslims expanding their numbers day by day. 
We are alarmed, disturbed, and shocked to see, read, and witness the persistent attacks on Hindu Temples and Sanatana Dharma.
Our Bharat Mata (Mother India) is being attacked, stabbed, stifled, and suffocated. We as Hindus cannot remain silent, indifferent, apathetic, feel hopeless and remain a spectator. We must discharge our dharma and protect our Mother India.
We as Hindus individually cannot do everything that is needed to protect our mother, but we can do something. YES, we can do individually or in association with others or other organizations, engage in activities that can make the difference at the ground level.
With this thought process, GHHF started these programs at the ground level to make some difference:
1. GHAR WAAPSI: In August 2020 GHHF started Ghar Waapasi (Welcoming back the ex-Converted) with an intent to stop the conversion of Hindus into Christianity and bring those who were converted to Christianity that were trapped by deception, allurement, material, and other incentives. We have employed 26 Pracharaks in five States (Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu) who are responsible for visiting villages to welcome back converted Christians and apprise the villagers about the differences between Bhagavad Gita and Bible. About 9,000 Christians were welcomed so far. A 52- page book was prepared. Salary per Pracharak is $3,000. Budget for 26 Pracharaks is about $80,000.
2. BALA SAMSKAR KENDRAS: Our children are our future. If we can enrich the richness of Hinduism, they will remain Hindus. They will never be lured by deception and allurements. Thus, in October 2021, we started Bala Samskar Kendras (Sunday School for Children). We are conducting them in 200 locations in Andhra, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Assam. Total number of students enrolled so far are about 5,000. With your support, we want to expand to other States. The average cost of each school is $1,000. Total budget for these Centers is $200,000.
3. RENOVATION OF GRAMA DEVATAS: To revive the Grama Devata culture, to enable them to visit their local Deities and inculcate faith in the concept Goddesses and Gods, GHHF has renovated about 25 Grama Devata Temples over the last year. The average cost per Grama Devata is about $1500.00.  Budget for the year is about $20,000.00.

4. Distribution of Karthik Masa Puja Kits Village Temples: For the last three years GHHF is distributing Pooja kits to local Temples for them to light the lamps during Karthik Masam. This year we distributed 250 Pooja kit contains Oil, Cotton wicks, earthen ware, Rangoli color powders, incense sticks, and other items to many village Temples.

The preservation and Q & A session lasted more than two hours.

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