[GHHF] Update of our Ground Level Activities from March 1 thru 8

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John Keats (1795 - 1821)

“What Hinduism seeks is an equilibrium, a balance, between these forces or tendencies. Order is personified as the gods, dewa and dewi or bhatara and bhatari. Disorder is personified as the earth demons, bhutas and kalas. One can think of order as good, or positive, and disorder as evil or negative. Or you can call order dharma, and disorder adharma. "

1. S G Suryah, General Secretary of Tamil Nadu BJP Visited Hanuman Temple and Later he Spoke about his trip and status of Hindutva in India. (March 1)

SG Suryah, a BJP Youth Leader from Tamil Nadu has been extended an invitation from India on this year’s quota to attend the program which is titled “Young Politicians – The Future of Indian Democracy in the United States”. BJP Tamil Nadu State President Annamalai declared this news through his tweet which reads “Very happy to announce that our young dynamic BJP State Secretary SG Suryah is selected for the internationally renowned #IVLP Fellowship by the Department of State, Government of United States of America. He will be travelling around the USA for a month starting tomorrow. I wish him the best for a great Fellowship!”


2. Bala Samskar Kendras in AP – Students learned about one of the Poets who asked us to praise the Motherland Bharath wherever we go and set foot. (March 2)

Rayaprolu Subbarao was among the pioneers of modern Telugu literature.[1] He is known as Abhinava Nannaya. He was recipient of Sahitya Akademy Award to Telugu Writers for his poetic work Misra Manjari in 1965. He was inspired by the Western literary movement and brought romanticism into Telugu literature by breaking away from the traditional translations of Sanskrit literature. He introduced the concept of "Amalina Shringara Tatvamu"[further explanation needed] into Telugu literature.


3. Letter Requesting RSS to work at ground level, encounter deceptive conversions and fortify Hindu Dharma (March 3)

On behalf of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, I want to express our appreciation to RSS for its selfless service in preserving and protecting Sanatana dharma; to enrich Hindu culture and traditions;  espouse the values that bring peace, prosperity and harmony;  remind us about the glorious past; teach us about the brutal invasions, terrorism and  ruthless killings; make India excel in every conceivable field;  and advocate the need to establish Hindu Rashtra. 


4. Bala Samskar Kendra in Telangana – Students learned about the achievements of Shivaji Maharaj and organized a big precession all around the village. (March 4)

In Bala Samskar Kendra of Koyachelaka village ( Khammam district - Telangana) on the eve of Chhatrapathi Shivaji Maharaj,  children had adorned flowers garland they have made to statue of Maharaj. After that the Bala Samskar teacher had taught the children how the great mother of Shivaji Jijabhai had taught the great values,  and education to Shivaji Maharaj. They were taught about how the guru Samarth Ramadas taught Shivaji Maharaj battle tactics. They were taught how Shivaji Maharaj was gifted a sword by the presiding deity in Srisailam temple. Children were taught how Shivaji Maharaj bravely fought for Hindu Samrajayam (Kingdom).


5. Grand Carnatic Vocal Concert by Sangita Kalanidhi Sudha Ranghunathan Date: March 26; Time: 3:00pm at Mesquite Art Center (March 5)

Sudha Ranghunathan is a prominent vocalist in the carnatic musical tradition, Sudha Ragunathan’s voice enthralls listeners from around the world. Among the first in her generation to receive many prestigious awards including the Padmabhushan and the Sangita Kalanidhi, her mastery over vocal techniques and complicated styles makes her one of the most sought after artists. Her authentic renditions of ‘krithis’ and refined elaborations of ‘raagas’, the élan with which she breezes through the ‘kalpana swaras’, her command over the octaves and her supremely confident stage presence combined with unstated humility has given her an enviable pre-eminence in the world of carnatic music. Sudha has performed a range of concerts and festivals worldwide, and has released over 200 albums with leading recording companies like AVM, INRECO, Vani and Amutham.


6. Bala Samskar Kendras – Students chant morning prayers and learn the significance of Chanting in Sanskrit. (March 6)

Chanting morning slokas bring immense benefits. One of the slokas they chant when they get up in the morning may decide the as to how the day may go. It is believed that the first thing you see on waking up determines how good or bad your day will be. Our palms are said to have the presence of three Goddesses. Lakshmi(Goddess of prosperity) lives in the tip of the palm, Saraswathi(Goddess of knowledge and power) lives in its middle, and Gowri(Goddess of life) lives at its base. Hence, as soon as you wake up you are supposed to see your palm and recite the following mantra.


7. Bala Samskar Kendras – Students learned the importance of chanting “Sri Rama Rama Rameti ..” (March 7)

Parvati was very much alarmed at the ignorance and the consequent problems the people face on earth and asked Lord Shiva for the remedy.  He said Vishnu Sahasranama is the only solution to get rid of  their worldly sins and troubles. After listening to the Vishnu Sahasranama, she got worried and felt concerned with ordinary people who may not be able to chant 1000 names of Lord Vishnu

“Sri Rama Rama Rameti Rame Raame Manorama;

Sahasranama Tattulyam Rama Nama Varanane.”


8. Sita Rama Kalyanam in Bhadrachalam; Goti Talambralu delivered Bhadrachalam Rama Temple; GHHF and JDF served 250 meals to celebrate Vasantotsavam on Holi Purnima (March 8)

  It is a tradition for many years that Mandipeta village in East Godavari District allot one acre to raise special paddy which will be used to prepare Talambralu and deliver them to Bhadrachalam Temple. These Talambralu will be used at the wedding.

    Once the paddy is harvested, eleven village ladies sit and remove the husk of each grain individually with their nails. It takes about two months for these eleven village ladies to make GOTI Talambralu for one acre paddy. They do it by following some disciplinary rituals.


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