[GHHF] Letter Requesting RSS to work at ground level, encounter deceptive conversions and fortify Hindu Dharma

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                                                                                                                        February 27, 2023

Honorable Sri Mohan Bhagwat

Sarsanghchalak, Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh

Dr. Hegdewar Bhawan, Sangh Building Road

Nagpur, Maharashtra  440032, India

Dear Honorable Sri Bhagwatji:

                     SUBJ: Protect and fortify Hindu Dharma by working at Ground Level.

                                 “One ounce of action is worth more than tones of discussion.” 

On behalf of Global Hindu Heritage Foundation, I want to express our appreciation to RSS for its selfless service in preserving and protecting Sanatana dharma; to enrich Hindu culture and traditions;  espouse the values that bring peace, prosperity and harmony;  remind us about the glorious past; teach us about the brutal invasions, terrorism and  ruthless killings; make India excel in every conceivable field;  and advocate the need to establish Hindu Rashtra.  

You reminded us that,  “Dharma is the Satva of this country and Sanatana Dharma is the Hindu Rashtra (Hindu Nation). Whenever the Hindu Rashtra progresses, it progresses for the sake of that Dharma only. And now it is the will of God that Sanatana Dharma rises and hence the rise of Hindustan is certain ….  The values of Dharma, that is truth, compassion, purity and penance are equally important.”

Recently you also observed that “Today’s India is totally disconnected with its glorious past. Today’s India is not even equals to its glorious past’s shadow. This is because in last few centuries India faced numerous brutal outside invasions and internal problems. Today’s India has lost it’s cultural identity. RSS is working on getting back India’s lost (cultural) identity and glorious past.”

“Hindu society has been at war for over 1000 years – this fight has been going on against foreign aggressions, foreign influence and foreign conspiracies. Sangh has offered its support to this cause, there are many who have spoken about it. And it is because of all these that the Hindu society has awakened. It is but natural for people those at war to be aggressive.”

Nobody is as much concerned as RSS as to what is happening in Bharat. Hindu population is declining day by day. Hindu population at the time of Independence was 90% and in 2020, it is approximately 74 %. The Muslim population was 8% in 1947 while it is about 22 % at present. Christian population increased from 2% to 4 % during the same period. But in Andhra Pradesh, it increased from 1.3 % in 2011 to 18 % in 2020 officially. The unofficial number of the Christian population in Andhra is about 30 %. Converted Christians were supposed to hide their faith as directed by the Christian pastors.


Andhra Pradesh CM is turning the state as a Christian State as a Christian State and interfering in the religious affairs of the Temples and its management. This should be stopped forthwith to preserve the integrity of Hindu culture and protect Hindus being exploited by deceptive conversion tactics.

               RSS has approximately 10-15 million active members, about 60,000 Sakhas in the country, more than 100 affiliate organizations and thousands of sakhas in USA and other countries. If RSS prackaraks work at the ground level, make Hindus aware of the danger of Christianization and Islamization, the atrocities the two Abrahamic religions have inflicted on our forefathers, the destruction they caused to our Hindu Temples, the horrific killings they caused to Hindus, and the way they demean our religion, there is a good probability that we will be on the way to resurgence and renaissance of Hindu Rashtra where every human being irrespective of their faith is respected, treated fairly,  and given equal freedom to enjoy the fruits of democracy.   

               RSS and all Hindu organizations have to pause and look back as to what happened over the years. Our efforts have not increased the numbers. Since Hindu population is declining, we have to come up with new strategies to energize our Hindus, increase our numbers and protect our fellow Hindus from being exploited by other faiths. Whatever we have been doing for centuries did not increase our numbers or fortify our Hindu community. We cannot remain silent spectators, continue to be indifferent, look the other way, keep doing the same thing that has not yielded the desired outcome.

               Hindu house is being raided on a daily basis . Hindu residents are being thrown out of their own house, their houses are either occupied or burn to the ground, their lands are illegally occupied,  Hindu scriptures are demeaned, Hindu Temples attacked, Hindu gods are demeaned, Hindu women are abused, Bharat Mata is being strangled with no recourse. Minorities knew that they can get away with any king of crimes and tortures. How long the minorities can rampage and how long Hindus will succumb.

It is time to look back and see why our efforts have not increased our numbers. Why we are disconnected from the past. Maybe it is time to look and fine out what methods we have adopted to advance our ideology of protecting Dharma, whether those methods yielded fruitful results, revamp our ways of looking at things and develop new method to ensure our dharma is protected, awaken our own Hindus about the glory and grandeur of our principles;  teach the world that our dharma is  essential for the very existence of human race. Abandon the old ways of doing things that have contributed to the decline of Hindu population. Embrace the new ways of things that would increase Hindu population to establish Hindu Rashtra for the sake of humanity.

 RSS should work at the ground level to educate the villagers to wipe out the terrorism;  and to stop the rampant deceptive tactics of Christians to convert Hindus; and protect the villages and neighborhoods in the cities from being forcefully converted to Christianity.

Suggested steps to fortify Hindu Dharma

  1. Assign RSS Pracharak to 2-3 villages to ensure Hindus are not exploited by Christian missionaries. He should appraise of the deceptive practices the missionaries use to convert Hindus overnight. Each Pracharak should be equipped with the differences between Hindu Dharma and Christianity to impress upon Hindus the ugliness, terrorism, deception and cruelty of Christian faith.
  2. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has prepared a document comparing Hindu Dharma and Christianity that must be acquainted by every Pracharak and also acquaint the villagers to ask meaningful questions when the missionaries come to their houses and villages.
  3. RSS should start Bala Samskar Schools, in addition to Saraswathi Sishu Mandirs,  where every village should have one or more centers where the students are taught about the richness of our culture, rituals, festivals;  glorify our national heroes;  impart the significance of Hindu Temples,  exalt mother and motherland, teach Suryanamaskaras, communicate moral stories, teach the history of undiluted and unadulterated history. Once we make them feel proud of Hindu culture and they will be our ambassadors and protectors of Sanatana Dharma.
  4. RSS Pracharaks must be assigned to ensure that all the Churches and Mosques are constructed with the permission from proper authorities. Overwhelming majority of non-Hindu religious structures were built without permission.

For example, Chittoor Collector in Andhra Pradesh informed us that no church was given permission to be built in Tirupati Metropolitan area. Not a single Church in Tirupati is built with proper permission. There are about 75 Churches with the TUDA illegally built with no recourse. Global Hindu Heritage Foundation requested Tirupati Urban Development Authority (TUDA) to enforce the law that requires the unlawful structures to be demolished.

TUDA agreed with GHHF and demanded the Commissioner to demolish illegal Churches in Tirupati. The Commissioner has not acted for the last 8 months.

RSS should ensure that Bharath follows the law and would not tolerate lawlessness. Every society has certain laws and regulations that require every resident and every organization to follow. You cannot have a society where minority religions can have a free will and function independently of the government.

  1. As you are aware that “Harvest Church India” has announced in January 2023 that it will make India a Christian land by 2030. To accomplish this goal, they announced the construction of 400,000 churches in every nook and corner.

If we look at their track record, we will soon realize that they will bypass every rule and regulation on the books of the government and build these Churches illegally without taking any permission from proper authorities.

RSS should take the lead in this matter and monitor the construction of these 400,000 churches to ensure that they follow the law and take all required permits to build these churches.

  1. On January 12, 2022, you said, “We are of an exalted race; we once ruled over this land, and shall rule it again; only our path is right, rest everyone is wrong; we are different, therefore we will continue to be so; we cannot live together.”

It is a noble statement. It is an accurate statement. If we have to remain an exalted race, RSS should work at the ground level to ensure that the Hindus in villages and town are not being exploited. We have to equip them with richness of culture and make them proud of our heritage. They will protect our culture once they feel proud of their heritage.

RSS Pracharaks should be assigned to these villages and towns not only to monitor deceptive missionary activities, but to  teach the richness of Hindu heritage and also encounter adharmic organization who are bent on forceful conversion of gullible Hindus. 

  1. You mentioned that “Hindu society has been at war for over 1,000 years – this fight has been going on against foreign aggressions, foreign influences, and foreign conspiracies. And it is because of all these that the Hindu society has awakened. It is but natural for those at war to be aggressive. This war is not against an enemy without, but against an enemy within. So, there is a war to defend Hindu society, Hindu Dharma, and Hindu culture. Foreign invaders are no longer there, but foreign influences and foreign conspiracies have continued.”

Enemies within in Bharath are waging a war and openly announcing that they will make Bharath either a Christian Nation or a an Islamic Nation.

RSS cannot remain indifferent to these aggressive statements. They should be dealt with equal force and demand openly that we will keep Bharath as a Hindu Rashtra. We have to work at the ground level and every Pracharak has to spend few hours every day encountering the missionaries and protect Hindu community. All Hindu organizations must work unitedly to ensure the survival of Santana Dharma.


  1. On August 7, 2022, you mentioned “The world needs Dharma that gives balance and teaches coordination. Only the Indians can teach the real Dharma to the world.” We need to concentrate on the villages to ensure they are taught about Dharma and are not exploited by other religions. Once we fill the minds of youth with morals, ethics, and dharma, no body can fill their minds with filth and poison.

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been engaged the following three ground level activities:

  1. Started Ghar Waapasi to bring back those converted Christians back to Hinduism and also making Hindus aware of the forceful conversion and the exploitation of gullible Hindus.
  2. organizing Bala Samskar Kendras for children to teach them about the richness of Hinduism, its ancient wisdom, customs and traditions, yoga and meditation, importance of Hindu Temples, etc.;
  3. reviving  and renovating Grama Devatas to meet the religious and spiritual needs of villagers who have a centuries old tradition of worshipping Grama Devatas.

In summary, RSS should reexamine their strategies of preserving and protecting Hindu dharma and should work at the ground level to bring changes and revers the trend of declining Hindus to other religions. All Hindu should think and encounter the forceful conversion and terrorism and deception. It is time to say that all religions are not same. We need to develop the strategies to counter these religious practices, protect our Hindus and make Hindus proud of their culture and take necessary steps to increase Hindu population and  establish Hindu Rashtra. RSS should take the lead in spearheading this movement and make the dream of establishing Hindu Rashtra a reality.

               Hindus do not have a choice. Either they survive or succumb.


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