[GHHF] Highlights of our activities over the last Two weeks in Assam – reconversion, skill development, environment, and food distribution.

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 Global Hindu Heritage Foundation in Assam is very active in addressing in the mission of our organization – Ghar Waapasi, Bala Samskar Kendras, rescuing Hindu boy from Muslim custody, Tejaswini commitment and environment. Sri Samrat Dutt who is a member of the Board of Director of GHHF has been very active in trying the protect Hindu Dharma, expand the horizons of the children, reviving the Temples, encouraging the women’s winning and many of such activities.

1. As many of you are aware that a Cyclone has devastated many States including Assam. GHHF readily started to help the helpless. Consequently, we served 8000 cyclone and flood affected peoples, provided dry foods, oil, mosquito coils, baby milk, khichdi etc.

2. Recovered/ rescued minor boy of converted Rumi begum from the clutches of kidnapper. This was a covert operation where administration personals helped GHHF non officially, as because they didn't get permission from higher authority at this moment because of Parliamentary election

3. Reconverted Muslim girl Parveen Akhtar to Hinduism. After our counseling Parveen returned to Hinduism. Her earlier name was Pushpanjali Borah and she eloped with Rakib Ahmed and embraced Islam 10 years back and left Hinduism and adopted new name Parvin Ahmed. When she met one of our Tejaswini team members, our Tejaswini members started counseling. Tejaswini members used to visit her house when her husband went out to work and after a long three months counseling, she returned to Hinduism. Keeping in mind her future life and also to keep her far away from her husband we have arranged her residential accommodation in a district which is 500 km away from Silchar.

4. Opened skill development center to help Hindus develop skills in different areas which would enable them to make a living.

5. Extended legal help to Bangladeshi Hindus who came to Bharat due to religious persecution in Bangladesh and who recently declared Foreigners by the state Government.

6. Bala Samskar Kendras celebrated World environment day. Bala Samskar Kendras. This year we decided to take care of 100 plants till attaining their maturity stage, each Bala Samskar Kendras will take care of 5 plants each. They will do the regular gardening of these 5 plants. Children will learn about the significance and importance of the environment and trees in our life.

7. Special meeting held with teachers Bala Samskar Kendras to start one scholarship program for underprivileged children of every village.

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