[GHHF] 700 liters Buttermilk was distributed at the celebration of Sri Veeranjaneya Temple for thousands of People to stave off scorching heat in Karnataka Village.

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"Hindus accept no divisions between the believer and unbeliever. Every path leads to Him (God or Reality); there can be as many paths to Him as the number of humans. Indeed, the prophetic tradition is alien to Hinduism. Narrowness of the spirit, peculiar to Semitic faiths, has been alien to India." Girilal Jain
Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to participate in the annual Ari Veeranjaneya Swami Utsavam in Parasurama Puram Village in Karnataka. Thousands of devotees come there to have darshan of Lord.
Our Pracharaks Sri Gopi Krishna Swamy, Arjun, Anil Kumar, and Hanumanthu decided to help so many people attending the function. We have encouraged nearby village people about the festival and encouraged them to attend this unique festival.
          Being Summer with scorching sun, our team decided to provide buttermilk, water, and coconut water. As we all know, it is not easy to provide water for many people. Keeping that in mind, cold cooling filtered water and cold buttermilk were given to the devotees to quench their thirst to some extent. Approximately 700 liters of buttermilk (4 drums) was provided.
     The devotees expressed their happiness by saying that we are thankful to you for giving cold water and cold buttermilk on behalf of GHHF this year.
Sri Gopi Swami explained the importance of providing annadanam, water, buttermilk, coconut water etc. to the needy. As per our scriptures: 
“Gaja turaga Sahasram Gokulam koti danam
Kanaka Rajatha patram Methini sagarantham
Upaya kula vishuttam Koti kanya pradanam
Nahi nahi bahu danam Annadanam samanam”
MEANING: Donating 1000 elephants & horses, donating 10 million cows, donating any number of vessels of silver and gold, donating the entire land till sea, offering the entire services of the clan, helping in the marriage of 10 million women, all this is never ever equal to Annadanam, the feeding of hungry and needy.
Annadanam that includes water, buttermilk, and coconut water, offering food to the needy and the visiting guests in many Ashrams, is a common practice for thousands of years. More importance is given to providing meals for the people who are hungry. Providing meals at many Hindu Temples and Ashrams is a custom.  Our Temples provide Naivedyam to Gods on a regular basis as we believe the presence of Paramatma/God in the installed Deities. Similarly, we believe there is a divinity in all the creatures – humans as well as non-human. Sharing food is considered the sacred duty in Hindu culture. At almost all the festivals, the organizers provide meals. Thus, annadanam is given the highest importance because of our belief that God lives as Atman in each one of us.
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