Welcoming Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji to Canada; Narrated the historic 80th Birthday Celebrations

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On behalf of many devotees across the globe, I am fortunate to welcome Sri Swamiji to Canada and Datta Yoga Centre in Erin. Let us welcome Him with a round of applause.

Sri Swamiji is described as a teacher, Guru, Sadguru, Parama Guru, guide, musician, composer, Ashta Sidhi, Yogi, a man of miracles, healer, doctor, yoga man, magician, spiritual leader and simply say Swamiji; others say he follows the Vedic way. Still, others say He is a friend, family member; each person has his way of looking at Him. Everybody has his/her way of describing Him depending on their association and experience. Many of us recognize Him as Devi, Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, Parma Shiva, Sada Shiva, Lod Ganesh and many manifestations of different Gods.

His Holiness Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji of Mysore, one of the greatest spiritual leaders of the present day is an asset to India and the world at large. He is an incarnation of the Great Cosmic Power. The revival of culture, reformation of society and establishing peace and happiness among mankind and transforming them into godly men is His mission. His methods include: establishing Dharma and Bhakti, singing devotional hymns, reciting the names of the Lord Almighty, guiding their devotees to cross the troubled waters in life, teaching love and compassion, inculcating devotion into the masses and instilling into them love of God through chorus singing of Bhajans and listening to hismeditation and healing music.

Sri Swamiji travels all over the world to help seekers discover that everything is God. In Him, devotees find compassion, love and divine wisdom as He guides them on the path of Yoga sadhana – to discover and realize their true Self. Sri Swamiji conveys an important part of His message through His music, being noted for His Namasankeertan. Sri Swamiji's music is devotional and used for spiritual energy transmission. This great master sings self-composed Bhajans in Sanskrit, Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, and English and plays Ayurvedic healing ragas on an electronic synthesizer, accompanied by musicians on classical Indian instruments. Devotees around the world claim to have received immense benefit through His concerts, everything from physical healing to spiritual guidance, and great outpourings of divine love.


Sri Swamiji, the Sadguru Par excellence: Importance of Sadguru and Why do we need a Guru

There is nobody in this world greater than a Sadguru. Sri Swamiji blesses and guides His devotees with His watchful eyes. He gives joy and happiness and removes the sorrows of his devotees. Nobody can define a guru or sing the glories of a Sadguru.

Kularnava Tantra says:

Pinda brahmandayoraikyam shittim yo vetti tattvataha

Shiraasthi roma sankhyadi sa gurunaaparah priye.

O beloved, only that being who is fully aware of the oneness of the macrocosm and microcosm, who even knows the number of all Nadis (nerves), bones, and hairs is in truth a Guru. No one else can be called Guru.

If we want to know Sri Swami:

OPEN your eyes of love, and see Him who pervades this world I consider it well, and know that this is your own country.
When you meet the true Guru, He will awaken your heart;
He will tell you the secret of love and detachment, and then you will know indeed that He transcends this universe. p. 119
This world is the City of Truth, its maze of paths enchants the heart:
We can reach the goal without crossing the road, such is the sport unending.
Where the ring of manifold joys ever dances about Him, there is the sport of Eternal Bliss.
When we know this, then all our receiving and renouncing is over;
Thenceforth the heat of having shall never scorch us more.


80th Birthday Celebrations.

On the first day of the celebrations, Prime Minister spoke about his experience of visiting Datta Peetham. In his live message, he said that  ”The thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction about the efforts of Datta Peetham is that along with spirituality, modernity is also nurtured here. There is a huge Hanuman temple here; at the same time, there is a provision for 3D mapping, sound, and light shows as well. There is not only a massive bird park here but also a modern system for its operation. Datta Peetham has become a major hub for the study of Vedas today….

I am sure that Datta Peetham will continue to fulfill its important responsibilities in terms of society-building, and nation-building, and will give a new dimension to the service of living beings in modern times. And this is how the resolution of serving Shiva is fulfilled by serving the living beings.”

Prelude To Sri Ganapathy Swamiji’s 80th Birthday Celebrations: Six-Day ‘Vishwashanti Padayatra’ From Mekedatu To Mysuru Ashram

A six-day ‘Vishwashanti Padayatra’ for world peace and harmony will be taken out from Mekedatu to Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Ashram on Nanjangud Road in the city, starting from May 13.

He further said that the padayatra has five objectives — Health and safety of women and children, Cattle protection (Gou Samrakshane), Assistance to financially weaker schools and Veda Pathashalas, Concern for poor farmers, and ‘Paryavarana’, meaning saving the environment and mother earth by planting saplings.

Headed by Sri Datta Vijayananda Teertha Swami, The padayatra was launched from Mekedatu where the holy River Cauvery flows, will pass through Dodda Alahalli, Sathanur, Halagur, Malavalli, and Bannur, reached the Ashram in Mysuru on May 18.

·         In honor of His Holiness Birthday, The Doddamma Thayi Temple was built by the Ashram at Bannimantap and Vasanthanagar for Pourakarmikas.
·         A newly-constructed ‘Vijaya Hanuma Gopura’ of Lord Dattatreya Temple in the Ashram premise was inaugurated during the birthday celebrations.
·         Pratyaksha Pada Puja to His Holiness by Sri Bala Swamiji on May 26th
·         Lakshs Sri Sukta Maha Yajnam
·         Koti Datta Yagnam

Newly Renovated Nada Mantapam. For this occasion, Nada Mantapam was renovated. It looked mighty, magnificent, majestic, and royal. The sound system was crisp and clear.

Chief Ministers

Goa CM Attends 80th Birthday Celebrations of Sri Ganapathy Swamiji

Karnataka Chief Minister – Sri Basavaraj Bommai


Her Highness Smt Anandiben Patel, Governor of Uttara Pradesh

His Highness Sri Bandaru Dattatreya  Governor of Hariyana

Awards:  Ashtahn Vidwan, Nada Nidhi, Vishwa Bandu, Sashy Bandhu, Shastra Nidhi, Vidya Nidhi, Ahtana Rachayita, Ashthan Vidushi,  Prani Bandhu, Pravachana Nidhi, Jayalakshmi Puraskara, Datta Peetha Bandu, and Sukha Vana Award were given to more than two hundred dignitaries.

·         More than 50 Peethadhiaptis and Swamiji’s attended the celebrations
·         More than 100 Singers, artists, musicians and accompanying artists participated in the celebrations.
·         Everybody who attended the celebrations was blessed with Dhotis and Sarees. More than 25 thousand people received them.
·         Handicapped were given wheelchairs
·         Several sewing machines were given to the needy
·         Every morning, devotees organized Nagara Sankeerthana all around the Ashram
·         Yoga classes were conducted for devotees in the early morning.

It was a lifetime experience to witness Sri Swamiji’s 80th Birthday celebrations and I want to thank Sri Swamiji for giving me this once-a-lifetime opportunity to participate and witness the celebrations.


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