[GHHF] Plan to Build Church on Hindu Trust Land foiled; Recommendations to TTD to Build Temples in Dalit Communities and Sri Kamal Kumar Swamy’s tireless monthly Efforts.

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Over the last one decade, especially with the election of Y S R Reddy as Chief Minister, the State has witnessed an unprecedented growth in the conversion of Hindus into Christianity. Being a Christian, he encouraged foreign missionaries, without proper valid visas, to roam around the state to give sermons and convert vulnerable and illiterate people in the village. With continued pressure from Sonia Gandhi and other Christian leaders, he even diverted and pumped Hindu Temples’ money to covert them, and send the Christians to Jerusalem, Rome and other places. YSR openly and with no shame and scruples encouraged or allowed encroachment of temple lands by Christians, grabbed Hindu Temple lands for state sponsored Indiramma projects, and misused temple funds for non-Hindu purposes without the consent of the devotees. He even wanted to pass a law declaring five of the seven hills of Balaji Temple as state property leaving only two of the seven sacred mountains as belonging to the famous Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Trust. To undermine the grip of Hindu sentiments toward TTD, he even appointed a Christian as Vice-Chancellor of the Padmavati University for Women, who replaced the pictures of Lord Balaji and Goddess Padmavati with those of Jesus Christ.  He allowed the distribution of Bibles to all the students of Government schools and colleges.

Disproportionate number of Christian officers have been deliberately appointed by YSR government at every level from State to local communities, who turn a blind eye whenever citizens complain about the encroachment of Hindu Temple lands, the outrageous tactics Christian missionaries use to convert Hindus, and illegal construction of Churches. He even regularized some of the properties encroached by Christians with no recourse for Hindu Temples to pursue. He encouraged the illegal construction of Churches in the state without enforcing the guidelines. In many districts there are more churches than Hindu temples.

What a pity? None of the Hindu Congress Party elected leaders had guts to question him when he was alive or the present Congress Party echelon that openly espouses secularism but practices the politics of destroying Hindu Temples and Hindu religion.  One wonders, why? Do these Hindu leaders think that their selfish monitory gains, crave for power, thirst for fame, and blind loyalty to the party are far more important than their religion, their culture, their ancestral wisdom, and their country (Bharath Mata). Do these Hindu leaders not see what kind of deceptive practices the Congress Party is using to undermine the very fabric of non-violent, tolerant and peaceful Hindu civilization?

Christians' plan to build Church on Hindu Trust Lands in Lalpuram, Guntur District Foiled

Sri Kamal Kumar Swamy was in Bapatla to meet with town people when Lord Bhavanarayana Temple collapsed on October 24. The next day he also participated in organizing and supporting the protest for the proposed demolition of 79-foot Hanuman Statue near National Highway 5. Collector promised not to remove it. During that time, a group of villagers from Lalpuram village in Guntur District came and met with Sri Kamal Kumar Swami and explained in detail about the encroachment of Hindu Trust land and the proposed construction of Church on it. He immediately appraised the matter to the collector and he called Global Hindu Heritage Foundation (GHHF) members to take appropriate steps to resolve the matter.

Lalpuram is a village about 6 kilometers from Guntur. For generations, Sanagapally family had a 21.25 acre lake, which is mainly used for the irrigation and other purposes of the villagers. The family also had about 15.44 acres of land; the money generated from the land is used to   maintain the Lake. Over the years, as the family members were not able to manage the property, they handed over the property to the Village Panchayat around 1968. In 1968, about 7 acres of land was taken by the government for the construction of National Highway paying modest amount as compensation. In 1984 village Surpanch handed over the property to the Endowments Department to protect it from land grabbers. In 2010, National Highway authorities took over about 1.5 acres and paid about 83 lakhs of rupees, which is below the market value. As of now there are less than 7 acres left in the Trust, which is being managed by the Endowments Department.

After GHHF members received the call from Sri Kamal Kumar Swami, we talked to Sri A. Vara Prasad, Village leader; Sri Dasari Ramu, local activist, and Sri P. Subba Rao, the Village EO to find out the situation on the ground.  It appears that over the last seven months one of the Pastors was encouraging the local Christians to occupy the land and build a Church. Finally about 150-200 village Christians illegally occupied a portion of the 7-acre land and started conducting prayers by erecting a Cross. Immediately local people complained to the District Collector’s Office, Mandala Regional Officer (Sri Bapi Reddy) and Sri P. Subba Rao, village EO who in turn approached local police. Sri P. Subba Rao and local police apprised the Christians of the status of the land by saying that it belongs to the State Endowments Department and they should not use this land for the construction of church.

The Police Department finally imposed Section 145 prohibiting them to congregate and pray. Ignoring the Section 145, the Christians gathered on November 14 on the site, offered prayers and had a feast until the next morning. Again villagers went to the police station and EO office and informed the authorities.

Then the Christians complained against local people and lodge a SC case against them. Sri A. Vara Prasad, Sri T Gopal Rao and others were asked to go to the police station where they were asked to sign a “Binding Over” document by which they agreed not to harass the local Christians. The fact is that they never harassed them; they only told the Christian land grabbers that they should not occupy this land illegally to construct a Church.  The SAD part is that a Hindu can be charged with harassment by any minority even without ever having iota of evidence.

After we gathered all the information from local people, called and explained the situation in Lalpuram to Sri K. V. Ramana Chary, who is the Principle Secretary of the Revenue Department (Endowments). He said he would call the District Collector and Joint Collector to take appropriate action. Then we also called Sri Rayapati Sambasiva Rao, Member of Parliament, who immediately called Mr. Moses Paul, Circle Inspector. It so happened that Vara Prasad and other local people were in the police station with Moses Paul. Sri Rayapati called us back and said that they will stop the Christian prayers on the Endowment land and also said that no Church will be allowed on the property. We also called the Circle inspector to take appropriate action.

According to Indian Penal Code, Section 145 is defined as thus: “Joining or continuing in unlawful assembly, knowing it has been commanded to disperse. Whoever joins or continues in an unlawful assembly, knowing that such unlawful assembly has been commanded in the manner prescribed by law to disperse, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extent to two years, or with fine, or with both.”  Since the local Christians were meeting on the site ignoring Section 145, under the direction of District Collector’s office, the Police Department staked a post saying, “This property belongs to the Endowment Department. Any body who uses this property without permission is liable for punishment and imprisonment.”

As of this date (November 19), the Christians have not removed the Cross. PHOTO of the cross is attached for your information.  We called local EO, P Subba Rao, and the State Endowment Commissioner, Sri G. Balaramaiah, who said that they would take appropriate steps to address the matter. We also called Sri Ponnala Lakshmaiah, the Minister for Endowments, who asked us to send an email so that he can direct the appropriate authorities to look into this matter. GHHF will continue to monitor the situation and communicate with appropriate authorities until the illegal Cross is removed from the land.

Initially local people were skeptical about the prospects of stopping the Christians from constructing the church because CI, DSP and SP are all Christians who may not take much interest in enforcing the law by taking immediate remedial steps. It also happened that this village and nearby villages come under SC Constituency. They feel that the local politicians could be behind this incident for the purpose of Vote Bank politics. With the involvement from the State government officials, local MP, and continued monitoring of local residents and GHHF, the situation will soon be resolved to the satisfaction of the villagers.

All Hindus should be reminded of what Bishop Desmond Tutu (African Spiritual leader) said about Christians: “When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said, 'Let us pray.' We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land.” Hindus should remember the words of Rev. Tutu and also guard themselves against what Thomas Jefferson said about Christian cruelty, vengefulness and capriciousness.

Suggestions made by Sri Kamal Kumar Swami toward TEMPLES IN DALITH COMMUNITIES initiated by TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams)

As per the resolution passed on 25-05-2010 by TTD, a commendable proposal was initiated to construct 5 lakh small temples in schedule caste, tribal and backward areas. But it should be taken up with full dedication the way Dalitha Govindam program was initiated.

The following modifications and additions are essential for the success of this project

1. It may not be available to get suitable 10 cents land in some places, so instead of putting limit of 10 cents availability, the construction may taken up to suit the belief of local people in the villages.

2. Your allocation of 2 crores rupees per is woefully inadequate. How many decades TTD might take to complete the construction of Hindu Temples in all Dalit Communities? Two crore rupees can be used to construct only 40 Temples per year. It may be better to construct at least 500 Temples per year parallely arranging training for archakas for maintaining those temples in traditional way.

3. After 5 years, depending on necessity, the funds allocated to Dharmaprachara Sabha may be diverted to the constriction of the Temples.

4. In some big villages, TTD allotted funds for renovation and repairs. TTD should encourage rich people and persons with donating aptitude to take over the responsibility of these Temples.

For example: lakhs of rupees were allotted for repair of temple in Belampalli village of Adilabad district, where as Bellampalli is a financially sound village. Instead, these funds may be allotted to build temples in backward areas like Gondu and Madura tribal villages of Tiryani and Bezru Mandalams respectively.

5. Don’t construct anymore TTD Kalyana Mandapalu in the state. As of now the existing ones are being rented because of their maintenance difficulties. Because of the influence of politicians with matching funds, crores of rupees of Lord’s money are getting wasted.

6. All Sri Venkateswara temples in the state and country should come under the preview of TTD.

7. Then TTD can frame rules and regulations for better management.

8. Then each Venkateswara temple become a center for not only to conduct dharmic (culture according to dharma), spiritual activities but also to conduct service activities. Each temple trust will work in coordination with central dharmic center at TTD.

10. When TTD starts cores of lakhs trust, then there is no need to have crore of donors to come forward, even a lakh of like minded will meet the requirement.

11. For the welfare of Hindu society, the self-confidence must be created among Hindus that TTD is always there to help and support the Hindu causes when the time comes.

12. TTD should encourage and call the youth in first front who volunteer in rendering services locally without selfishness in dharmic and service activities.

13. Those who have a lot of experience, knowledge and devotion to render service up to their last breath are to be made as tools in this yagna/ process. At the same time, TTD should not get stamped as peaceful shelter for retired employees.

14. There should be at least 5 Dharma Prachara Rathas /Chariots per district. Mini buses may also be better used for this purpose. These buses can be attached to local trusts provided they take the responsibility of managing them.

15. Use the most reputable trusts like Bhagavathula Charitable Trust to provide more service to all Hindus progress in a faster way.

Sri Kamal Kumar Swamy: September & October 2011 Activities

9/1/11: He visited Dalit Colony in Penukonda village to complete the unfinished the old Sri Ramayana Temple. A youth who remembers 2007 Pada Yatra visit conducted by Sri Kamal Kumar Swami contacted him to help. The Dalit Community tied to raise money for renovating the Temple. Being unsuccessful, Sri Swamy helped them to approach TTD to help them through their scheme. He gave a lecture to 170 10th grade students about their responsibility to their family and the community.

He also visited Narasapur where one of HDPS member prevented the encroachment of 3 acres of Temple lands by constructing compound wall around the property.  Also examined 12 acres belonging to Shiva Temple for possibility of converting it to Goshala.

9/2/2011: Bodi Gudem near Polavaram: Visited Lord Venkateswara Temple built by Dalits on a mountain. In Gunjavaram village, he visited Shiva Temple built by using the stones and other materials found when the farmers were ploughing the land.

9/3/2011: He visited Sri Ramalaya Temple being built in Busarajupalle.  During Dasara Festivals, he spoke about the significance of Dasara in Jangareddy Gudem. Visited Sri Venugopala Swamy Temple to share his views on the renovation of the Temple with villagers.

9/4/2011: Spoke at the State Swayamsevaka Sangha meeting in Basra, Adilabad District

9/5/2011: Visited and spoke at Shiva Temple, Pochamma Temple, Saibaba Temple, Mysamma Temple. Distributed uniforms to Orphans of Vivekananda Kendram. Held Press meet

9/5/2011: Visited 40 Ganesh Mantapas and participated in Ganesh Mahotsavam

9/6/2011: Participated in RSS meeting and spoke about Vijayadashami. Also spoke about Vijayadashami along with District Collector, Local MP, MLC and others in a different location.

9/20/2011: Spoke at Archaka Purohit Sammelanam at Srisailam

9/24/2011: Visited Ranganayaka Devasthanam; spoke at Archaka meeting

9/25/2011: Participated in youth camp organized by Vishwa Hindu Parishad in Kurnool

9/26/2011: He visited the Temple site that was destroyed by Y Jagan Reddy, son of Y Rajashekara Reddy for the use of Golf Course in NaanakramGudi. Also visited Veerabhadra Swamy Temple.

9/27/2011: The lands belonging to Sri Ranganatha Swami Temple were occupied long ago. Temple was no in a good condition. He met with village youth who agreed to take full responsibility of restoring and operating the Temple.

10/7/2011: Visited Brahmeswra Temple in Nirmal and Sri Rajarajeswari Temple in Kanakapur.

10/9/2011: Visited village near Suryapet where four Utsav Murthies were stolen. We sent a detailed account of how they were recovered. Pure miracle.

10/24/11: Bapatla Sri Bhavinarayana Temple Rajagopuram Collapsed. (Detailed report was sent earlier)

10/25/2011: Went to organize and support the protest for the proposed demolition of 79 foot Hanuman Statue near National Highway 5. Collector promised not to remove it.

10/27/2011: Visited the Housing Colony where Gayatri Maata Temple was removed in Ananathapuram town. Municipal Commissioner and local MLA promised to rebuild the Temple.

10/29/2011: Inspected the Temple where Shiva Statue and Nandi were stolen from the local Temple. Part of the mountain, where Sri Padmakshi Temple is located, was exploded to make it a quarry to extract minerals and other valuable material from the mountain. Authorities agreed to stop following the mining.


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