[GHHF] Dismantle Global Hindutva: Organized to establish Terrorist Regimes all across Globe; Hindutva is their only roadblock.

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Prakasarao V Velagapudi PhD

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation condemn the organizers, participants, supporters, and university sponsors and attendees who have floating the idea that Hindutva is dangerous, deny minority rights and terrorizing Muslims. Hindus are depicted as fundamentalists, terrorists, and extremists in order to whitewash the bloodiest, brutal, and barbaric rule of Muslims in India. Dismantle Global Hindutva is being organized only to mask the true nature of Islam and smear Hindus as extremists, fundamentalists, and nationalists.

​Why did the organizers select these dates that coincide with 9/11? We will explain THREE possible reasons:

1) Divert the attention from the atrocities and brutality of Muslims on 9/11

Dismantlers are obsessed with minimize the highlights of 9/11 attach as USA recognize the 20th anniversary of the blazon brutality. It was these organizers of Dismantling Global Hindutva dream to make sure all Hindus will be discussing about these organizers and pseudo-scholars rather than reminiscing about the brutality, terror and extremism of Muslims who killed about three thousand people by attacking and demolishing two towers in New York city. It injured about 3000people; and damage was estimated to be over $10 billion. Now the US government is going to highlight the atrocities committed by Muslima all across USA and around the Globe. 

​They are either forced to organize this seminar by the extremists because of their dependency on their livelihood or their lives, purposefully maligning the Hindutva that preaches tolerance and ahimsa because there is no threat to their lives or please their terrorists by denouncing the Hindus who say that Islam is incompatible with democracy, treats women as sex slaves, loathes freedom and independence, and  against infidels. 

​“Dismantlers” do not want you to have an open discussion about the terrorist activities conducted by Muslims in USA. On September 11, 2001, 19 Islamic terrorists associated with al Qaeda hijacked four planes and flown into twin towers of World Trade Center in New York city, hit Pentagon in Washington DC and ran into the fields in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Since that time, Islamic terrorists killed three and injured 183 people at Boston Marathon in 2013, attacked New York Policeman in New York with hatchet in 2014, killed two people at Curtis Culwell Center in Garland TX in 2005, killed 14 people in San Bernardino in 2015, injured 31 people in New York and New Jersey bombings in 2015, injured 11 people at Ohio State University in 2016, killed 49 people in night club in Orlando in 2016, and  killed 8 people in Lower Manhattan in 2017.

2) Diverting Hindus from discussing the 600 years of Islamic rule in India and Hindu genocide.

They wanted to divert the attention of Hindus from Islamic genocide of Hindus, and brutality of Islamic rule in India for nearly 600 years. According to some sources Muslims may have killed more than 100 million Hindus. For example, Aurangzeb killed 5 million in 20 years. Bahmani Sultans had an agenda to kill 100,000 every year for 250 years only is South India. These two numbers add up to 25 million. And murdering civilians was going on through the country simultaneously. Bahmani Sultans were only tip of the iceberg. Babur killed 1million in 3 years.

Even Emperor Akbar killed 2 million during initial decades of his rule, though he softened a bit later. Timor Lang [Tamerlane] killed 1 million in 1 month. Qassim killed 2 million people. Ghazni Mohammed and Ghori Mohammed together killed nearly 30 million during their added total of 30 invasions. Tipu Sultan in south killed 10 million. In Bengal Muslims killed nearly 30 million.

Regular incursions from the Arabs, Iranians, etc. killed nearly 50million. Nadir Shah killed 100000 civilians in one day.

Irfan Husain in his article “Demons from the Past” observes “Their temples were razed, their idols smashed, their women raped, their men killed or taken slaves. When Mahmud of Ghazni entered Somnath on one of his annual raids, he slaughtered all 50,000 inhabitants. Aibak killed and enslaved hundreds of thousands.

The list of horrors is long and painful. These conquerors justified their deeds by claiming it was their religious duty to smite non-believers.” Muslim historian Firishta [full name Muhammad Qasim Hindu Shah, the author of the Tarikh-iFirishta and the Gulshan-i Ibrahim}, declared that over 400million Hindus were slaughtered during Muslim invasion and occupation of India.

Survivors got enslaved and castrated. India’s population is said to have been around 600 million at the time of Muslim invasion.

Since the Independence in 1947, in order to make India an Islamic country Islami leaders are making statements openly and with no consequences and engaged in numerous horrific terrorist attacks. These Islamic terrorists killed 7 people in suicide attack on Indian Parliament in 2001;  killed 209 people and injured more than 700 with seven blasts in Mumbai train bombings in 2006; killed 56 and injured over 200 people in Ahmadabad bombings in 2008; killed 166 people in Mumbai hotel shooting in 2008; killed ten people during Gurdaspur attack in 2015; killed 7 security forces in Pathankot attack in 2016;  killed 18 soldiers in Uri attack in 2016; and numerous other minor attacks. 

Tarek Fatah, W A Palgrave, Will Durant, Sitaram Goel, B N Pande, Naipaul, K S Lal, David Frawley, Koenraad Elst, Francois Gautier and have documented the Hindu genocide by Muslims for centuries. Will Durant, the famous historian summed it up like this: "The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within." The “Dismantlers” whitewash this bloodiest Islamic rule in India and tarnish Hindu ideals by distortion, misrepresentation, disinformation, and falsification.

3) Hindutva is a roadblock to make India an Islamic Country

Hindus must recognize that Islam and Hinduism are incompatible in their ideologies, values, practices, human rights, inclusiveness, women’s rights, tolerance toward each other, marriage customs, and democratic principles. Hindus must realize the gravity of the precarious situation the majority Hindus are facing in the hands of Muslim minorities who are using every means to create fear among Hindus and drive them from their villages. It should be pointed out that the in the very near future that the Hindus are going to be corned and another carnage of Hindus similar to the carnage during the Independence time, of not too far in the sight. 

Resurgence of Hindutva which advocates, ahimsa, accommodation, tolerance, freedom of speech, and peaceful coexistence is spreading among many nations. With increased education, the people are realizing the true nature of barbarism of Islam and the true nature of  the Hindutva values. When Newsweek magazine article in 2009 talked about how American people are changing and concluded by saying that “we are all Hindus now,” scares them. They do not know how to defend the Islamic atrocities all over the globe. They cannot justify the radicalization of Islam, deny fundamental rights of Muslims in more than 50 Islamic countries, explain the public beating of women who demand equal rights, killing of infidels and advocacy of incest. They need a scape goat with no threat to their lives. They found one in Hinduism.

​Since they cannot defend or justify the brutality, barbarism, terrorism, torture, killings, rapes and exclusivity of Islam, the only thing left for them is to attack the Hindutva which preaches love, freedom, tolerance, non-violence, and freedom. These “Dismantlers” would not like Muslims to taste the democratic ideals and enjoy their life with no fear.

Let us examine what these “Dismantlers” oppose. They claim that Hindutva denies the rights of Muslims and their lives are in danger. If so, why the Indian Muslims ever leave India  and why Muslim population is increasing year after year. Because Hindutva protects the Muslims and allows them to taste the priceless freedom that was denied in their religion. 

Hindutva - What it Stands for the people irrespective of their RELIGION

1) Unlimited freedom is allowed to the individuals to excel in their talents to contribute to the society. Hindus never used their freedom to stifle or choke the lifestyle of the other faiths.

2) Dharma is central Hindu philosophy that bring harmony, peace, and love to the humanity without imposing any restrictions to the survival of cosmos.

3) Vasudaiva Kutumbam – the whole family is one family. It refers to the inclusiveness. It means the entire world must live by some rules where everybody is treated as a member of the family, enabling to live in peace and harmony.

4) Ahimsa – meaning not to cause pain to others. By this approach, all enmity, animosity, and hatred cease. If one practices ahimsa in thought, speech and action, societies live in peace.

5) Never believed in archaic conversion. Conversion by allurement, deception and adharma (unrighteousness) is considered to destroy the culture and promote hatred toward other faiths.

6) Never condemned other faiths to hell or called the followers of other faiths as sinners.

7)  No fatwas are issued to curtail the freedom of others. Severe punishment should be enforced to anybody who issues fatwa directed at killing.

8) Emphasizes the self-improvement, self-assessment, and self-realization

9) Practices tolerance, patience and understanding

10)  Believes that Yoga and Meditation improves the well-being of the humanity and help reduce the stress.

11)  Hindu Rashtra will not condemn anybody to either hell or inferno.

12} Promote spirituality, the backbone of our nation. It encourages compassion, allows one to enjoy life without being intimidated, encourages one to fulfill goals, and permits you to develop self-esteem.

13) Respect, revere and preserve Mother Earth, Cow,

14)  Bestow good health, happiness, peace of mind, auspiciousness, and no suffering to all.

15) Respect and preserve the ecological system that enables the humanity to exist with the nature. Preservation of earth, mountains, rivers, animals, trees, and birds should be the motto to be passed on to the next generation.

16) Uniform Civil Code would allow everybody enjoy the same privileges instead of denying the opportunities for the talented, skilled and innovators. Mediocracy should not rule the meritocracy. 


​Global Hindu Heritage Foundation vehemently condemn the organizers, supporters, speakers, sponsoring Universities and even the participants of  “Dismantle Global Hindutva”conference scheduled for September 9-11, 2021. The so called academicians want to exercise their academic freedom to the freedom that is the hallmark of Hinduism. Muslims put a bounty on the heads of Salmon Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen, Geert Wilders, Jerry Falwell, and other for exercising their freedom to expressing their opinions. These Dismantlers are the pawns in the hands of Islamic terrorists espousing hatred toward Hindutva and spewing venom on the very ideals that pronounces peace on earth. 



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