[GHHF] Ghar Waapasi – Did Bhuma Puja to Build Lord Shiva Temple; Planned Anniversary for Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple in May

23 Jan 2022 840 Views

Thomas Jefferson

"The clergy converted the simple teachings of Jesus into an engine for enslaving mankind and adulterated by artificial constructions into a contrivance to filch wealth and power themselves...these clergy, in fact, constitute the real Antichrist."

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation is extremely happy to resume the Ghar Waapasi in Anantapur District. Sri Gopi Chary Garu and his associates have been conducting Ghar Waapasi in Anantapur District. They visit each house and distribute the flyers and talk about the richness of Hinduism and why they should return to their original religion. They have taken all precautions required during this pandemic.

Under the guidance of Sri Gopi Chary, three Pracharaks have been going to villages with a mission to highlight the richness of Sanatana Dharma. They are going to the Christian families and giving information about the differences between Christianity and Hinduism. They are sharing the 4-page document about the rights of Hindus and how to encounter Christian aggression.

Visited Bhudagavi and Konakondla Villages

Today after visiting Sri Suryanarayana Swamy Temple built by Sri Rama Sharma  Kasibhotla of Save Temples at Budagavi village in Uravakonda Zone about 12 years ago GHHF discussed with the temple committee members about Anniversary celebrations to be held in the month of May.

From there they went to the village of KONAKONDLA in the Uravakonda Zone and did Bhumi Puja to build the ancient Shiva Linga. The Lord Shiva Statue is about 1200 years old as per the Archeology Department.  The Bricks/Stones required for the construction of the temple will be provided by Save Temples. Then our Pracharaks asked the villagers to go to every house and say that this temple will be built in our Dalit Vada. This temple is the responsibility of all of us and we want everyone to take responsibility and come together till the program is completed successfully.

     They explained to the villagers that they left dharma without knowing it and embraced Christianity. They said reservations as per law would not apply to SCs who are identified as BC-C. The laws of Hinduism explain the forced conversions that Christianity is making to them.

Since our mission is twofold, we try to educate the Hindus about the Bible so that they would not be easily converted to deceptive Christian methods. They visited Christian families one at a time, standing in an open area in front of the houses, explaining the reasons for reconversion. They were inspired by Sri Gopi Chary’s assessment and his knowledge about the Bible and Bhagavad Gita He also explained how Christian pastors and nuns trap Hindus when they are either in distress or in financial hardships. In fact, these people had their own experiences of being exploited by them.

They also distributed a 52-page book that contains the comparison between Bhagavad Gita and Bible. Many passages in the Bible are an insult to humanity. It makes people be slaves. It even justified slavery enabling the Property Owners to bring Africans from Africa and made them slaves with no rights. They could kill them even for a single mistake since the Property Owners consider them as their property. Many Christian scholars and the former Presidents of the USA also criticized the brutality, violence, incest, cruelty, and extramarital relations. Friedrich Nietzsche said that Christianity is the single great curse, the single great innermost depravity, the single great instinct of revenge, for which no means is poisonous, secretive, subterranean, small enough--I call it mankind's single immortal blemish. Howard Taft says that there is no divinity in Christ. Why would he make such a statement?

Punishment for Disobedience

Leviticus 26:14-16

If, however, you fail to obey Me and to carry out all these commandments, 15and if you reject My statutes, despise My ordinances, and neglect to carry out all My commandments, and so break My covenant, 16then this is what I will do to you: I will bring upon you sudden terror, wasting disease, and fever that will destroy your sight and drain your life. You will sow your seed in vain because your enemies will eat it.

Deuteronomy 28:22

The LORD will strike you with wasting disease, with fever and inflammation, with scorching heat and drought, and with blight and mildew; these will pursue you until you perish.

1 Samuel 2:33

And every one of you that I do not cut off from My altar, your eyes will fail and your heart will grieve. All your descendants will die by the sword of men

Judges 6:3-4

Whenever the Israelites would plant their crops, the Midianites, Amalekites, and other people of the east would come up and invade them, 4encamping against them as far as Gaza and destroying the produce of the land


We appreciate it if you can help in hiring more people who can go to these villages to do Ghar Waapasi. We have employed twenty people so far. More people we hire, more villages can be covered to welcome them back and also create Chaitanya (Awareness) among the students and villagers.

1) Donate any amount to help the Dharma Pracharaks to work at the ground level.

2) Sponsor one Pracharak: In order to expand our base and hire one Pracharak, it would cost approximately $3000.00 per year. We have five anonymous donors who sponsored Assistants.


PayPal Method: To donate visit our website: savetemples.org. Click on the Donate button, then press the Purpose category, and select the General Donation category.

By Check: Or you can send a check payable to: GHHF, . It is tax-deductible.

By Zelle: ghhfusaorg@gmail.com

RUPEES, if you would like to contribute in rupees, please either call or send an email. We will call you back to give you the required information

For more information, call Prakasarao V Velagapudi ; Email: ghhfusaorg@gmail.com.


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