[GHHF] Honored and recognized the contribution of Haridasas -Servants of Hari; Attempting to preserve and revive ten Centuries-old  Bhakti tradition.

29 Mar 2022 1125 Views

Michael Comans aka Sri Vasudevacharya

"Only the Hindu life's ideal based on Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha can save humanity from its distress. The solution to the problems of the world is not Socialism but Hindu way of life. This is such a science of life, which, while studying about life, does not divide it into bits and pieces but considers the whole life as an indivisible unit."

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation {GHHF) is excited and honored to organize a special event to recognize the importance, contribution, and significance of the rich and centuries-old Haridasa tradition. As many of you are aware that GHHF is committed to protecting Hindu Temples and freeing them from government control; and also preserving, protecting, and promoting Hindu Dharma, Hindu culture, and Hindu traditions.

               Sri Pinnamaneni Srinivas has worked tirelessly for many days to plan, coordinate, organize and execute the event to its perfection. As many of you are aware that he is spending countless hours coordinating and guiding the Ghar Waapasi program, Bala Samskar, Grama Devata renovations, and providing food, water, and shelter to the animals and birds. He also attends many meetings to update GHHF activities and appraise the Community leaders of our activities.

Haridasas are the only ones who take the name of Hari to every door during Dhanurmasam. This is a very small community that is usually ignored by all political parties, authorities, or societies. They can make earnings only for this month and for the rest of the year they go for daily wages. They do not have any reservations or benefits from the government.

               Being aware of their plight Global Hindu Heritage Foundation supported them with groceries during COVID last year. Even this year with support from Vepuri Murthy Garu we thought of providing more help. We invited 30 families who are currently practicing.

 Items given to Haridasas:

Honored all families with garlands, sweets, fruits, groceries, sarees, dhotis, Hanuman flag, Bhagavad Gita, Dharma Rakshas, kumkum etc. Many groceries items enough to last one month were given to the Haridasas. Served sumptuous meals to all attended.

Grocery items include such as Moong dal, Urad dal, Tamarind, Jeelakarra, Sugar, Tea powder, Uphma Ravva, Basin powder, cooking oil and Idli Rava.

       All families were very thrilled as GHHF is the only organization that approached them to help, for some tears rolled out with emotion, they are together given blessings for our organization to flourish and move further with much speed and energy.

Invited Dignitaries spoke at the occasion.

               Many dignitaries were invited to honor Haridasas from many organizations such as

Om Shanthi,

Jain community,

Vysya Sangam,

Yoga teachers,

National Social Service

JD Foundation and

Viswa Hindu Parishad.

GHHF is very proud to say that we gave a spark to all other organizations by inspiring and welcome to join us to do more such activities.

History of the Haridasa Movement

The Haridasa devotional tradition originated in Karnataka, India, after Madhvacharya, and spread to eastern states such as Bengal and Assam in medieval India.[1] Over a span of nearly six centuries, several saints and mystics helped shape the culture, philosophy, and art of South India in general and Karnataka in particular by exerting considerable spiritual influence over the masses and kingdoms that ruled South India.

The main objective of this movement was to propagate the Dvaita philosophy of Madhvacharya (Madhva Siddhanta) to the masses through a literary medium known as Dasa Sahitya (lit "literature of the servants of the lord"). It used to be a very popular bhakti expression through singing Lord Vishnu’s songs. Haridasas used to go to each house during Sankranti. This is almost a neglected tradition. It is practiced in only a few villages, GHHF wanted to protect and preserve this tradition by supporting them and encouraging them to do bhajans in every village.  


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