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19 Oct 2020 1124 Views

Global Hindu Heritage Foundation has been communicating with Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD) regarding various issues including the presence of Christians in various sections. We talked to several people who are working in TTD to get information about the number of Christians working in TTD. They mentioned that as many as 15-20 percent of employees are Christians.

               On December 24, 2019, four of us met with Sri Anil Kumar Shingal (EO) and Sri Basant Kumar (JEO) and mentioned what is going on BIRRD hospital. Eight-page concerns have been submitted to them. We informed that many Nurses working in the hospital are Christians and they are humiliating, harassing, and insulting the Hindu nurses openly and everybody knows about it. But nobody wants to take any action against them. Without even mentioning the name of Lord Venkateswara, they refer to our God as Shila (Stone) and ask why Hindus worship that stone. The food offered as Prasadam is Saitanic food. They insult them for wearing Tilak on the foreheads of Hindus. They never go to have darshan of Lord Venkateswara. They also try to convert patients who come to the hospital and talk about  Jesus and how he can help them if they believe in him. They even put the Bible under the pillow of the patients.

               While discussing the presence of Christians and how they would not attend the Pujas conducted every Saturday in the hospital, Sri Shingalji himself indicated that he would take action to find out the presence of Christians in BIRRD hospital. He suggested that he would require all the hospital employees to attend one Saturday puja and assign somebody to apply tilak on their forehead, offer prasadam, give theertham and require pradakshana.  Of course, he never required and did not initiate any such activity. He wanted us to submit the names of Christians working in BIRRD hospital. We submitted 16 names and requested him to investigate. He never did.

               Based on our information we strongly feel that TTD is deliberately avoiding taking any action against the Christian employees, never make any surprise visits to these people to find out their true faith as required by L V Subramanyam and never investigate. Sri Shingalji in a news conference in August 2020 said that TTD will stern action against any Christian working in the Hospital if anybody complains. Not only we complained,  we even submitted 16 names of the Christians to investigate. By ignoring to investigate and take any appropriate action, they are encouraging the Christians not only work in TTD and are helping them to engage in missionary activities in TTD.

               Please Click on the link below to watch the video on the Christianization of TTD.


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